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Haruhi had managed to fall asleep in the bathtub. She did not remember exactly how it happened. One moment she had been thinking about Mori's decidedly calm reaction to the outrageous scandal, the next moment she felt hands caressing her body. Opening her eyes slowly she realized that Mori was sitting on the edge of the tub in a pair of black boxers. His hand stroking her between her legs.

Mori smiled gently as his fingers worked their magic, turning Haruhi's body into his willing plaything. As she felt the pressure building inside of her, Haruhi leaned her head back. The muscles in her neck tense in preparation to drop over the cliff into bliss. Mori removed his hand. Standing he held out the towel for her. Haruhi blinked at him in confusion. Wrinkling her brow, she stood. Stepping into the towel Haruhi could not help but glare at him.

He chuckled mildly before beginning to dry her off in a brusque manner. "You didn't actually think I was going to let you off the hook that easily did you?" Mori questioned. As he continued to dry her off. When he was done, he motioned for her to stay still. Haruhi obeyed, curious to what he would do. Mori returned with a bottle of lotion and Haruhi swore that she was doomed; this man was going to kill her.

Putting down the toilet lid, he sat on it and motioned her forward. Haruhi approached cautiously knowing the odd gleam in his eye would probably mean she would be on edge for a while. Mori started innocently enough. He massaged the lotion into her arms gliding along smoothly. He gave her a shoulder massage while he rubbed the lotion in there. He skimmed the sides of her breasts lightly before continuing to rub lotion into her stomach.

"Mori, Please." Haruhi whispered pushing her hips forward.

Mori ignored her rubbing the lotion down her hips. "Pick you leg up." Mori commanded rubbing the lotion into his between his palms. Haruhi complied feeling a blush that started from her toes at how wide open she was. Mori did not seem to notice as he simply made her switch legs. By now, Haruhi was desperate. Her skin, sensitized to the point where his breathing so close to her body was sending her into mini spasms, her breath was coming in little pants as she tried to focus on other things.

Mori finished her legs and told her to turn around. Haruhi just managed to stumble around as Mori paused. Haruhi could not see what he was doing but he had set some massage oil/lubricant on the floor. Putting some in his hands, he forced her to sit on his lap. Haruhi had her legs spread on either side of his. As he stroked her back, she began to slowly rock against his rock hard thighs, hoping to incite him to end her torment.

Unbeknownst to her Mori smiled at her actions. When his hands finally reached the curves of her hips, he slid his hands up her sides and cupped her breasts lightly. Rolling her nipples between his fingers and kneading them he chuckled as Haruhi moaned and rocked harder. Mori let one of his hands travel lightly down Haruhi's stomach enjoying the way the muscles jumped. Haruhi leaned back against Mori thinking that he was finally going to give her some relief. Mori barely contained his amusement at Haruhi's offering of submission. He let his hand hover over her mound before he gave it a light tap. Haruhi started in surprise. Her eyes widen as she watched Mori's hands brush her womanhood lightly.

He would allow his fingers to enter her possessively and then he would retreat to lightly petting her. Then without warning, she would get another light tap. Haruhi became fascinating watching Mori's hand play her. She felt herself grow wetter the longer he played. His fingers motions were so random that Haruhi's body could not adjust.

Haruhi could feel Mori's arousal against her back and decided that playing passive was not going to get her what she wanted. She began to squirm around in hopes of inciting Mori's lust to the point of her own gratification. Mori had other plans and simply put a hand under each of her thighs and lifted. Haruhi instinctively wrapped her arms back around her neck to maintain some kind of control.

"Haruhi what do you see?" Mori asked her. He was holding her up in view of the bathroom mirror. Haruhi blushed helplessly, shaking her head. Mori looked at her and remained unmoving.

"Mori I we why?" Haruhi took a deep breath. Haruhi tried to collect herself and to distance herself some from what was happening. Mori sensing her tactics bit her neatly at the spot where her neck and shoulder meet.

"Okay I see a strong man holding me, a petite woman…" Haruhi faltered.

"What you see is yourself and me together." Mori stated pleasantly as he entered her with one quick thrust. Haruhi watched it happen but still screamed as she came, her body shaking helplessly from all the sensations. Mori nibbled on her ear patiently waiting for Haruhi to regain some mental processes.

"I love you." Haruhi realized speaking aloud before she could fully process what she was saying. Mori paused briefly from his ministrations to eye her in the mirror. "What do you say to a grey eyed, browned haired child?" Haruhi gasped as he went back to nibbling and sucking on her neck.

"How flexible are you?" Mori asked.

"I think I can still put my legs behind my head." Haruhi said hazily pondering the question. Mori rolled his eyes and neatly walked into the bedroom. Removing himself from her body, he tossed Haruhi on the bed.

"What's wrong Takashi?" Haruhi asked briefly disturbed by the sudden change in his demeanor. Mori just looked at her. Haruhi had seen that look once before and quickly rethought the last few minutes. "Wait did you mean…" Haruhi finally got it.

"Three, two boys and a girl." Mori stated firmly. "And you marry me."

Haruhi actually thought about it before she smiled. "Do the kids come before or after I marry you?"

"I'm flexible." Mori teased neatly. "However until you agree to marry me we won't do any forms of baby making."

"That's not flexible at all." Haruhi complained already knowing her answer.

Mori blinked at her slowly.

"Well I don't know. I would hate to marry someone who lacked sexual stamina." Haruhi commented pretending to be still contemplating his proposal. "I might not like being married."

"Haruhi." Mori said calmly.

"Yes Takashi." Haruhi replied sweetly.

"You are marrying me." Mori told her directly.

"Really? I didn't already know this." Haruhi quipped, opening her arms towards him. "You could always remind me why I love you."

"I love you Haruhi." Mori replied simply climbing on top her.

"How much?" Haruhi laughed as Mori thrust into her deeply and showed her.

The End. Okay do not kill me I know I am writing this in a series format. Sort of. The next one will be following more Tetsuya and Kasanoda. It will have the wedding in there somewhere. Do not worry though when I figure out what section it will be in I will put it in the summary section. Therefore, no one has to read the whole thing. Thank you so much for those of you who have been following this story the whole way. Your reviews, comments and suggestions are deeply appreciated. Oh and here's a sneak peak into the next installment.

Tetsuya was depressed beyond reason. The first night after Kasanoda left him Tetsuya had drunken to an almost a comatose state. It had proved impossible to get Kasanoda out of his head. Tetsuya even ended up in bed with a woman after three months of celibacy. A woman he did not even know. The woman had been nice enough though so they remained friends. Her name was Ayame. After explaining the situation to her, she had laughed and told him it was okay.

"Does a kiss really prove you love someone or is it the actions of the person you love that proves it?" Kasanoda had said before he walked out the door.

"What kind of saying was that any way?" Tetsuya mumbled darkly. Six months had passed since that day. Haruhi and Mori were going to be married in what could arguably be the biggest event in the history of Japan. They had both wanted a small ceremony but Ranka and Tamaki had other plans. The fact that Haruhi was now five months pregnant did nothing to stop the two from planning an extravaganza.

"Someone give me a sign that everything will turn out okay." Tetsuya called to the sky as he sat in his lonely apartment. His phone rang piercing the silence. "Hello?"

"Tetsuya?" A female voice hesitantly spoke.

"Ayame?" Tetsuya replied picking up on her hesitant tone. "Is something wrong?"

"Tetsuya I am sorry." Ayame started.

"For what?" Tetsuya queried.

"I'm pregnant."