Lilia tied my chocolate brown hair up, although some of the unruly locks hung down and handed me my silk wrap

Lilia tied my chocolate brown hair up, although some of the unruly locks hung down and handed me my silk wrap. She had tears in her eyes as she locked the clasp of my necklace around my neck. I fingered the pendant on it. It was a silver heart with an inscription on the back. We both knew this would be the last time we saw each other.

'It'll be fine, Lil,' I reassured her. She nodded and hung her head in shame of the thought. I lifted her face and kissed both her cheeks.

'We're both very strong and I will find my way,' I told her quietly. I smoothed out my travelling gown and pulled a wide brimmed hat off of the stand.

'They won't find me and you won't be weak or give in to them. I know you Lilia Jane. You will be powerful,' I sighed and pulled her into my arms. She pulled away.

'Good luck, Bella. I hope it all works out for you, especially in love,' she teased. I laughed.

'You too, Lil, you too!' I replied and I walked out into the forest. Lilia followed with my belongings. I wandered over to the horse we had taken. I approached her carefully but I tripped. I'd always been clumsy. The horse wined. Lilia calmed her and I tried to remember how she did it.

'Easy girl,' I soothed. Lilia helped me to mount her and placed my things in the saddle bags. I stared up towards the dawn.

'I'll miss you Bella,' Lilia whispered tearfully. I turned to see her with tears running down her cheeks.

'I will come back for you,' I promised although I knew I wouldn't be able to.

'No!' she half-shouted. She realised her mistake and looked around before carrying on. 'Don't come back, it'll be too dangerous. I just hope he still recognises you.'

'I'm so sorry to leave you. Thank you for everything over the past eight years, you have been the most wonderful companion, maid and friend,' I cried. Lilia looked toward the horizon. She was suddenly alarmed.

'Hurry,' she urged. 'It's almost sunrise!' I gave her one last fleeting smile and then I kicked the mare and I was off to my new life.


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