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AN: Remembering one of my favorite vampire anime- "Nightwalker: Midnight Detective", and looking over what Xovers I knew of with Inuyasha, I decided to make one of my own but it will be with Kagome taking the place of one if my most hated characters, Riho Yamazaki.

I don't know if it's because of her infatuation with Shido or if it's because she acts more childish than her age, but I just don't like her. So to make this fic work for me, I decided to have Kagome take her place in the Nightwalker series. With this, Kagome could be more down to earth attitude and also much more mature about Shido and Yayoi's relationship and not act as naïve about it. So to put it simple, in this fic, Riho's parents were never killed by a night breed and she never met Shido or Yayoi or Guni.

Category: Crossover

Anime(s)/Manga(s): NightWalker/Inuyasha

Pairings: Shido/Kagome, Sesshoumaru/Yayoi/Shippó

Summary: After being forced to her time, Kagome was never able to see her friends from the Sengoku Jidai again. A month later, She and Souta lost everything they had owned after their mother and grandfather were killed by a Night-breed. Now… three months after their deaths and Souta now starting Junior and Kagome in her second year in high school, Kagome encounters someone who is in need of her talents. Will Kagome finally feel that she can be of use to her home era? And will she also be able to find the love she had always so deeply desired?

Prologue Night:
Silent Comfort Under An Umbrella

The day was cool but dreary with showers coming down heavily while turning off and on all day. What made it drearier was that it was a Sunday… and it was the date anniversary of Kagome's mother and grandfather's deaths.

The young miko stared at the family headstone of her family's grave in a cemetery that was located none too far from her small apartment she shared with her younger brother, Souta on the weekends when he visited her.

It all started about six months ago when she came home after finally defeating Naraku… it was a bit late with a cloudy night sky and Kagome was so excited to tell her family the good news about her staying home for good until she walked in and smelled the scent of blood. She was immediately on edge at knowing something was off. Once she started to walk through her home, her footsteps soft and soundless… she went to the living room first to find splatters of blood on the floor and some of the walls before looking into her grandfather's room. She found him… but he was on the ground, covered in his blood.

Kagome quickly went to his side with fear and worry and checked his pulse but found none. He was dead.

The miko started to get worried and started to look for her mother. When she found her in the kitchen/dining area, her mother was much like her grandfather but was lying on her back with a look of pain and terror on her face. What made Kagome almost sob and release her tears was her mother opened chest and stomach which was missing her heart as well as her intestines and other innards. Kagome kneeled next to her before closing her mother's opened terrified eyes.

Not too far from her mother's body… not even their family cat, Buyo was spared.

This made Kagome clench her eyes closed, tightly to stop her tears from flowing and bit her lip almost hard to stop herself from releasing a grieving sob.

As Kagome started to wonder what happened her brother, she faintly heard some muffled sobs out in the hall… coming from the small closet under the stairs. Strange thing was… she didn't feel a presence…

Walking into the hall, she carefully made her way closer to the closet before she rested her hand on the doorknob and heard a gasp. After a pause, a terrified yell spilled from the enclosed space when she opened the door. Inside… Kagome found her younger brother; Souta huddled into a small corner with a frightened tear streaked face and shaking like a leaf clinging to its branch in the autumn breeze. Seeing that his sister was finally home unharmed, if a little dirty with dirt, grim, and bits of old blood, relief swept through Souta as he threw himself into Kagome's arms.

He started to cry into her stomach, saying how scared he was and thought that he would never see her again.

Kagome hugged her brother tightly while saying that everything was okay. Once she was sure that he had calmed down some, she asked him if he knew what happened to mom and grandpa…

Her younger sibling started to shake again and muttered that he didn't know. All he could remember was that their mother told him to run and hide. While hiding in the closet under the stairs, all he could hear were the agonized and terrified screams of their mother and grandfather. After that, he heard nothing but something walking/slithering around the house and past his hiding place. Because he was so scared of what could probably still be in the house and waiting for him, he never left the closet even to go to the bathroom.

Kagome understood his fear but wondered how the intruder missed him hiding… then after a while, she sensed it…

It was Shiori… the little bat hanyou's soul that was within Souta. This made her realize that her younger brother was Shiori's reincarnation and because the little bat hanyou was able to erect barriers.

Her brother- due to his fear- had somehow subconsciously erected a barrier around himself to hide his presence from who or whatever came into their home. Hearing a noise upstairs, Kagome looked down at her brother and asked him to hide in the closet a little longer as she looked around the house to make sure it was safe and made him promise not to leave his spot even if he heard a noise.

Souta looked up at his sister with frightened eyes before nodding his head and went back to huddling in the closet to wait for his sister's return… hopefully safe and alive.

After gently closing the door, Kagome steadily stood as she drew her sword, which she received as a gift from Sesshoumaru before facing Naraku, and quietly made her way up the stairs, cloaking her presence. After she made it to the top of the stairs, she heard someone come in through the front door. Before they could see her, Kagome hid around the corner next to the staircase.

She heard a soft noise that sounded like it came from a gun… something that she remembered whenever her father cleaned his gun when he was alive and worked for the metropolitan police. A female voice then spoke, "Looks clear so far…" another set of feet walked in the door as the woman who spoke walked to the living area… most likely caught sight of her grandfather's body. "The grandfather's dead…"

The second pair of feet could be heard walking to the kitchen/dining area before Kagome heard a man speak, "His daughter's dead as well… same with the family cat…"

The woman could be heard walking to where the man was located. Kagome looked around the corner and saw a glimpse of long blue hair before it disappeared into the kitchen/dining before the said woman spoke, "Could we have been too late?"

"I don't think so." The male spoke before a small but slight alto voice spoke, "Yeah. There's a large school bag at the door filled with camping gear and toiletries, so the daughter of the family may have just returned from a trip and may still be alive or been possessed by the Night Breed. And I don't see her brother's body anywhere."

At first, Kagome thought that she counted wrong but sensed that there was a smaller mystical being with the man and the woman.

"I also don't see their bodies down here either. They may be still alive or their bodies are upstairs." Kagome heard the man say.

"I'll check first. I also don't sense the Night Breed anywhere in the house, so he may have left already." The small voice spoke before she heard the trio agree to check upstairs.

Not wanting them to catch her yet, Kagome silently and quickly made her way down the hall to her room where she could sense the thing that killed her family, but not quick enough since the owner of the small voice gave a surprised cry while telling the other two she was still alive.

Then some sort of dark grotesque creature came out of her room and came at her. But with her sword drawn, Kagome struck at its waist with one clean stroke.

Unfortunately it regenerated and tried to attack her again but was stopped when the blue-haired woman shot it in the back and through the chest.

It momentarily looked back at the one who shot it before turning to Kagome.

Now that she was able to get a better look at it, Kagome could see that it looked like a very misshapen mix of a hairless bat, snake, and kappa. Its mouth and claws, as well as its chest and stomach were also covered in blood- the blood of her family. Kagome's grip on her sword tightened as her eyes hardened with contained rage and her power was fused with her blade.

The creature tried to run through her so it could escape through the window behind her but she wasn't going to let that happen. Quicker than it could react, the miko sliced it's head off. Her energy, purifying it to dust before it could even bleed, let alone touch the floor.

That last thing she remembered was running past trio who came into her house and down the stairs to where her brother was hiding. After she had him in her arms, she passed out from everything that has happened.

When she woke up, she found herself in a hospital bed with Souta sitting at her bedside, telling her how relieved he was that she was awake. Her uncle and aunt from her father's side, who were also there, said that she had been out for a couple of days with the doctors saying that it was probably due to trauma.

After the doctors had checked her saying that she seemed fine but to make sure, they'd like to keep there for a night or two, Souta said that the man and woman, who came to the house after mom, grandpa, and Buyo were killed, had come by the day before to visit and asked a couple of questions. Not only that but the man left a bouquet of white lilies and roses. As proof, they were put in a vase filled with water on the wide windowsill of the hospital room.

Once she was out of the hospital, her uncle and aunt said that they'd be more than happy to let her and Souta stay with them but Kagome said that for Souta's safety, she'll stay in a small apartment until she's mentally well enough to go back to the shrine. At first they protested but after hearing her story and logic as to why she wanted to live alone, they agreed to let only Souta stay with them while letting him visit her on the weekends and holidays/vacations.

Souta also understood why she decided this and agreed to do as she asked. It was really obvious that Kagome was looking out for him and wanted him to be safe.

Now… six months later after her family's funeral and after moving into a small two-bedroom apartment that was set not too far from the shrine, Kagome was kneeling in the rain in front of the Higurashi family tombstone. The rain didn't seem to bother her, nor did she mind the stranger who was silently watching her from under the umbrella he had over himself.

Shido was walking along the streets with Guni hidden in his hair before heading back to his office when he saw a familiar face walk into the cemetery. It was the girl who took care of the Night Breed that was killing off all shrine and temple-keeping families from six months ago.

During that span of time, he wondered how she and her younger brother were doing after he and his partner; Yayoi had visited them at the hospital. After seeing that the girl was still unconscious at the time, he bought some flowers- white lilies and roses for her as a get well gift while Yayoi questioned the boy about what had happened.

Ever since he saw the girl take care of the Night Breed on her own, Shido couldn't stop thinking about her. Despite that she was truly human, she looked so deadly when she finished off that Night Breed with her sword, especially with that angery fire in her deep blue eyes.

Not knowing why, Shido crossed the street to follow the girl into the cemetery. When he found her, she was getting soaked to the bone, kneeling in front of her family grave.

As Shido watched her, Guni peeked out from her hiding place behind the vampire's neck, hidden by his hair. After a while, the pastel green-skinned pixie urged Shido to offer the girl their umbrella to keep her from getting any more wet than she was. Shido did so without complaint and walk toward where Kagome was kneeling and leaned the umbrella over her head to get her out of the rain as he started to get soaked.

Kagome felt that the rain had stopped beating against her being despite that she knew it was still raining. Feeling two presences behind her, she slowly turned to see a man dressed in a gray-black trench, a white scarf that rested around his shoulders, and sunglasses. Kagome also noticed that he had long lavender hair that reached to his knees and was held back in a low ponytail by a ribbon. She also saw that he was pale and his aura seemed dark but wasn't evil… kinda like how the Shichintai (The Seven Men Group) was when they were revived by Naraku and the shards of the jewel.

A silence passed between them before Kagome mutely stood and turned to the stranger. After faintly sensing a familiar aura… the same as the pixie she had sensed at her home six months before, Kagome knew that this was the man who tried to help her and her brother, as well as the same man who left those flowers when she was at the hospital.

She turned her gaze to the ground before taking a step forward and resting her forehead against the man's strong lithe chest. And as if reading her mind in wanting to be held, he wrapped his free arm around her shoulders and brought her closer to him. With her voice still raw from crying earlier that morning, Kagome only released her tears without a sound.

They stayed that way until Kagome heard the man speak, "Let's get you home… before you get sick. I'll walk you there."

With a nod of her head, they left the cemetery to Kagome's small apartment that, Shido noticed, wasn't too far from where the shrine was located.

On the way, they had found a small kitten that was black with a white crescent moon on its chest and had blue eyes like Kagome's. Unable to bear seeing the kitten homeless and getting soaked in the rain while mewing helplessly, the miko picked the kitten up and took it home with her. She muttered to herself that she wasn't trying to replace Buyo even though she really missed her over weighted cat.

But she decided that if wasn't able to find a good home for the kitten then she'd take care of it.

After Kagome and Shido made it to her apartment, Shido made a move to leave but was stopped when he heard the most sad heart wrenching voice he heard say, "Please… stay? If only for a while?"

Shido looked back at the girl and saw how much she didn't want to be alone despite her new little house mate in her arms. Unable to say no to such a face, Shido agreed to stay for a while.

Once Kagome unlocked her apartment and let themselves in, Shido couldn't help but feel like this was only the beginning for them… the beginning of a friendship that the lavender haired vampire didn't know of or could stop.

New Xover, with two of my favorite anime. Hope you guys enjoy it. And remember that Kagome is going to be taking Riho's place in the NightWalker Series. Also this is a bit of a trial fic more than anything because I remember this chapter was still unfinished and I had started watching NightWalker: Midnight Detective again after some time.

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