A note from the author: Frenzy's personality leads to some interesting plot bunnies. I suspect Barricade might be slightly out of character, but hey, Decepticons probably act differently around their friends, so maybe not.

Frenzy, do you want to do the honors?

Frenzy: -gibbers in Cybertronian about how Transformers and Trivium don't belong to Banana-

Barricade noticed an unusual quietness coming from the passenger seat of his Saleen Mustang alt-mode. Just moments ago, Frenzy had been chattering away about nothing in particular. He liked to hear the sound of his voice and was almost always hyper, therefore his silence was a rare occurance. Barricade glanced back at his tiny passenger and realized that the crackbot had finally tired himself out. His head bobbed up and down as he fought against stasis.

"Go to sleep, Frenzy. I'll wake you once we reach our destination," he said to him via private communications.

Frenzy nodded, then leaned backwards into the seat. Barricade snapped the seatbelt on him, the closest thing to a gentle embrace he could give his tiny companion while in his alt-mode, and leaned the seat backwards to make him more comfortable. Not used to the silence, he made use of his access to satelite radio and found a Trivium song, "Washing Away Me In The Tides", on one of the stations. He was amazed that Frenzy could sleep through a song that was 90 percent screaming, but then again this was Frenzy, and Frenzy liked noise.

Barricade sighed as he felt Frenzy snuggle against his seatbelt in his sleep. As annoying and irritating as he seemed to Barricade, the Mustang had to admit that he looked so adorable when his mouth wasn't flapping. Even though everything that made Frenzy what he was annoyed the slag out of him, from his quirky habits to his incessant talking, he was the only friend that Barricade had at the moment, and he secretly loved the little crackbot and enjoyed his company.

Frenzy began to fidget against the seatbelt, prompting Barricade to release him of his restraints. The crackbot snuggled on his belly against the leather seat he was recharging on. Barricade continued to drive along the highway, when suddenly he felt something of Frenzy's poke the seat.

He abruptly came to a halt with a screech of his brakes, causing the cars behind him to honk and swerve to avoid colliding with him. Frenzy's optics came online and his claws dug into the seat as the inertia threatened to slam him into the dashboard.

"Frenzy, what the hell?!" Barricade demanded.

Frenzy quickly retracted his interface cable. "It's the vibration from the stereo! I swear!" he explained in frantic Cybertronian.