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Ch. 1- She's My Cousin and I'm Her Doctor

It was a quiet morning as Haru walked down the sidewalk by the park. Breaking the serene silence was a sickening thud and a blood-curdling scream coming from inside the park. Being Hatsuharu, he had to know what was going on, so he ran into the park in a fury. When he got to where the sounds came from, he was shocked at what he saw. Kisa was on the ground, crying, with two white stick-looking things protruding out of her left leg.

"GRANDPA!," Kisa screamed at the top of her little lungs.

"What's wrong?!," Haru ran up to her, bending down to her ground level.

"She broke her leg, you idiot!," Hiro walked over and yelled in rage at Haru.

"What?!," Haru looked down at Kisa to realize the sticks were actually 2 bones sticking out of her little leg. He ignored Hiro's rude comment.

"HATORI!," Kisa screamed again; Hiro now on the ground at her side, trying to comfort her.

"I'll be right back," Haru yelled from over his shoulder as he took off. He ran with the wind as he was on his way to 'grandpa'.

The Sohma Estate was particularly silent, except for Haru who barged in Hatori's front door and broke the silence.

"Hatori!," Haru screamed at the silent man sitting at his desk. "What's wrong Haru?," Hatori asked with concern evident in his eyes. Haru was out of breath and was panting as he told Hatori: "Kisa...leg...park...now!"

"Let's go," Hatori got up and grabbed his bag, threw his stethoscope around his neck and ran off to the park. Believe me; I have never seen Hatori run as fast as he did that day! Haru followed suit as much as he could keep up. As they ran for what seemed forever, Hatori was busy trying to ignore stares he was getting from people on the street. 'It's an emergency; I don't have time for this!' Hatori thought to himself as he continued to run. When he reached the park with Haru, he knew exactly where to go because you could hear a girl screaming:"GRANDPA!" amidst the bustle of the city.

Hatori walked over to her and caught his breath while banding down on one knee to look at her leg: 'Ouch...how did she do that? Poor Kisa...bear with me for a little while, please.' Kisa started crying louder the second Hatori looked at her leg. "

"Shhh...I'm here," Hatori said as he put his bag down and wiped the tears from her face while cupping her cheek with his other hand.

A huge crowd came out of nowhere and surrounded the stressed doctor and the crying tiger. Hatori realized it was more serious than he thought. He called out to the crowd: "Someone call an ambulance please!"

A few minutes passed and apparently, somebody called an ambulance. There was a blaring ambulance at the scene.

"Kisa, I have to pick you up and it's going to hurt a little; ok?," Hatori said to the young girl who stopped crying but was still sad.

"Ok grandpa...," Kisa looked up at her 'grandfather' with trusting eyes. Hatori didn't waste time. He picked her up as gently as he could as not to disturb her left leg. She was obviously in pain because she started crying again in Hatori's shirt.

They reached the ambulance and they attendant spoke: "How are you related to her?" Hatori replied quickly; not wanting to waste valuable time: "She's my cousin and I'm her doctor."

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