I love Lucy and Ricky and Ethel and Fred even though the show is before my time

I love Lucy and Ricky and Ethel and Fred even though the show is before my time. I know there is an episode where it tells how Lucy and Ricky met, but I'm not quite sure if I like it. So here's my version.

There may be some borrowing of quotes from the original Comedy Hour thing.

"Lord, is this your first day walking?!" Lucille Miguilicuddy snapped irritably at the young man who just ran into her. The sharp, angry blue eyes combined with the power of a fierce scowl normally sent any poor soul walking down the streets of New York packing. Not today.

"You run into to me as much as I run into you. A joined effort, as you Americans say." The man said, cool as ice, in accented English. Lucy (as she was nicknamed when she left Jamestown) forgot all about her anger and focused her attention on the scrumptious feast of a man before her: dark hair, and big brown eyes; almost like a puppy's.

"True. I'm sorry for running into you like a goose. They really shouldn't let me out in public," Lucy drawled, gracefully tacking on a small joke at the end. The man chuckled softly. "I'm Lucy Miguilicuddy."

"Ricky Ricardo. I came to New York from Havana."

"Havana?" Lucy dumbly questioned. She was sure she knew where Havana was…

"In Cuba." Ricky answered. Lucy acknowledges the information with a small, 'ah'. He studied her for a moment. "Listen, Lucy…would you like to get a coffee?" His eyes watched her anxiously.

Lucy smiled. "Sure, Ricky."

"So, I'm sure people must ask you this all the time but…is your hair really that red?" Ricky asked as they waited for their coffee at a local diner.

Lucy, under normal circumstances, might've incased her face in a stony glare and might've replied haughtily that it wasn't any of their business. However, this day was proving to be not quite normal at all. After all, it wasn't a normal day when a lovely girl like she met a gorgeous Cuban boy on the street that no five minutes later asks her on a 'coffee' date. Coffee dates were always a good sign. Between members of the same sex, it meant friendship. But of the opposite…well, this very un-normal day was a lucky kind of day.

"If you really must know, one day a little voice in my head told me being a brunette was way too boring. As that I thought Macy's would not be too impressed with a person with green hair and such, blondes were dumb, and darker hair isn't quite my forte, I chose red." Lucy answered, "And so my hair shows its true colors…every two weeks." Ricky laughed at that, and Lucy decided he had a nice laugh, and smiled.