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Part 1 – Hospital

Prompt 1 - five shades of white

Katie Bell groaned as she tried to get comfortable in the stiff hospital bed. If there was one thing Katie hated most of all, it was hospitals. They were stuffy, way too clean and organized, and the eerie silence drove her crazy. Unfortunately, she seemed to spend too much time in them.

This particular time, she had been in a tryout with the Holyhead Harpies for a spot on their reserve team. It had been going well, in Katie's opinion, until the Harpies captain decided she wanted to see how she'd would react under some live action. Quickly, Gwenog Jones and her partner took flight, batting Bludgers back and forth while Katie was flying through a makeshift obstacle before trying to score through one of the three hoops.

It had started off slow and easy, but quickly sped up to game speed. After a few successful passes through the course, she was about half way through another run, when, just as Katie was coming out of a turn, a Bludger hooked in to her, slamming into her shoulder with a loud, bone cracking thud. The impact had shattered her shoulder, not just effectively ending the tryout, but Katie found herself in the hospital.

Closing her eyes, she tried to block out the sharp stabs of pain shooting around her shoulder as she moved around. The potions had been vile, but were needed to be sure her shoulder healed properly. In the thousand or so years those things have been around, one would think they make those blasted things taste better.

Reopening her eyes, she shifted again, still searching for a halfway comfortable position. While she moved around, her eyes fell on a large, over stuffed teddy bear sitting on the chair in the corner. A gift from the twins. After Angelina, a reserve Chaser on the Harpies and the one who had arranged the tryout, had taken her to the hospital, she had Flooed the twins. In turn, they immediately showed up, with arms full of random gifts and the full intent of cheering her up.

She smiled as she remembered the nurses having to make the twins leave when their cheering up was getting a bit out of hand.

Katie knew there was most likely more to the bear than met the eye, she still appreciated the gesture. They go overboard most of the time, but they're still great friends.

A knock on the door frame surprised her. Quickly shifting, so she was facing the door, she grinned at the figure standing in the doorway.

"Excuse me, is this the Katie Bell suite?"

Katie smirked, and quickly shot back. "Well, I did ask for the Potter wing."

Harry grinned and snickered as he entered the room. "I heard what happened." Before Katie could ask how, Harry told her, "News travels fast in the Quidditch world."

"I got you something," he said as he showed her a small teddy bear. As he took a few more steps into the room, he caught sight of the larger one in the corner. "Uh," he muttered a little self consciously as he looked down at his gift.

"From the twins," Katie told him. "At least I know your's won't blow up or anything," she kidded as she reached out and motioned for him to give her his bear.

Settling in the chair next to the bed, "So how bad is it?"

"I shattered the shoulder, breaking my collar bone, plus some nerve, ligament, and tendon damage. They gave me some healing potions and it'll take some time for it to completely heal."

Harry made a disgusted face as he remembered his own experience with the healing potions, especially the Skele-grow. "You never are one to have a minor injury."

"It's a talent, I guess," Katie told him with a sarcastic grin. "Do you know there is at least five shades of white just in this room?" she asked, trying to get rid of the silence that was coming back.

"What?" Harry asked her as he snickered.

"It's true. The sheets are eggshell, the walls are off-white, the floor is cream, the ceiling," Katie stopped when Harry held up his hands.

"Alright, I believe you," he told her. "You're really spending too much time in hospital rooms if you're figuring out the different shades of white."

Katie shrugged with her good shoulder. "I got nothing but time on my hands, Cap. At least Muggle hospitals have a telly." Noticing Harry arch his eyebrows, Katie quickly told him, "Shut up." Harry just grinned back at her.

"They tell you how long it will be?" he asked as he leaned back in his chair.

Looking down at the bear she was holding in her lap, "By the end of the week I should be back to normal."

Noticing something, Harry pressed her a little. "Something else?"

After a quick inner debate, "I don't know," she said softly while beginning to play with the bear. "It's just… I'm just wondering if it's worth it. If I'm not getting told thanks for coming but we're not interested, I'm injured. It's just getting old, and I'm starting to wonder if it's worth it."

Harry sat back in his chair for a moment, his hands a steeple in front of his mouth as he thought. Katie watched him curiously, wondering what he was thinking so hard about. "Oi, Potter."

"How about you give it one more try?" Harry finally asked. Giving him a question look, Harry continued, "I was just thinking… the Cannons are revamping their lineup."

"To build around their star seeker," Katie added cheekily.

"I didn't say that," Harry told her, but still a small smirk played on his lips. "But anyway, there's going to be an open tryout in late winter, early spring. I was going to ask you anyway, but… what if you give it a go, see what happens, and then make your decision."

Staying quiet for a moment, Katie mulled it over. "I don't know," she answered softly.

"What if I helped you train?"

"Train?" Katie knew most professional Quidditch players practiced a lot, but she never knew any of them that actually trained. Much less in the off-season.

"Mainly conditioning," Harry said. "The better shape you're in, the better your flying is. It's something I picked up from soccer players. Also, some flying drills Ron and me cooked up. It'd take some tweaking, but I know we can make a version for a Chaser."

Katie looked at him, trying to make herself say no, but her competitive edge was too powerful. "Alright," she said in mock defeat. Harry grinned while she flopped back against the pillows wondering just what she had agreed to.

"Am I interrupting anything?" a third voice asked curiously from the doorway.

Both turned to the doorway to see a tan skinned brunette standing there with a half grin. "Leesh," Katie called out, motioning for her to come in. Growing up surrounded by brothers, Alicia and Angelina were like the older sisters she never had.

"Angie flooed me to check on ya." Then with a grin, Alicia glanced at Harry, "But it looks to me like you're doing alright."

"Very funny, Leesh."

Harry watched Alicia sit down on the bed, next to Katie's feet. For a few minutes, he listened to the two women chat about this and that and occasionally laugh or giggle about something. Starting to feel a little uncomfortable, Harry quickly stood up. "I gotta get going," Harry quickly muttered.

"Oh, come on, Potter," Alicia teased. "We promise not to make you blush… too much."

Smirking back at her, "As tempting as that is, I have to get back to London."

"Let me know when you get out and we can set something up," Harry told Katie before walking out.

When he was out the door, Alicia turned to Katie with an arched eyebrow. "Something you'd like to share? It's not every witch that gets a little bedside attention from the famous Chosen One."

"Belt up," Katie told her while rolling her eyes. "He's going to help me get ready for another tryout."

"Pity," Alicia said sarcastically under her breath.

Katie smirked back. "Can we talk about something other than Potter?"

"Actually, I do have something." Alicia moved from the bed to the chair Harry vacated moments earlier. "It's kind of perfect timing really. My editor is sending me to cover the America Cup." The America Cup was a Quidditch tournament held between the North American national teams for their region's championship. It was held every four years, in between World Cups.


Alicia rolled her eyes. While working as a reporter for The Quidditch Report did have its perks, it also had its downside. "Yea, say that before I tell you where it is. The Cup is being held in northern Canada. There's some dome on one of the small islands in the very north of Canada. It's decent at the site, but every where else… in the middle of winter? Yea, this will be fun."

"So what do you need?"

"I'm going to be going back and forth for about a month, staying there for a couple of days on end. I want to know if you'd house sit and take care of Tatiana for me. When Angie told me about your injury, I figured you need a place to crash for awhile and knowing you, you really didn't want to go to your parents." The two girls laughed at knowing each other so well.

"I guess it'll be alright," Katie agreed with a shrugged. "But if your precious cat scratches me again."

"Great, I leave a few days after New Year's," Alicia told her. "Why don't you crash there now anyway. With Angie moved in with the twins, I have an open room."

"Alright. The Healers say I should be out of here in a day or two."

"Then it's settled. I've got to get back and hand in my work before the vein in my boss's neck pops," she said standing up.

As Alicia passed through the doorway, she paused, and with a grin turned to Katie. "And tell Potter to stop by, too. It's been too long since we made him turn bright red," she told her, and motioned towards the small teddy bear that Katie was still holding in her lap. Alicia laughed as Katie jokingly flipped her the bird and walked out.

Looking down at her lap, she turned the bear so it was facing her. Taking her wand, she looked up for a moment to make sure no one was around, and cast a spell on the bear's eyes. Changing them from the normal black to a deep green. Giggling for a moment, she shook her head at herself before going back to trying to find a comfortable position to lay in. I'd call the ceiling ivory.