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Haruhi sat in her window and contemplated her life. Hunny and Mori senpai had graduated some years before and she only had months left to go. Hunny had become inebriated and came to visit her in his moment of confusion. Haruhi had unknowingly been the object of his affection since he had met her. They had slept together repeatedly for a week and then it was over. Hunny was dead.

Hunny had died saving the owner of his favorite bakery from a fire. The funeral had been an event in itself. Mori had been inconsolable and had withdrawn completely. He was supposed to have been able to protect Hunny, but he had failed. The failure struck Mori deeply and he could not believe that Hunny was never coming back.

Two months later Haruhi had received the shock of her life when she found out she was pregnant. She had finally gotten her life back together after Hunny's untimely demise. The only thing she had left from him was Usa his favorite stuffed animal.

Not wanting to alert anyone of her particular problem until she decided on the best course of action she had thrown herself into her work passing with honors. No one had known the now eighteen year olds secret. When she finally graduated she told her father, Ranka but refused to name the father of the child. She had also turned down college and all the other offers and scholarships she had been given.

Haruhi got a job at a law firm doing their filing and paperwork. She found the work to be stimulating and good. It kept her close to the law and made her feel like she was contributing to something bigger than she was. Haruhi and her father had moved so she could be closer to her office and he was closer to the bar. The new house which had more room than the old one and she had gotten a good deal. She was sure she had Kyoya to thank for that.

Walking home from work Haruhi was tired. She had never felt so weary in her life. Her eight month pregnant stomach was announcing its displeasure. "Haruhi?" a voice whispered.

Haruhi froze. Turning slowly she stared into the cool eyes of Kyoya. "Hello, senpai." She greeted with a smile before turning to continue her walk home.

Haruhi had glimpsed the surprise in Kyoya's eyes when he had noticed her pregnant belly and she had no desire to explain herself. Kyoya got over his shock fairly quickly and began to stride along beside her. "What are you doing?" Haruhi asked as another spasm took her.

"Escorting you home so we can talk about your situation because I feel that you have not been telling everyone the whole story about why you chose not to finish school." Kyoya replied authoritatively. A particularly hard spasm hit Haruhi at that moment and she felt moisture erupt from her core.

"Kyoya now is not the time for this." Haruhi panted softly trying to wrap her head around what was happening. A flash went off somewhere near by and she heard a bunch of people shouting Kyouya's name.

Kyoya looked up at the approaching storm of paparazzi and swore. Looking over and Haruhi his eyes widened. "What's wrong?"

"I am in labor." Haruhi whimpered dropping her bag of groceries and grabbing her pulsing stomach.

Kyoya pushed a button on his cell phone and grabbed the now screaming Haruhi's hand. A car appeared out of no where and Kyouya quickly bundled Haruhi in. "To the hospital and quickly." He barked at the driver.

Fifteen hours later, Haruhi gave birth to a baby girl. Haruhi stared at her daughter in awe. The baby had tiny features and white blonde hair. When the baby finally deigned to open her eyes for her mother Haruhi felt her heart flop. Her daughter had her father's eyes. Kyouya stood next to the bed and stared down at the child in barely concealed shock. Ranka immediately announced that his granddaughter was perfect and peered into the golden brown eyes that marked her parentage.

"Where did those eyes come from?" Ranka wondered aloud as the child in question closed her eyes, apparently bored with all the attention.

"A fallen warrior." Kyoya mused rubbing a finger over the pale blonde strands of hair. "No one knows about this?" Kyoya asked Haruhi already knowing the answer.

"No, I couldn't bear to tell anyone." Haruhi replied letting the baby suck on her finger as she thought about names.

"More importantly what shall her name be?" Ranka asked. "I was thinking Aiko or Chi but after meeting her none of that fits." Placing a finger under his chin he regarded the child. Kyoya in thought went over to one of the chairs in the hospital room and sat down. Turning the television on he watched as a video of him grabbing an in labor Haruhi and bundling her into the car played.

"Brace yourself Haruhi we are going to soon be bombarded." Kyoya said out loud as he flipped the channel and saw another channel claiming that Haruhi was going to give birth to his love child. The same thing was repeated on several different channels.

"I think I will name her Kohaku." Haruhi said thoughtfully as her daughter opened her eyes looked at her. "I think though she should have a nicknameā€¦"

"Coco!" Ranka shrieked excitedly and received a glare from both the deep in thought Kyoya and Haruhi. Coco showed her approval of the name by screaming loudly. The phone started to ring and Kyoya composed himself before picking it up, only to pale considerably when he heard who was on the other end.