Written by: badgirl2bad4u

Characters/Pairings: DA David McNorris and...well what d'ya know...ME! ;) haha. Flashbacks to Lt. Esteridge and...I'll be damned, ME AGAIN! LOL
Description: A fan fiction for Neal McDonough's character, Lt. Esteridge, in The Hitcher, and DA David McNorris in Boomtown, in which he meets BadGirl and smut ensues. Will continue with several "erase and rewinds" of the same story exploring all avenues it could have taken.

Rated: NC-17


This story picks up where VERSION 1 left off. If you haven't read that one, do so before you read this.

For those of you who have already read the original, here is a brief refresher and then we'll get this show on the road ;)


He licked his lips, part of him a little sadder than it had a right to be. In fact he knew he shouldn't even ask the question he was about to, but he wanted to hear the answer. "Am I ever going to see you again?" He asked quietly, and she kissed his palm the way he had hers earlier, holding his heavy hand against her chest and smiling at him mischievously.

"Well maybe not in the flesh, but if you can make a copy of this real quick..." She held up a video tape and his jaw dropped open. "You can see me any time you want."

"You didn't..." He began and she laughed.

"I most certainly did." She flipped it over to reveal the words 'BadGirl's Interrogation' where she'd written them in black ink on the label. "I just couldn't resist..."

He sat up and tried to snatch it away from her, both of them laughing when the radio lying in the heap of his pants on the floor began squawking.

BadGirl rolled her eyes and watched him hesitantly climb off the table to answer it, getting to her feet and dressing while he talked to whoever was on the other end about some renegade young couple on a killing spree.

There was a look in his eyes when he finished that told her everything she needed to know. He'd already pulled on his pants and boots hurriedly and when he stepped over in front of her she stood on her toes, kissing him deeply and staring up into those crystal blue waters that she'd never forget.

"Your loss, stallion. If I'm ever through here again I'll give you a copy..." She shook the tape and smiled. "As well as an encore."

"Where will you go?" He asked, watching her walk to the door as he pulled on his shirt and jacket.

"Eh, I guess I'll go see if the car's done." She said softly as she helped button his shirt. "If so I'll probably hit the road and keep driving until I realize I better turn around and come right back here before you forget about me." She teased, smiling as he caressed her cheek in his hand.

"Never." He said softly, leaning down and kissing her lips sweetly. "I gotta get going, lock up if no one's here when you leave? Oh, and before I forget, fix whatever the hell you did to the lights downstairs." He said with a wink and she laughed.

"Not a problem. You be careful out there..." She said with a terrible ache in her chest for some reason.

She watched him wave over his shoulder and head out the door into the sunrise, sighing to herself as she was forced to get back to her real life.




Los Angeles.

BadGirl sighed and looked out at the city in the distance; taking a swig from the oversized bottle of whiskey she'd bought in an attempt to distract her mind.

It wasn't helping.

A couple of days had passed since she'd left New Mexico, since she'd spent the night with Esteridge, since she'd touched something real

Yet the man still clouded her mind and tormented her dreams, he was all she could think about, all she could dream about. It seemed her heart had already decided for her – but she wasn't giving in that easily.

She was damaged goods – she knew that. Not the type of girl seeking a husband, kids, a house in the suburbs with a white picket fence…

But she had gotten a small taste of something that night which she hadn't expected.

Just like all other emotions she'd tried to drown it with booze, and when that didn't seem to do the trick she tried putting more distance between her and what was making her feel.

And so here she sat…on the hood of her Mustang staring out at the city in the sunset under its cloud of smog…suffering through the realization that everything she was looking for was just over a thousand miles behind her.

She shook her head and took a drag of her cigarette, smiling slightly as she admitted defeat. There were worse things, she supposed. The image of the smile that would be on his face when she showed up made her temperature rise.

She really wished she had a way to play that blessed tape in that moment, but alas, barely any place she'd stayed since the creation of the tape still had a VCR around. Everything was on DVD nowadays (except in the middle of East Bumfuck, New Mexico apparently) and she made a mental note to buy the very next one she came across.

Tilting her head to the side she gauged her current state of inebriation – could still pass for legal

She hopped off the hood of her car and stretched, putting her cigarette out on the bottom of her boot and finishing off the whiskey before tossing the bottle in a trashcan at the edge of the pull-off. It was settled. First thing in the morning she'd get to driving and go score herself a cowboy.

After days of denial she was in no shape to make the trip just yet, she needed sleep…and alright, just a few more drinks first.

The drive into the city was more relaxing than it had a right to be, like cruising back into Philadelphia she saw all the familiar sights. The dealers and tricks working their corners, the gang members huddled 

together looking for a reason to start a problem, the graffiti and orange glow the city lights were casting into the night sky…

There were of course, subtle differences.

The clothing, the lack of accent in the voices calling out to her about her car, the sidewalks and roads new – not decaying, the buildings all occupied – no sign of entire blocks of abandoned or condemned townhouses. She was entering L.A. in a bad section of the city, but it was just right for a BadGirl.

A sleazy motel came into view and she pulled in to its parking lot, sighing contentedly at the sight of hardened types swarming the area.


She climbed out and opened the hood of her car, casting a purposeful look at the largest male she could find as she hooked her battery cable directly into the frame of the Mustang. With practiced ease she closed the hood without getting electrocuted, and the thug leaning against the far wall inclined his head in understanding.

He'd tell the others they definitely did not want to fuck with her ride.

The office was every bit as nasty as she'd figured it would be and she paid for her room for a good 12 hours, estimating by the time she got back she'd be able to crash for at least 5 before her time was up.

She was here, after all. Why not go see the sights?

Hours flew by in the blink of a thoroughly intoxicated eye as she wandered through the surrounding neighborhoods on foot. She hit up a few of the local bars, finding that people here responded to her as they did back in Philly. When a 5'2 little blonde girl wanders into the wrong part of town…alone…in the middle of the night…it's best not to find out why she feels so safe doing it.

She tried in vain to focus on the clock on the wall, deciding after several minutes of failed vision that it was time to get back to her room and pass out.

The walk back seemed longer, and she smiled knowing it was because she'd taken a totally different route the first time. This direction led through industrial parks instead of residential areas and storefronts.

She stopped in the middle of the road, struggling to light her cigarette in the haze of drunkenness.

It was then that she heard someone arguing in the distance.

None of her business

Head down, eyes on the road ahead of her she got moving again.

No trouble…not tonight

The voices were getting closer, more enraged. A building alarm was going off now.

It was difficult to maintain total inebriation with adrenaline coursing through your veins. Her vision was clearing slowly as her body responded to its perceived threat.

Fight or flight

She looked up – she shouldn't have – she knew she shouldn't have…

Her whole world slowed.

The man in the suit down the alley to her side aimed and pulled the trigger and her heart thundered in her ears as the lifeless form of his victim fell to the ground in a heap.

He looked at her.

She looked at him.

The gun came up, aiming at her head

But a police siren was approaching fast now...

She heard a voice screaming "Get in! Get it!" to the man.

He glared at her, turning and rushing to the car that was waiting for him, climbing in as it instantly sped away from the scene of the crime.

BadGirl stood in wide eyed shock for a few seconds before the word, "Fuck!" escaped her and she was hauling ass back toward the Motel.