Bright lights blinded me

Bright lights blinded me. I closed my aching eyes and moaned. The pain was ricocheting around my body. My legs felt heavy with pain and lethargy, my arms too. My stomach felt empty as a hollow groan of hunger sounded. My face heated with embarrassment as the room had been silent. My head pounded and my face felt ripped and torn. I opened my eyes slowly. The blade glistened in the moonlight, right into my eyes. He approached my bloodied battered body with the knife held high. I couldn't defend myself from the attack, I wanted to die. He plunged the knife into my stomach and retracted it quickly. I couldn't cry out, my mouth was dry and I couldn't make a sound. The wetted gag was quickly becoming dry and hard. Silent tears and sobs wracked my body. The knife sliced into my right leg. I gasped out in pain as blood oozed out the wound. I longed for safety and healing. He pulled the knife free again, leaving my blood pouring eagerly out. He raised the knife one last time and plunged it higher directly into my ribs. I cried out and fell into unconsciousness.

My head really was pounding when I woke up sweating and trembling. A cold hand was rubbing my back and a soothing sound echoed through the large room. The voice was so familiar. I breathed in the heavenly scent and my mind began reeling. I relaxed and leant into his body. Unafraid and uncaring what might happen.

'Bella, my angel,' he breathed. I nodded against him. He kissed the top of my head and I sighed. He wasn't going to kill me…yet. A sob slipped from my mouth and tears slid slowly down my cheeks. He was quick to wipe them away. He pulled me onto his lap and pulled me into him.

'Hush, no one is going to hurt you, my love. My only love,' he soothed. I felt calmed automatically. His hand brushed over the still red puckered scar on my right leg from the stab wound, I hissed in pain.

'Rose told me what he did to you,' Edward spat through gritted teeth. 'He'll never ever harm you again.'

I was comforted but a knock on the door changed that. I clung to him tightly unwilling to lose him for a second; he eased into a light chuckle and shouted for the person to come in. Alice shuffled in but seeing me awake and clinging to her brother like my life depending on it sent her rushing at me and embracing me instantly.

'BELLA, BELLA, BELLA.' Her voice cried out as tears slid down her already puffy cheeks. I hugged her and then went back to Edward happily.

'You're ok, I was so worried. And this idiot wouldn't leave your side ever,' Alice said grinning widely. I grinned.

'You were out for ages,' Alice complained. I laughed weakly.

'How long?' I asked.

'It was about a week,' Edward admitted sadly. 'I thought I was going to lose you.' I could see the tears in his eyes. I hugged him.

'I love you, my beautiful Bella,' he whispered in my ear. My eyes widened.

'You never wanted to kill me?' it sounded like a question that poured from my lips. Edward was shocked.

'No!' he almost shouted. 'I'd never want to kill you; I know you would never lower yourself to those levels. I would trust you with everything I had if it were possible. I love you so much, I'd never hurt you. Though I fear I have and it is too late to earn your forgiveness. I am the only one to blame. I should have stopped them.' My bottom lip trembled and Edward leant down and looked into my eyes. I pressed myself against him and kissed him. He smiled against my lips.

Alice cleared her throat.

'As sweet as this is, Rose, Emmett and Jasper are waiting outside to see their sister,' Alice told us. I leant my head on his chest and felt his steady heartbeat and nodded to Alice to let them in. Edward's arms wrapped around me protectively. He was warm and safe to me; I was not going to compromise that. Rose rushed in followed by a bouncing Emmett and Jasper sidled in after that.

'Don't you guys have anything to do?' Edward asked pretending to be exasperated about sharing me. I giggled and wrapped my arms around his waist.

'Nope, nothing except steal back our little sister,' Emmett joked and he squeezed my arm. I grinned. Jasper ruffled my hair and Rose hugged me, which was hard since I was already clinging onto Edward and wasn't planning on letting go anytime soon.

'I'm so relieved you're safe and not dead,' Edward muttered only to me. Tears sprang to my eyes and I pressed my face right into his shirt.

'I…I'm sorry,' I whispered. His hand smoothed my hair. I turned my face up to his as he looked down. Our lips met. I was in pure bliss, heaven, utter ecstasy. I was safe and he loved me and I loved him.

This was the real life, this was where I belonged. Here in his arms, where no one could ever hurt me.

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