Okay so here's another story for you all to enjoy it has these pairings FoxxSamus, PantherxLyn (you'll find out why Panther is there in between the beginning of the story). Now I couldn't think of good Peach pairing so there will just be a hint of who she is with (at the moment anyway) and now for the big one ZeldaxWolfxSheik. Yes that's right Sheik, and you'll find how it becomes a love triangle at the end of this chapter (maybe). Also I'm sorry if Panther's a bit out of character, but just bare with me because there is a reason behind it if he is.

Oh yeah and to just to make sure that Zelda and Sheik and two completely different people (clothes wise just to set them apart more) Zelda will be wearing her green dress and Sheik will be wearing her normal clothes. And Panther won't be fighting in any matches since he is just s guest at the mansion. So please enjoy the story.

I don't anything.

One Becomes Two

It was a very lovely spring day outside of the mansion with only a few clouds in the sky as Panther raised his rose to his nose out and sniffed it as he walked down the halls of the mansion. He actually only came here as a guest because once Wolf mentioned that Krystal was going to be there he kept on begging Wolf to let him come with him to mansion "for love's sake." And after about a week of begging him Wolf finally gave in, but he also that if Panther hit on any women while he was around that he would kick him out right away.

He then stopped and stared as he saw Krystal, Daisy, and Peach standing at the end of hallway.

Course when he started to walk towards them Krystal said, "Oh, how wonderful it's Panther."

Groaning Daisy added, "Great now what we do to get away from him this time."

"Well, why can't we just say hello to him?" Peach asked, tilting her head a bit.

Sighing Krystal replied, "Because he'll hit on you whenever he gets the chance and trust I would know." She twitched just thinking about it.

Sadly when they were about to leave Peach turned and looked up and saw Panther giving her flashy smile as said, "Hello Krystal, Daisy, and Peach what are three beautiful women like you doing by yourselves?"

"Well, for your information we were just leaving!" Daisy snapped back as both she and Krystal pulled Peach by the arms as they left.

However, what they didn't notice was that Peach waved her free hand at Panther as they continued to walk away from him.

He waved back at the Princess as she was being pulled away and he was about to let out a sigh when noticed Samus walking into the grand hall.

He fallowed as he asked, "So what is the famed bounty hunter Samus doing by herself hmm?"

"Tch save it Panther and don't even think about hitting on me or else-." Samus threatened before she stopped.

Panther stared at her for moment not sure what she was going to say, but he soon felt a blaster pointed at his back as the voice finished what Samus had said, earlier, "Or else you'll have to deal with me Panther!"

He turned his head and saw Fox glaring him as he responded with, "Well, if it isn't Fox McCloud if I had know that Samus was yours I would have never of tried anything."

"Right whatever, just get out of here before I shoot!" Fox shouted, and Panther calmly listened of course not without winking at Samus who just folded her arms and let out another, "Tch."

But as he began to leave the grand hall he saw Zelda standing on the other end of grand hall without Wolf which made Panther gently smile as he approached her as he stated, "Ah, Zelda the Princess of Grace and Beauty why are you standing her by-."

He was then cut off by someone and when he looked up he was face to face with his Commander Wolf who said, "Panther what I did I tell you before you came here?"

"Why you told me not to hit on Zelda while you around if I remember correctly." Panther responded with.

"Yeah I did, but do I need to repeat myself or are we clear that you do NOT come anywhere near Zelda!" Wolf said, as he showed Panther his claws.

Panther gulped a bit as he answered, "Yes Commander I understand."

"Good." Wolf replied, as he and Zelda started to walk away out of the grand hall.

Panther and Lyn Support Conversation C

Panther was about to put his head down and leave the grand hall, when he looked to his right and saw Lyn standing outside and with the sunlight hitting her he could of sworn that she looked like an angel as he said, "Why most beautiful Lady Lyn how are you this fine morning?"

Lyn turned around as she responded with, "Yes hello Panther I'm doing fine this morning."

"You're doing just fine this morning when fate as brought us together?" Panther asked, getting closer to her.

Lyn lightly laughed as she stated, "You know you remind me of one my soldiers who was second in command and was a good friend of mine."

"Really so was he as good looking as me?" Panther asked.

"Um well, I couldn't tell you because I never developed feelings for him." Lyn replied back.

"And why didn't you Lyn?" Panther asked, now really close to her.

"Because he would always hit on women much like what you have been doing while you've been here." Lyn stated as she began to walk away leaving Panther alone on the balcony in somewhat defeat.

So how was the first chapter of this story? And just so you're all aware of what I'm doing here the Support Conversation thing is from in the Fire Emblem to where if a certain guy and a certain girl get it from a C to an A well, then at the end of game they will….wait why I am giving away that information when all I need to say is that I wanted their relationship to build in a unique way. So I hope everyone is excited for tomorrow's update because I'm going to be writing a two stock live match and that will feature items, and some moments on the platforms before they arrive back on the stage. So that's what you can expect for tomorrow so see later (for now at least). Oh, and sorry if I had Panther use the word "beautiful" a bit too much so I'll try and think of some other things that he could say instead.