Megaman Omega

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Exactly one year ago, one of the Three Wise Men, rulers of the worldwide government Legion, attempted to destroy the world with the power of Biometal. This was the very same man who had first created the Biometals in the first place...The man known as Master Albert.

Spreading his six Biometals over the world, he created a tournament, a bloody and fierce conflict between the users of the Biometals, the so-called Chosen Ones, to determine the one who would be proven strongest of them all, the Mega Man King. When this King collected all of the fragments of Albert's 'Master' Biometal, the terrifying Model W, the united fragments would combine, forming the Ultimate Biometal, Albert's crowning achievement: Ouroboros. The wielder of this Biometal, would transcend the barrier between man and machine, becoming, in effect, a god, with the power to reshape the world as the Mega Man King saw fit.

That was what the Chosen Ones believed, anyway.

In reality, Albert had never planned on giving up the Model W. When the so-called Mega Man 'King' collected all of the Model Ws to form Ouroboros, he would simply step in, and dispatch them with the power of Ouroboros. Then he would be free to 'reset' the world, as he had wanted to for so long.

His plan, however, failed.

Two spare Mega Men he had created in his own image to serve as backups in case something happened to him, turned on him. One was a Reploid boy, awakened prematurely by a pair of meddling Hunters. The other was a young girl, orphaned by a Maverick attack on her hometown when she was small. Even the Biometal he had created for them to use in his place, Model A, betrayed him, aiding them to defeat him.

Even with the power of Ouroboros behind him, Albert fell at the hands of the two Chosen Ones. As the once-mighty Ouroboros crumbled around his dying form, he watched the two he had been defeated by escape, aided by two of the first Chosen Ones he had created, Vent and Aile.

Yet, he knew, as darkness finally claimed him, that this was not the end. In fact it was far from over. Without him to constantly suppress Model W's power, the true form of his creation would soon reveal itself to the world...

And the ultimate nightmare would begin again, set free on a world that was no longer ready for it.

Ironically, however, Albert had left behind more than just the shadows of Ouroboros. Locked away, far underground, was the creation that he had considered his greatest downfall. In his quest for ultimate power, he had sought to resurrect the damaged remains of a long-dead Reploid. A weapon system so powerful it had almost destroyed the world twice. A reploid whose name had once been synonymous with the End of existence, and one who had once been called the legendary God of Destruction.

Now, a year after the fall of Albert and the supposed destruction of Model W, the strands of fate are beginning to weave together again, as they did so long ago... Where they lead now, only time will tell.