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His mind was blank.

He couldn't believe what he was seeing but at the same time he couldn't deny it was happening. And in front of his own eyes too, so he wouldn't be able to play dumb anymore.

Well he could, since the owners of the two bodies moving so desperately against each other didn't see him. Hell, they were so much into each other that they didn't detect his chakra, that, in his shock, he hasn't hidden.

But he decided he had enough. He had turned a blind eye to his supposed fiancé's infidelities but hit had to stop. He would confront, and then leave him. It was the only way he could regain his pride, and even if that meant a broken heart, then it would have to do because, really, Sasuke was taking it too far.

They had been together for four years now, ever since he came back after killing the snake bastard. Apparently, he had decided Itachi wasn't worth his time anymore and decided to go straight to his second goal: reviving his clan.

It had been discovered a few months before Sasuke's return that Naruto could, because of Kyuubi, bear children. So when they got together, Naruto wasted no time in telling Sasuke, if just to make him less miserable (the bastard had thought his goal couldn't be achieved anymore and spent his time brooding). So it was even more painful to think that the bastard had no need to go around screwing other people, but was still doing it, as if his only goal was to hurt Naruto.

He had never even tried to hide hickies and other marks left by his on-the-side lovers.

The first time Naruto saw them, he had been confused. He couldn't remember leaving those marks. But he just thought he was forgetful.

The second time, he decided to ask Sasuke about them but Sakura had been there and had taken it upon herself to lecture the blond on privacy and blurted out he was shaming the Uchiha name by not being the perfect spouse for Sasuke. So, taking her word to heart, he never asked again.

At least not Sasuke directly. But he did ask Kakashi.


"Hokage-sama, this is the cloud mission report" said Kakashi, his only visible eye closed in what he supposed was a smile.

"Kakashi-sensei, it was due twelve days ago!" answered a frustrated Naruto.

"But Naruto, you looked so busy I decided to give you some time for you to finish it"

Now, if you didn't know the man, you could think it was nice, but please… that's Kakashi we're talking about. Plus the twinkling eye was a little suspicious.

"I will let you off only if you answer a question for me." He said seriously.

Kakashi suddenly sobered "What is it?"

"What would you do if your lover had love bites you didn't put there yourself?"

"If I had solid proof, meaning I was sure they weren't mine…I'd leave without a second thought"

End flashback

A groan and the sound of lips smacking together brought him back to the scene taking place in his own room and he sighed. He couldn't leave now… he needed his clothes.

The sadistic part of him told him to just go in there just to make them uncomfortable, but he refrained. After all he wasn't ready for a confrontation now.

He may have wanted to make the situation uncomfortable for Sakura, who was supposedly his friend, but he decided to listen to Kakashi and leave…for now (he'd have to come back for his stuff).

Besides he was not one to get revenge right...Right.


He walked until he reached the training grounds and flopped down on the cool grass. It was almost three in the morning and he had wandered for almost three hours after he left his house.

He vaguely wondered if Sakura and Sasuke were still there, but then shook his head to get rid of the thought. He had already decided to leave the bastard to his pink haired banshee for them to have dozens of ugly pink haired stuck up fools.

He was so engrossed into his inner rant that he didn't sense the cloaked figures approach him from behind until warm arms encased him into a firm hug. The figure chuckled when he let a very girlish scream out. He yelped and turned his head to the side to see his attacker. And his eyes widened when he saw the red eyes look straight at his blue startled ones.


"Hello, Naruto-kun" replied the S-class missing Nin.

"Let go of me, you won't get Kyuubi-" screamed Naruto.

Itachi held him while he struggled, not letting him go until he was winded and put him on the ground, kneeling behind him, his hands still holding him tightly.

"Are you done?"

Naruto just nodded. It seemed that the emotional struggle he had with the Sasuke issue had taken a toll on him, if he was winded this quickly.

"What do you want?" He asked.

Itachi, now sure that the blond wouldn't try to escape, let him go and sat down next to him, his back to a tree.

"I know what Sasuke does. I decided to visit you when I saw him and the pink thing at your house"

"You went to our house? Why?" Asked a seriously puzzled Naruto.

"It has been a while since I have encountered Sasuke and decided to visit him a year ago. I witnessed the same scene you did tonight."

"Oh… So why were you here tonight?"

"I decided to come see you the day you would discover it. I thought you would be devastated. You seem well though"

"Oh so you thought you would come and laugh at me? How very Uchiha-ish" he mocked.

"Do not compare me to my foolish brother. I may have slayed them all, but I still remember what I have been taught, and adultery was not on the you-can-do list. I merely came to see how you would fare when you discovered that my brother is not what you thought he was".

He paused, watching as Naruto put his back against the same tree he was against, apparently not suspicious of him anymore.

"So, what are you going to do?" He finally asked.

Naruto sighed, deciding to answer truthfully.

"As I see it, I have two solutions: One, I can just ignore it as I have done up until now and go on with my life. Two I can leave him and never look back."

It hurt Naruto to say it and inside he knew that he could never leave his raven love. He would find a way to get him back.

He looked at Itachi who seemed to consider his options, before smirking.

"Or" he started "you could get revenge on him"

Naruto was puzzled at first because he couldn't see how he would do that. After all, he couldn't imagine them being uncomfortable if he ever did something.

Itachi seemed to fallow his inner reasoning because he stated "I don't mean to embarrass them. I mean… Get even."

Naruto was even more confused. How would that work out?

"How? You want me to sleep with some unknown guy just to get him jealous? That won't work, he-"

"No. It wouldn't only be about them." He stated, his lips curling slightly and his eyes narrowing, making him look quite devilish. "How did you feel when you understood what were those marks on Sasuke? Angry, confused? Sure there was some of that, but since you love my brother so much, you were depressed, right? You felt betrayed, you could have cried, ne?"

Naruto only nodded, not really seeing where this was going.

"Now how do you think he would feel, if he saw the marks on you? Marks that he knew were not his own doing?"

Naruto's eyes widened, knowing Sasuke, he would try to find and kill the one putting them there.

He started a little when he heard Itachi's chuckle;

"I see you know of the Uchiha possessiveness. Believe me it is not something to be taken lightly. I have seen people killed because they just looked a little too much at a future Uchiha bride."

He watched Naruto's reaction, and was satisfied to see his eyes narrow in thought, as if he was imagining the outcome of such a plan. Just a little more, he thought

"This is only one outcome of the plan. He would feel anger, jealousy, and despair too, because believe it or not, my brother feels something for you, (lust probably) and to him you are his. And nobody touches what's his, just like nobody touches what's mine. We are quite similar on this point."

"What would be the second outcome?" Asked a now very interested Naruto.

Itachi smirked at the longing in the voice he heard. He knew his little plan appealed to the betrayed Kitsune. He slowly put his arm around Naruto's waist and started speaking lowly, directly into the blond's ear.

"He will be confused, you will appeal to him more, since he will no longer be your main interest."

He put his hand under the blond's t-shirt and caressed the skin he found, his hand trailed up until he found a nipple and started to pinch it to hardness.

"He will neglect the pink thing and you will become the center of his life again"

Naruto yelped when he felt the cold air hit his now naked chest and shivered when he felt Itachi's lips on his. He kissed back with a passion he didn't know existed for anyone else but Sasuke.

Itachi felt the blond surrender to him and would have smirked if his blond wasn't latched onto his mouth, sucking on his tongue like a starved kitten would on his mother's tit.

He knew the blond was thinking of his brother right now, but it was okay, because soon the only thing filling that pretty little one would be him!

He broke the kiss and sucked onto Naruto's neck, intent on leaving as much marks as he could. He needed to own the blond, and show it to everyone.

Naruto felt Itachi bite hard onto his skin and moaned, one hand sneaking into Itachi's hair and the other opening the raven's cloak. He felt Itachi unbutton his pants, mouth still leaving marks on his skin. He bucked slightly when Itachi grabbed his member, stoking it.

Itachi felt the blond melt in his arms and pulled away to take off his shirt while admiring his prize. He was truly a sight. Face flushed and lips parted, heavy breath and lust-filled eyes. Itachi smirked. He was sure Sasuke was very far from his mind right now. He took off the blond's pants and attacked his nipples, twisting and nipping while looking at the kitsune moaning loudly and writhing on the ground.

He felt his own hardness twitching at the sight and decided he couldn't wait longer. He flipped Naruto onto his stomach while putting three fingers in front of the panting kitsune's mouth

"Suck them good or it will hurt"

Naruto wasted no time. He took the fingers in his mouth and put as much saliva on them as he could. He licked them one last time before looking at Itachi in the eyes, putting his torso on the ground and spreading his legs more.

"Don't wait too long, I don't need much stretching" He said. He was a little surprised at his voice. It was way more needy that it usually was. He felt like a whore, with his ass presented so wantonly to Itachi.

He felt the fingers go in one after the other and it wasn't long before he started pushing back against them and moaning even louder than before.

He finally felt Itachi's member at his twitching hole and let out a keening sound of pleasure when Itachi rammed himself into him without pausing.

The raven began a slow rhythm at first, but soon, he found the kitsune's prostate and after some wanton shouts of "harder", "please more" and "Oh God Itachi!", the raven felt his release build like a fire inside him and bent over Naruto to murmur in his ear

"Touch yourself for me"

The blond could have come right there but held it back to please his raven more. If his black haired sex god wanted to see him touch himself then who was he to deny him?

He grabbed his shaft and started pumping in time with the raven's thrusts. He pumped faster when he felt the thrusts become more erratic and he finally came, screaming his lover's name before loosing consciousness.


The raven was not far behind. The already tight cavern tightening even more around his engorged cock making him loose control and he groaned his lovers name right into the other's ear, making him shudder and spurt a little more come onto the training ground's grass.

They both collapsed onto the floor, regaining their breaths.

After a few minutes, Itachi got up on his elbow, and looked at Naruto before getting up and cleaning himself and his lover up.


Itachi left Konoha's training grounds satisfied. His little scheme had worked perfectly and he was sure that his blond, yes his, had no thoughts of getting Sasuke back now. He was completely his and he just couldn't wait to visit again.

He had decided he wanted the blond when he first came to Konoha and found his brother in bed with the pink thing. He then decided to wait for the right time to approach the blond.

That was a year ago. He hadn't planned to wait this long but he knew it was worth the wait when he thought of his little blond's reactions last night (this morning?).

He smirked.

Yes very satisfied indeed.


Naruto woke up with a start and regretted it deeply when he felt an electrifying sensation in his lower back. The pain left him no doubt. That had been no dream.

He looked down to see his clothes back on him and decided to think about everything after a good bath at home.

He arrived at his house and found Sasuke and Sakura sitting on his couch. He didn't even glance at him and went straight (well he was limping) to his bathroom. He did however see the curious look the brunette sent him and heard him throw the pink thing out before coming after him.

But he didn't care anymore. Not about his raven friend or about the pink one. Nope. They didn't matter.

Revenge had been too good.


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