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Title: Not that Girl

Rated: Meh… K.

Summary: Why wasn't Galinda at class the day Dr. Dillamond was carried away? What if Galinda had saw Elphaba and Fiyero together in the Garden? Oneshot. Bit of musical and book. R&R Guys! LOTS OF LUV! (I wrote that a very long time ago. Forgive me. I was young.)

Galinda tugged vigorously at her new pink dress. The fabric was a waterfall pattern and the lace at the bottom billowed around her thighs. This was the first and last time she was going to wear this dress, as she never wore anything twice, and she wished to wear it well. The strap was twisted, and with badgering help from her Ama, she fitted the dress to cunningly capture her every curve, despite the foamy fabric surrounding the tops of her knees.

She looked in the mirror intensely while applying the pink dither of glossy thick liquid known as 'lip stick,' to her lips. Her lips puckered, and her eyes intensely gazed at the mirror, as her face configured in to strange shapes and forms to accommodate the red chemicals. She then tensed back from the mirror to look at the final touch. She then pouted and looked angrily at the mirror as thoughts of self pity occurred in her head. What is the point of trying to make your self beautiful for a certain occasion if you are gorgeous all the time? She thought as she cocked her head to the side.

She had skipped history class, which was the only stirring class of the day, to get ready for her date with Fiyero. She was disappointed at her dress choice, as it was too similar to her dress the night before that she wore to the Ozdust. The class had just gotten out, yet no outrageous and boisterous students paraded the grounds of Shiz out side her window. She shrugged and continued using her hand to flounce her curly sunlight hair to give it more volume. Ozmopolitain said it was the best thing to do, but still, her hair lay, flamboyant, yet unvolumius on her skin bare shoulders.

She looked out the window to see if Elphaba was coming. The light slowly peeled out from under the curtain as Glinda lifted it up. There, in the flowery garden out side their window, stood a green girl and an oh so familiar fiancée. Fiyero held a wiry contraption that held an adorable little lion cub, which shook in its skin at the sight of everything surrounding it. Elphaba snatched the device out of Fiyero's hands, and set it lightly on the ground. They seemed to be having a row at first, but then as Elphaba opened the door and grabbed the lion out of the apparatus, they looked at each other.

Galinda felt a slight pang in her stomach. What the feeling was, she didn't know. She saw a connection between them that hadn't been there before. The feeling rose around her stomach, and lunched a whipping motion at the bottom of her heart. Their eyes met, and their hands touched. Fiyero suddenly grabbed the cub out of her hands, made a few excuses, and left. Elphaba's eyes looked at him with a touch of groping longing, as he jogged out towards the eating domes farther north ward. Elphaba looked down with a sullen graven face, and sung a tune that had a small chorus reach Galinda.

"Blithe smile,

Lithe limb,

She who's winsome,

She wins him.

Gold hair, with a gentle curl.

"That's the girl he choose,

and heaven knows…

I am not that girl…"

Galinda felt a bit of pity for her as she woefully closed the curtain, but her pity slowly changed to self-righteousness and resentment. Did Elphaba feel something for Fiyero? Was something between them? Elphaba was jealous, of Galinda? Although she was slightly flattered, she still did not approve.

Glinda slowly sighed as the door knocked. It was Fiyero! She let go of all the feelings she had at the previous second, and quickly glanced at the mirror one last time, smacked her lips and refluffed her hair, and answered the door for Fiyero.