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Pairing:Jeff Hardy/Undertaker

- - -


Jeff Hardy sat on the floor of his hotel room, holding his hand tightly and tears welled in his eyes. Next to him lay a pair of not-so safety scissors. Drops of blood spotted the edges of the blade.

As soon as the cry was released, Taker came rushing in like it was a 911 call and he was the ambulance. In this situation, he was going to have to be.

Taker bent down over Jeff and put his big hands on his shoulders,"Jeffie! Jeffie, calm down and tell me what heppened." He wanted to try and get this problem under control.

With tears running down his face, the Hardy showed his lover his hand. There was a decent-sized cut going a quarter of the way down his palm. The elder man put two and two together and sighed,"Jeffie. If I've told you once I've told you twice, don't run with scissors. You know your gonna get hurt, which is exactly what happened today."

Taker got up and headed toward the bathroom as Jeff caressed his hand. He came back holding a first-aid kit and a wet rag. The rag was placed over the wound and the kit was opened. Bandages, ointment, and cotton swabs were all pulled out.

Taker lifted up Jeff's hand so it was eye length and told him to keep it there as the rag was lifted away. He picked up the cotton swab and ointment, dabbing the swab into the liquid until slightly wet,"Now this might hurt alittle bit, so be ready."

Jeff nodded and closed his eyes tight. As soon as the swab connected with the wound, a sharp burning pain shot through Jeff's hand,"Ow!" The cry sounded more like a four year old girl instead of a thrirty year old man.

The elder man shushed his lover and finally took the swab away. He then blew on the cut until it was dry and carefully began to wrap the bandage around Jeff's palm,"Now what have we learned today, Jeffie?"

With his good hand, Jeff brushed a tear away from his cheek and sniffed,"Always have a first aid kit incase of an emergency?"

"Yes. But what else have we learned?"

"Um...Oh, don't run with scissors!!"

Taker patted Jeff on the head,"Good boy."

Jeff gave his lover's lips a soft peck,"Yeah. I know. But it still hurts alittle..."

Taker smirked and heaved an amused sigh,"Want me to kiss it and make it better?"

Jeff nodded.

"OK." And with that, Taker's lips pressed up against Jeff's bandaged hand. The kiss was hard yet still soft, like a prince kissing a fair maiden's hand, you know, like in fairytales.

"All better?"

Jeff nodded.

"Oh wow!"

The duo turned their heads toward the door to find two yound maids standing in the door way. One spoke,"Uh...We came to see what the big commosion was..."

As did the other,"But we'll just be going now..."

When the door was shut, Taker and Jeff heard two loud, girly screams and the patter of feet running down the hall.

The lovers looked at each other,"Slash fangirls. Figures."

- - -

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