Ch. 2- Sore

It was a bright morning- Hatori the first to wake up. He realized he was in his bed and looked down at the dog and snake sleeping beside him. He tought: ' Why the hell are they naked? What did I do last night?! Oh crap; I was drunk wasn't I? Those two bastards got me drunk! I'm going to personally strangle them!' He went to get out of bed when he realized that his back and thighs hurt. He tought again: ' Holy shit! I did NOT do THAT last night! Calm down, Hatori. Maybe somthing else happened.' Then he took another look down at them, 'Nope. I fear the worst.'

He finally pulled himself out of bed and down to the kitchen after he got dressed. When he was making the coffee, he slapped his forehead at the thought of what he did last night. Shigure soon entered the kitchen, already dressed.

"Good morning Haa-san!," Shigure squealed as he sat down at the kitchen table. Hatori's face turned serious and he looked at Shigure:

"Shigure. I want a simple answer to this question. What did we do last night?"

"Well, you got drunk and kinda ASKED for IT," Shigure played with his words as not to anger the stressed doctor.

"Shigure? You're a real bastard you know that? Don't tell a soul about what happened last night or my reputation will be ruined and I'll never be respected again.," Hatori sat across from Shigure at the table.

"You call me a bastard after all the pleasure I gave you...," Shigure pouted.

"Listen. If you tell anybody, I'll strangle you- no holds barred.," Hatori looked at Shigure with strict eyes.

"Don't worry! I'll just tell them that Haa-san agreed to give Aya and I human anatomy lessons...," Shigure giggled at the idea.

"Do that and I will kill you," Hatori twitched at the words. Aya decided to walk in at the statement of Shigure. Aya was naked except for his boxers.

"That was some human anatomy lesson! I wanna learn more!," Ayame chuckled at Hatori and rubbed his head.

"No.," was all the answer Ayame got from Hatori before Hatori left the room- throughly pissed...yet feeling a little nice...

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