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Cheese with that Whine

"I hate this… it's sooo bright…" Aido whined childishly. His back seemed to slump more as he staggered forwards, a little bit ahead of a smaller figure behind him.

Yori walked hesitantly, unsure if she should answer or if he'd slap her. She carefully eyed her distance with the boy and observed his body language. She'd heard from Yuuki that this guy was… something else… and to be cautious. Of course that could mean he was either loony or that he was really something else…but that coming from Yuuki, the girl who spent half her freshman year guarding the Night Class… well, she had better take her warning. Yori tensed when their bodies almost touched, fearing that if she'd accidentally bump into him, he would pounce her.

Aido glanced at the girl who strutted as though nobody was in her presence. He annoyingly waited for a reply: a "Hmm?" or an "I don't care." Or any type of facial expressions- but either the girl didn't hear him or she was a total bitch. The only reason he didn't kill her now was because… what was it again? Screw that, he had forgotten the reason, but he had to admit, she did look rather untouchable for a human. Like, if he did kill her, God would not approve and raise her from the dead.

On the other side of the story, as Aido patiently waited, Yori didn't really know what to say to him. Whenever the Night Class exited their dorms, he was always seen as the first one coming out: cheerful and humorous. Always saying "Good morning, girls!" when it was twilight and always acted optimistic.

But now… she thought, as he seemed to glare at the space for floating around, he wore a face that said: "Talk and I'll rip your voice box out." He looked taller, if that was possible, and more mature… plus his eyebrows seemed to furrow when the wind chose to caress his skin, looking like he'd be ready to cuss it out.

Aido waited… "Well?"

Should she answer? Yori bit her bottom lip as she continued walking. Aido frowned. Was she ignoring him?

Truthfully, Yori was more of the shy type of girl, only answering when needed to or around old friends. But with an elite student of the Night Class beside her? Please. It was worse than being practically stranded in the woods…

Or 'camping' as other people might call it.

But then again, he was still with her. It was really happening. And she was here.

Aido didn't really remember her name as he frowned in concentration. What was it again...? Giving up, his frown seemed to worsen. "Hey, you…"

Yori's back stiffened: was he talking to her or someone else? Oh for Pete's sake, if she chose to say something to the boy, he might give her a bitter smirk and reply, "I wasn't talking to you." Well that didn't appear to be a very smart comeback now, but it'll hurt if said in a bastardly way- which Yori was sure that the noble could accomplish quite well. Plus they were total opposites, him and her… so opposing that if she weren't so gentle, she'd like to kick his ass and then run screaming like a banshee.

So that brings us back here at the problem and setting: what in God's name was Headmaster Cross thinking, assigning a human girl and waking up a vampire at 9 am to supervise the second years in a trip to Camp-Go-2-hell? Well I'll tell you what, Headmaster Cross wasn't thinking at all.

Yori shook her head no. Yuuki with all her insults of her adoptive father must be affecting her brain pattern. She mustn't think of the Headmaster so low… but it was so tempting…

Aido stared at the girl through the dark rims of his sunglasses. He still waited for her reply, it lasting about 4 or 5 minutes now; albeit that she was human and disgusting and that girl's friend and human and spoke to that boy and human and not vampire and human and was able to stand sunlight and human and female and human- still, it was better talking to a blade of grass yet again.

But the damned girl took too long to answer… that icy bitch.

Feeling his stare boring drills into her head, Yori finally turned to him. Despite her meekness and lack of confidence, her voice was annoyingly calm.

"I feel sorry for you Hanabusa-san, but you're already wearing a hoodie, you're sporting sunglasses, and you're carrying a black umbrella above your head. Plus it's almost twilight."

Oh, the thing can speak.

"Your point?" Aido's eyebrow seemed to rise as he vaguely recalled the girl's words: Did she just say she felt sorry for me?

Sayori didn't respond to him. The vampire gritted his teeth. Annoying slut, so you think you're too good to answer my questions, huh? Well, lemme tell you one thing bitc-

"Where almost there," Yori offered quickly, facing the elite student.

Aido grumbled in return. "Right, we're almost there at the bus stop and it's almost twilight after nine hours. Wonderful. Joy to the world. Hallelujah. Amen."

In return to the sarcastic comment, her cheeks heated at the thought that she rained on his parade, threw lightning bolts at the floats, popped all the balloons, killed all the marching bands and- well, you get the idea. Her words of cheer just reminded the aristocrat of gloom. Yori inwardly hyperventilated. He must think of me so terrible…but I can't help it if my face wants to wear these frozen expressions, even my damnable larynx sounds cold.

Damn it all.

Aido scowled, the female seemed to not bother with his friendly replies anymore. And to think he was being so generous as to waste his breath talking to this disgusting human. THAT'S IT. I'm gonna k-









"Could you get on with it?" Zero asked, the clock's ticking hitting his nerves every second.

Attempting to delay further in order to toy with the lad's serious atmosphere, Headmaster Cross smiled as he tangled his hands together and set his chin on them, gazing at his two prefects.

"Right now?" Zero's brow twitched. Yuuki sweat-dropped.

The Headmaster's smile seemed to widen, but for the sake of this scene, he furrowed his eyebrows in an instant. "The 2nd year's Science professor has seemed to have left, as he knocked up his wife and got her pregnant."

Zero's brow twitched again. "What the hell are you implying?"

Yuuki scrunched her nose in terror. "The Science professor has a wife?!"

"Apparently," the Headmaster then waved it off and looked at them more intently. "He was in charge of the camping trip, but now that he's gone, I'm afraid we have to cancel it, though the choice seems inevitable since the second years are causing an uproar."

"Why's that?"

"More importantly, so what?"

"Well, only the 1st years and 2nd years have the chance to see the Night Class exit their dorms, as they have only one year level. That being immortality. It's a sad thing, really, if you can't see the gorgeous faces of your idols anymore." The headmaster explained oh so glamorously, even having spent 30 minutes with the dictionary to find the right words for this occasion.

"So?" Zero never got why the hell the prefects needed to care for these things.

"Because isn't the 4th and 3rd years classroom located on the side of the school?"

"No, that's the Night Class." Zero turned to Yuuki.

"No, the Night Class has a separate building. Amazing place, almost like a mansion. Ever seen it?" Yuuki smirked at her partner's face.

"Zero, you have to see it." Headmaster Cross suddenly banged on the desk. "I spent blood, sweat, and tears to have it done. You have to."

"I don't have to do anything concerning those damned vampires."

"You mean like you?" The Headmaster smiled gently. Zero snarled at him. "I don't remember asking for your opinion."

"It's not an opinion, it's a fac-"

"ANYWAY," Yuuki cut off sweetly with a grin. "What about the 2nd year's science professor?"

If you had the ability to see things in a blink of an eye, you would've seen the change of the Headmaster's smile. "Right, the camping trip, yes. Because the 2nd years are rebelling, we have no choice but to approve the camping trip. And since we are in lack of teachers and chaperones, why not recommend the two most responsible students in the school?"

"You mean Kaname-sama?"

"That's one, Yuuki." Zero turned at her, slightly glaring at the aforementioned name. "He means us."

Yuuki hyperventilated. "But Headmaster!! What about our studies!? What about the fan girls? What about-!"

"Relax Yuuki, it's only two weeks."

"Two weeks!? That's fourteen days!! That's three hundred thirty six hours!! That's-"

"Before she goes into seconds and nanoseconds," Zero cut off with a glance. "We're first years. We don't have the privilege to do that."

"If I made vampires live next door to humans, what makes you think I can't make first years chaperones?" The Headmaster raised a brow. Zero gritted his teeth. "I refuse to waste 2 weeks worth of my life surrounded by snobs."

"I refuse too! What about the Night Class's secret, Headmaster? Without us, the fan girls are bound to know! Plus, they might trample Aido-sempai!! As prefects, we have sworn to protect the Night Class's secret. It is our duty to stay in school and act as guardians!" Yuuki argued, her hands pounding on the Headmaster's desk, almost breaking it.

"It's in the contract." Zero added.

Headmaster Cross looked at both the teen's determined faces. "Alright, if you two feel that way… but it's either a camping trip for the 2nd years or a mass murder by the 2nd years and suicide of the 2nd years. Your choice, guardians."

"But dad-"

"What'd you call me?" The problem seemed to vanish as wide, tearful eyes stared at Yuuki. The girl gulped and continued reluctantly.

"Headmas- I mean umm, ermmm…… daddy…… please don't make me do this. It's my responsibility to take care of this school, I promised, I'm sorry… I can't." The headmaster's eyes sparkled at his new title, totally ignoring Yuuki's wonderful speech.

No longer headmaster nor 'father', but daddy. DADDY. Daddydaddydaddydaddydaddy. Oh how he wished he had a tape recorder. Yuuki gave Zero a victory sign, who slapped his head in return.

"Alright my pretty daughter, you can stay." Headmaster Cross smiled at the girl then turned to Zero with a serious face. "However, the pair is unbalanced for we need one human to take care of the students and one vampire to take care of the rest. Zero, you need to choose someone from the Day class."

Zero glared in return. "Man, do not make me repeat myself to you."

"Boy, you have to." The Headmaster replied with a smirk.

Yuuki nudged Zero. "Call him dad."

"Never." Zero hissed menacingly.


"Not on his life."


"Over his dead body."

"So, Kiryuu, what shall it be? Who shall you choose?" The headmaster asked, his smirk getting wider.

Zero looked at him with a stern face. "Headmaster, you doting piece of-" Yuuki stomped on his feet. "- joy. A man of your standards should know that I can't go alone in a forest with twenty five students at my reach… things will happen."

Headmaster Cross smiled, leaning in. "Of course I knew that, why did you think I was taking you two very lightly? However, the science professor and his impregnant wife is not a joke, nor are the uprising of the 2nd years. It is critical that we get a human and a vampire, despite the contrast; we do need someone to take care of the students and we do need someone to handle the rest. It is not a problem if Zero can't go, though Yuuki… if you don't want to go too…" the headmaster paused, "Listen, I fully trust the Night Class, the Day Class on the other hand,"

Yuuki tapped her chin, looking thoughtful. "I have a person in mind, Headmaster…"

Headmaster Cross raised a brow. "Now listen Yuuki, not about anyone can do this job right, despite what it may seem; it's not a laughing matter. She/he has to take care of 25 student's lives and look after a beast in human form, it would be best if she/he still live, Yuuki."

Yuuki smiled softly. "Oh, don't worry Headmaster," Headmaster Cross frowned. Where was the title? "I know someone who you can trust for Zero and I fully trust her as well. Did you ever meet Sayori Wakaba? She's a really nice girl." Her smile seemed to widen at the mention of her thoughtful best friend.

The Headmaster's brow went higher. "Miss Wakaba? The one who takes notes in both your favors? Why yes, I've heard a thing or two." He suddenly chuckled. "If you recommended her so quickly; I trust she'll be a fine, albeit gentle, chaperone?"

Yuuki nodded eagerly. "I-I can even train her, if you want-"

"No, that's quite risky. But fine choice, Yuuki. Daddy is SO proud." Stars sparkled in his eyes. Oh how wonderful it was that his daughter found a friend-girl to confide in besides being hated by almost all the female students. Such a remarkable delight, really. They say that in high school, you don't find your husband (maybe), but you most definitely find your bridesmaid.

"Any people in mind, Kiryuu?" Headmaster Cross turned to the boy, unconsciously still smiling at the swell idea. Zero simply scowled in return.

"I don't want to take a chance of a vampire sucking Wakaba dry."

"Kaname-sama would never-" Yuuki's eyebrow furrowed.

"I'm sorry Yuuki, but Kaname-kun can't go. It's impossible, if he goes, there'll be a riot by the Night Class."




Footsteps echoed on the cement as the Moon Dormitory opened, revealing gorgeous nobles, all dressed in white.

As Kaname passed by, Yuuki stared, fan girls screamed, Zero glared, and Yuuki got pushed. A hand held up her elbow and gently lifted her off ground. Blushing, Yuuki faced the pureblood, cheeks tainted pink and hair a little messy.

"I'm sorry, Yuuki," his low, somewhat polite voice broke her stupor. "I heard from Headmaster Cross about the camping trip,"

Her face went into a deeper shade. "Uhh, no! It's okay, Kaname-sama!" the klutzy girl reasoned, waving her hands. "Headmaster said that he was just… joking with us, he agreed that it is a vital job of the prefects to guard the Night Class's secret… even for Zero!" She felt Kaname's stare intense; her head quickly bowed down in nervousness.

"It's good that you are dedicated Yuuki, however, please don't strain yourself." Kaname smiled gently, stroking her hair before walking off.

She gasped inwardly, realizing that she had missed her chance and quickly grabbed Kaname's sleeve. It felt like everything stopped and she knew that the Night Class was glaring daggers at her.

But for all the times Yori-chan's fingers ached from copying all those notes for her and Zero, she had to do it!!

She opened her mouth but her throat was dry. "S-so, umm, Headmaster said that if it was possible and if you didn't mind, Kaname-sama, that the chaperones be human and v-vampire, the first to take care of the students and the latter to, errmmmm, take… care… of… other… things…" the pureblood vaguely raised a brow to the girl's stuttering. "He c-chose Yori-chan, this really great girl, to be the human chaperone…" then Yuuki's tongue got twisted.

Kaname smiled and urged her to go on. Yuuki gave off an uneasy grin, her brow suddenly sweating. Zero stepped beside her and the glares intensified.

"Headmaster asked if you had anyone in mind, Kuran."

"Which is totally okay if you don't, Kaname-sama! W-we can cancel the event-"

"Mass murder, Yuuki." Zero reminded her.

"Or better yet!-" she gave off fake cheerfulness, inwardly slapping herself for the idea of pumping her fists into the air. "Zero and I can just go!! Won't we, Zero?!"

"By all means." The silver-haired boy sarcastically replied.

Kaname faintly frowned at the idea and considered his options, physically ignoring Zero's presence. "Is she important to you, Yuuki?"

"She's my best friend since Junior High, Kaname-sama… I-I'd be really sad if something happened to her, and Headmaster said that because the camping trip is in the woods, creatures might attack. She can be icy, but she's not fierce… I-I'm worried for her." Yuuki smiled sadly, not facing either males. "So if it's not troublesome, Kaname-sama, please… could you…?"

"Very well," Kaname suddenly smiled. And if you could tell the difference between purple and violet, you'd see that his smile grew. "I have a person in mind-"

"Really?" Her head quickly shot up, meeting Kaname's smile.

"Rest assured Yuuki, I will make sure Aido strictly takes care of her." Her grin froze and Yuuki almost had a heart attack.

"-And the class." Zero added.

She gave an uneasy smile. "A-Aido-sempai and Yori-chan…? S-s-we-s-swe-swell."


End Flashback


"Why did I agree to this again?" Aido asked sulkily, turning to the smaller girl beside him. Well, things were going a little smoothly for them and the thing, fortunately for it, answered back to him.

"Because Headmaster Cross said that they needed a Day Class student and a Night Class student." Yori replied nonchalantly. Her nerves calmed down when Aido tripped on a rock- his hoodie fell and his shades dropped; the boy couldn't get up for three minutes without her helping him. Luckily, it was quite humorous.

"Why bother?" he had tried putting his arms behind his head and dropped the umbrella, reverting it back to its smaller size. Cringing under the sun, he quickly picked it up and asked Yori to hold it for him. The girl sighed in return and taking her sweet-ass time in retribution, she slowly opened the umbrella while Aido twitched under the sunlight. "My class isn't even going, so why should I go?" he frowned exasperatedly.

Yori turned to him, still not opening the umbrella. "Because Kuran-sempai recommended you." KURAN KANAME.

By the mere mention of the pureblood's name, Aido suddenly stole the umbrella from Yori's hand and opened it all the way, his mouth cracked into a smile and all the violent and hateful thoughts of the girl flew out the window and spiraled beneath the ground.

"You hot, Yori-san? Want the umbrella? I can hold it for you." Aido was talking too fast and his face looked uneasy.

Yori blinked in surprise. Did he just call me '-san'? "No thank you Hanabusa-sempai."

"What about my sunglasses?"

"I'm fine."

"My hoodie?"

"It's quite alright."

"Shall I carry you?"

"I can walk."

Aido twitched as he offered all his sun-defenses to the girl. He remembered a memory and something inside him rapidly stirred.




Sitting on the sofa, just dawdling the time away, Aido was about to yawn and stretch when he saw their supreme gang leader in his line of vision.

Kain quickly stood up, Ruka dropped her magazine and Shiki and Rima crawled away.

Kaname, getting right into business, paused walking and stared at the blonde.

"Aido, will you do me a favor?"

"Anything, Kaname-sama." He promptly replied.

"Open the door when you see Yuuki coming in, after two weeks from now. If she tells me that there is a single hair misplaced on Miss Sayori Wakaba's head, I will shave all of yours. Do you understand?"

It took a minute before the sentence clicked inside Aido's mind. "Yes, Kaname-sama." But even then, he still didn't know what the hell the deranged pureblood was talking about.


End Flashback


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