Chapter 15

During the reception Zelda had finally found the harpist sitting under a tree in the garden. But when Zelda walked towards her the harpist stood up and when she turned around she smiled and said, "Hello Zelda."

Zelda just continued to stare as she asked, "Sheik you're still alive?"

Sheik nodded, but before Zelda could ask any more questions Sheik throw down a Deku Nut and when Zelda opened her eyes again Sheik was gone. As the Princes walked back inside she wasn't sure how feel right now. Yes she was very happy that Sheik was still alive, but the only question was how was Sheik still alive?

When Zelda reached the doorway she saw Wolf sending there waiting for her as he asked, "So was it Sheik?"

She answered with a nod and then asked, "So do you think she'll ever come back Wolf?'

Shrugging his shoulders he replied, "Who knows she'll probably come back when she feels like it."

"Yes you're probably right." Zelda stated.

"Hey at least you don't have to worry about me going anywhere anytime soon." Wolf said, as he took her hand.

Zelda looked up at him and smiled as she responded with, "Yes and that makes me very happy to hear you say that Wolf."

Meanwhile on the other side of the grand hall Panther had his own dilemma to take care of. Which was who should he spent the rest of the evening with Peach or with Lyn? Sure Peach was beautiful, but he felt like she was just after him for his looks. But Lyn on the other hand he had actually gotten to know even though when they first met things didn't go all that well. And he still felt guilty about betraying her trust like that, so he knew that the answer was simple as he made his way towards the balcony.

Panther and Lyn Support Conversation A

Panther saw Lyn staring over balcony and as he approached her he said, "Hello Lyn."

She didn't turn around however, she did replied with, "Hello Panther."

He could tell that she seemed irritated with him being there because of what he had done on the last day of their deal, as he said, "Lyn I just wanted to tell you that I am very sorry about what happened a few weeks ago. If I would of known that Peach was going to kiss then I would of ignored her, but I will admit that I could never ignore a women in danger."

"I can understand that completely Panther and now that I think back on it I was too harsh with I yelled at you. So I'm sorry too." Lyn replied, as she turned and smiled at him.

Panther was in completely awe as Lyn asked, "Panther what's wrong?"

He quickly snapped out of the trance as he answered, "Nothing's wrong Lyn. In fact if I didn't know better by the way you're staring me I take that you've finally fallen for me. Am I right?"

Blushing Lyn said, "Well, if I say yes then I have to ask when did you fall for me?"

Panther now stood in front her as he put his arms around her and said, "The very moment that I saw you."

Blushing even more Lyn answered, "Well, then I guess you were right I would eventually fall for you and now I have."

Well, that's it for this story and I hope you all enjoyed it. And just to let everyone there was going to be another ending to this story, but it wouldn't of been a very happy one so I just got rid of the idea. Oh and I almost forgot there is a reason why Sheik is still alive, but you have to figure it out for yourselves (don't worry it's not that hard to figure out). Anyway thanks for reading and I'm going up to my cabin tomorrow so I won't be able to make any new story until I get back which will be Monday afternoon so I'll see you all then.