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6th Night:
In The Depths of a Well… Again

A pair of cobalt blue eyes looked from left to right as the owner of said eyes continued to watch his older sister pace back and forth after feeding Luna. And from the look on his vampire sister's face, he could tell that she was worried about something.

'Or someone…' Souta thought as he glanced at the empty desk to his right.

He heard the pixie, Guni, floating next to his head sighing almost annoyed before she spoke, "Oi, Kagome. We all know that you're worried about Shido and all but… wouldn't it be best to sit down for a while? Your pacing is starting to make me nervous!"

After Kagome paused and looked to Guni and Souta, she blinked her Tanzanite eyes at them curiously before her brother added, "She's right, Né-chan… plus, I don't think Shido-Ní-san would appreciate you wearing a grove in the floor when he gets back…"

It was the boy's summer vacation, and like he promised, he would be spending his first month of vacation with his sister to make up for the weekends he wasn't able to spend with his sister.

At first he was curious as to why Kagome gave up her apartment and was living with Shido before he came to a theory that maybe his sister was going out with the Vampire he looked up to as his ideal vision of being a true man. But after being given the story of what's happened during the weeks he hadn't seen Kagome, he was pretty shocked and a bit skeptical of Kagome telling him that she was now a vampire.

All skepticism was soon turned around when his sister gave him proof of it all being true. The proof she showed him being her once blue eyes now being tanzanite before glowing a lighter and iridescent version with irises slit like Luna's. Not to mention the proof of her fangs, as well as the fact that even though her heart wasn't completely dead, it was still beating far slower than the average human, thumping almost every five minutes or so.

Although Shido had said that vampire hearts don't beat at all, Kagome wasn't really considered a normal vampire what with her still able to eat and drink like a normal human, can still walk in daylight but only when there's a partial overcast (just to be safe), her body was still warm – if slightly colder than the average human and lastly, she could still use her miko powers.

All in all, Kagome was "The Missing Link of Vampires", as Guni started calling the miko turned vampire.

After a while of letting it sink in, Souta couldn't help but feel not only excited but even more admiration for his sister than he ever did before… especially when her decision of becoming a vampire was so that he wouldn't be alone if she were to die. And when he was able to have some time alone with Shido, the boy was able to thank the vampire for saving his sister's life once again.

'Kami knows… I don't want to lose the last direct family I have…' Souta thought as he continued to watch his sister.

Meanwhile, despite her blush of embarrassment, Kagome couldn't help but sigh, knowing they were right but she couldn't help but worry.

Three days had already passed since she last saw Shido when they were chasing a Night Breed at one of the local cemeteries. While they were chasing it, Kagome somehow got separated from Shido when she was almost hit by a passing vehicle.

Even though her speed was faster after her change, she still wasn't as fast as Shido who had more centuries on her as she was a newborn fledgling, barely a vampire for almost a year. But the miko-vampire still couldn't believe that she lost track of him and the Night Breed, even with her ability to sense energies.

'But then again, sometimes Shido's energy and a Night Breed's don't feel any different from a graveyard's…' Kagome thought as she took a seat on the couch that was set across from her brother.

Rubbing her eyes that hurt a little from lack of sleep, Kagome sighed once again before replying to the two before her, "I'm sorry guys… it's just… even though I know it's a part of Shido to disappear every once in a while, I don't think he's ever been gone this long… and without a feeding either. I can't help if I feel worried about the situation… especially when he was chasing after the Breed we confronted."

"Its okay, Kagome… Shido-Ní-san's bound to show up sometime." Souta tried to reassure.

Kagome smiled thankfully at her little brother.

For summer vacation, Souta arrived the week before and she told him of her changes. Thankfully, he took her changes a lot better than she thought. The boy was practically jumping around in excitement and after he had calmed, Kagome could tell that he was relieved that she didn't die.

Now she felt much closer to her little brother than ever, and even started to help him channeling his energy make barriers like he did when that Night Breed attacked their home and also channel his energy into proper ofudas. Despite that she wasn't thinking of taking him with her on her and Shido's hunts for Night Breeds, she still thought it would be safe to teach him what she could so he could protect himself from any supernatural beings that want to do him harm.

Before Kagome could speak, she heard the door open before hearing Yayoi speak, "All too true, Souta-kun. Shido's known to leave for days at a time before he pops back up." When Kagome turned to her, and Yayoi stated, "It's time for your feeding Kagome."

Even though Kagome nodded, she noticed Souta's curious expression before she realized, "Ah, that's right. Souta, you've never seen me feed on blood…" she then went to explaining "Yayoi-san serves as me and Shido's willing donor. She willingly offers her blood to us in exchange for helping her out in her cases when there's a threat of a nasty Night Breed on the loose."

Blinking somewhat confused, Souta asked, "Offers, how?"

The three women around him blinked in unison before Guni hinted, "Kid… from everything you've read and watched about vampires, where on a person's body does that vampire bite the most?"

"From the neck?"

As Guni nodded, Kagome went into detail, "Souta… Yayoi basically allows us to drink from her neck. Our fangs puncture the skin and the jugular and that's how we get the blood."

As this sunk in, Souta's eyes widened while a light blush dusted his cheeks, "So old fashion 'I'm Dracula I've come to drink your blood/make you my bride' sorta thing?"

This caused Yayoi to chuckle, amused with the boy's choice of words before answering, "Yes, in a nutshell, although minus the 'make you my bride' part. So if you're queasy about blood or the thought of your sister drinking blood, it'd be best not to look or to set out to get something to eat since it's already midday."

The boy looked between the two females, having an internal debate before admitting with his cheeks still dusted pink, "As curious as I am to see… I know it'll be a lot different from what I see in movies." Standing while setting Luna on the couch, Souta went to the closet, digging through his duffle bag in search for his wallet. Once he found it, he slipped it into his pocket before heading to the door and saying, "I'll leave Né-chan to her meal as I get my own. Be back in a few!" And with that, the young boy left out the door before closing it behind him.

A silence dragged on before Kagome sighed once again and almost groaned out sarcastically, "Ah, the lovely moments of puberty. I'm so glad my uncle's there for him should Souta have any questions while he's going through those changes."

Chuckling at the teen vampire, Yayoi spoke as she undid her chocker, "Ah yes. And before you know it, he's going to start getting curious about the female body and, if too embarrassed to ask an adult, will surf the internet for porn to quell that curiosity."

The older woman couldn't hold back her laughter as Kagome's appalled expression was directed at her. But Yayoi doubted Souta would do anything like that, considering he was pretty mature for his age. 'Especially considering how Kagome told me he's had a girlfriend since he was in the fourth grade.'

What Yayoi said to her… Kagome couldn't help but feel dread and horrified at the concept of those facts. Sure, she always wanted Souta to live with her and such but she never really completely gave it thought should he go through his Puberty Blues, especially when she didn't think she would have any male adults for him to ask those kinds of questions to.

So yeah, she was most glad that she suggested that Souta live with their Uncle and Aunt when the two adults were a high school Health Teacher and a nurse at a local hospital in Kyoto.

Coming back to herself, Kagome finally spoke while trying to get those particular thoughts of her brother out of her head, "Please, Yayoi-san… let's drop the subject before my imagination runs in the wrong direction about my brother's future." At the older woman and Guni's laughs, she gave a halfhearted glare at them before asking if she can start drinking. "Besides, a part of me is just glad that my aunt is a nurse and my uncle's high school health teacher."

With one final chuckle, Yayoi apologized while trying to relax, "I'm sorry, Kagome-chan. It's just the look on your face was just too funny not to laugh at."

Pausing in her leaning, Kagome pouted, "Well excuse me for not looking forward to telling Souta what it means to be male when I haven't had an official boyfriend yet…"

With that, Kagome continued to lean in before gently biting down on Yayoi's offered neck. As soon the miko-vampire's fangs punctured the older woman's flesh, Yayoi gave a soft grunt at the pain. As the pain almost instantly ebbed, she let out a soft moan as she allowed Kagome to drink her fill.

Despite admitting that Yayoi's blood had an attractive mature flavor to it, Kagome, at the beginning, was always hesitant to feed from Yayoi. She guess it was from the fact that she was a woman or something along those lines but Shido always told her that since she was a newborn, she would feel a bit uncomfortable in drinking blood on her own. It was why at the start of their vampiric years, Vampires must always keep their fledglings close to them until they're comfortable enough to hunt or drink blood on their own.

'Like how a mother predator always keeps her cubs close and try to teach them all she can…' Kagome thought as she continued to drink before she heard Yayoi gave an unreadable whimper, making her pull back and worriedly asked, "I'm sorry! That didn't hurt, did it?"

Yayoi gave a soft smile before shrugging the teen's worries off, "No, its fine. Go on ahead."

After moments later of not feeling Kagome continue her feeding, Yayoi asked, "Did you have enough?"

"Despite that I'm starting to get use to feeding on my own, I'm too worried about Shido missing to even be that hungry." Kagome said truthfully. Whenever Kagome was worried or depressed about something, her appetite would always decrease.

While straightening her self up and putting her chocker back on, Yayoi did her best ease Kagome's worries, "Remember, Kagome-chan, no matter how long he disappears, Shido always comes back, even if he has to crawl or drag his body home."

Even if Kagome wanted to laugh at the little humorous jab at Shido, she just couldn't help but be unsure as she combed her fingers through her bangs before speaking, "Still… it's been three days since we last heard from him… if this keeps up without a feeding, Shido won't survive very long…"

Leaning forward and grasping Kagome's hand in a sisterly manner, Yayoi reassured, "Don't worry so much… I have some men keeping a lookout for him even as we speak. If any of them spot him, they'll call me right away. Okay?"

With a reluctant nod, Kagome was silent before asking, "They're also keeping an eye out for the man we were pursuing that night, right?"

Yayoi nodded in confirmation before Guni popped up next to Kagome, "Well, while we wait for that call about Shido, why don't you get some rest Kagome? You haven't been sleeping much and Souta's starting to worry about you."

Stepping back to sit where Souta was previously sitting and allowing Luna to crawl onto her lap, Kagome replied as she started to comb her fingers through the feline's fur, "But I can't help but feel that I wasn't much help to him, even with what powers I can control. I mean, I can still summon and control my miko energy, but when it comes to my vampiric ones… I'm so horrible that it's embarrassing."

Guni and Yayoi were both silent before the human woman spoke in a serious manner, "Although I'm worried about Shido as well, I'm more worried about the little girl you told me of. With three days having already passed, I'm worried about her condition without any food or water."

"So am I… she looked so young; no older than eleven at most." Kagome pointed out before her brows furrowed, "but I can't help but feel… like I've seen her somewhere before…"

"You recognized her?" Guni asked curiously.

"Yeah… but I don't know from where or when…"

Before any more questions could be asked, the door opened before Souta walked in with a pizza box in his hands and his eyes clenched shut. Once he blindly shut the door behind him, he asked with cheeks dusted with a light blush, "Is it safe? No bloody, Yuri-anything going on still?"

The three females just laughed before Kagome assured, "Yes, Souta. It's safe to open your eyes. I finished feeding some time ago."

To make sure his sister wasn't pulling his leg, Souta cracked open one eye and looked around. Seeing that Kagome and Yayoi were sitting across from each other as Guni flitted her way to where Luna was sitting on Kagome's lap so she could play with her, Souta let out a sigh of relief before coming up to sit beside Yayoi and setting his Pizza on the coffee table.

Kagome shook her head at her brother's antics before Yayoi asked her, "You said that you probably know who the girl from that night was, right? The one that the Night Breed snatched up…" at Kagome's nod, she offered, "If you saw her in the cemetery that late at night, there's a chance that she's a runaway and may be reported missing. I'll bring a laptop from HQ that's wirelessly linked to our database of missing persons and allow you to look through it and see if she's in there."

"Alright… I'll be here. But as soon as the sun sets completely, I'm heading out to search for him myself."

Knowing that Kagome was serious, Yayoi nodded. As she stood, the NOS woman didn't forget to ruffle Souta's hair before stealing a slice of his pizza. Ignoring his protests with an amused smile, Yayoi turned to Kagome once again, "I'll try asking one of my co-workers if I can borrow one of the work laptops to bring over so you can look at the missing persons files and such. With luck, I'll be able to bring it over by this evening. But until then…" She then turned to Souta and saying teasingly, "Thanks for the slice, boy. I'll pay you back sometime." And with a wink, she left the office as she bit into her slice.

After she was gone, Souta set his pizza down and wiped his hand before he went to work at straightening his hair again. His sister chuckled at his antics before stealing the smallest slice of the pie while sharing part of it with Guni.

Whether Souta complained or not about her stealing a slice as well, Kagome didn't hear him as she looked out the window hoping the day would pass much faster so she could try looking for Shido.


Later that evening as the sun was almost completely set, Yayoi returned to the office with the laptop she promised and went to the desk before setting it up and opening it. Once turned on, Yayoi took a seat in Shido's chair and started typing, asking Kagome once again about the features of the human the breed possessed.

While this was happening and Kagome standing next to Yayoi, Souta was on one of the couches, playing with Luna using a Tinsel Teaser with a Crinkle Fish with feathers at the end of the durable strings.

A picture of a man in his thirties and with glasses appeared on the screen with his personal information; his height, weight, age, etc. before Yayoi spoke, "Ozaki Koji, age thirty-four. He was reported missing four days ago. Is this the man you and Shido were chasing?"

"Yeah, that's him alright." Kagome confirmed before Guni spoke thoughtfully on Kagome's shoulder, "I guess that Night Breed possessed him by chance during those four days."

Turning to the older woman, Kagome asked, "Was there anything on the girl when you stopped by HQ?"

"There's nothing about her so far…"

"Maybe she's not from around here?" Guni asked.

Contemplating on what she remembered about the girl, the miko-vampire replied, "Still, runaway or not, it's strange for a girl her age to be out that late at night."

Unable to help but listen in, Souta spoke up, "but even if there was a chance she's not from the area, wouldn't the database be able to find her just by typing in her description and making a regional search among the police data of missing persons?" When the three females looked at him curiously, the boy added, "I… watch a lot of Forensic science shows, especially ones online from America."

"It's not that simple…" Yayoi answered, sitting back in her seat, "despite we're going by her age and description, we're also going by an approximation of how long she may have went missing. From there, it's a slow search for her identity. It's not as easy as looking into the criminal database."

As Souta mulled over Yayoi's answer, Kagome also added, "And it's also a bit harder since there's not even a case file of her disappearance. Not to mention we're on a time limit in finding not only her but Shido as well."

Closing the laptop, Yayoi agreed, "She's right. Despite that Shido's older than Kagome by centuries; he's still no different from a newborn vampire if he goes without feeding for too long. And if the girl's still alive, she'll be in danger if she's still with Shido."

"So we'll have to find them both quick before something bad happens to one of them or even both…" Souta concluded as his face became etched with worry.


Meanwhile, sometime after daybreak the next day, Shido was sitting at the bottom of the well with the Breed pinned to the wall by his Blood Sword. Next to him the little girl he was trying to save from the night breed was now conscious and awake with her knees brought up to her chest.

Shido was out of ideas on how to get them out. Calling for help didn't work with all the heavy machinery working above. He tried climbing out of the well but the walls were too steep for him to climb out himself, much less with a little girl.

'I'm sure Kagome's worried sick by now…' Shido thought, 'No doubt she's not eating properly because of it…'

His face soon set into a slight frown, 'if only I had taken that tracking talisman she made for me before I had given chase.' As soon as he made this thought, he spotted a cell phone peeking out from the breed's breast pocket. Taking a glance at the breed that little girl next to him before cautiously looking to the breed that was seemingly out cold from the pain his sword probably caused while embedded into its shoulder.

Once he was certain that it wouldn't wake, Shido carefully crawled to the breed so as not to alert it as the girl watched curiously yet apprehensively.

'If I can just get that phone, I can be able to call Yayoi or even Kagome…' Shido thought as he carefully reached out for the phone. But it seemed Lady Fortune decided not to play favorites for him as the phone began to ring and woke the Night Breed while alerting him of the vampire's presence so close to him.

Not wanting to let this one chance of getting help quick, Shido dove for the cell phone but was kicked back by the Night breed before it crushed the cell phone, muttering, "I can't even let my guard down for one second…"

Seeing his only way of contacting Yayoi or Kagome, Shido clenched his fists and gritted his teeth in frustration as he glared at the Breed that destroyed his chance of getting him and the little out of the well.

Hours later, night had already fallen. Within their pit of a prison that was a dried up but somewhat dank well, Shido was resting in his spot against the stone wall opposite of where the Night Breed was pinned. Next to him, the little girl leaned against the vampire, hoping to get a little warm up while silently keeping to her thoughts.

From the opposite wall, the Night breed watched without notice, mulling over how to not only get free from the sword that was painfully pinning him to the wall but to also get out of the well and leaving the two before him to rot. And seeing as how the little girl was still young, he was willing to go out on a limb at, if he played the part right and sounded convincing enough, she would do what she could to help him.

With that plan in mind, the Night Breed smirked for a moment before it spoke to her, catching her attention, "Hey… Are you hurt?" When she tried to ignore him, he continued to speak, "I owe you an apology, I didn't mean to get you into this mess." She glanced at him at the sincerity in his voice, "It couldn't be helped. I didn't want to abandon this body that I went through so much trouble to find. I just wanted so much to be alive… and to be talking to you like another living being."

The night breed grunted in pain, grasping at the Blood Sword embedded into its shoulder, making the girl look at him with concern.

'Just a little more… and just maybe…' the night breed thought before he spoke again, his voice reflecting the pain that was actually in its shoulder, "This thing hurts so much I can barely stand it. I just wanted to be alive and be able to be in the sun like everyone else." After giving the sword a few hard tugs, the night breed looked to the little girl and asked, "Please… could you do me a favor and pull this out? You have no idea painful it is…"

The Night Breed gave his false acting a nudge more, "If you can pull this out for me, I'll be able to help you." As the girl started to look hesitant, he added, "I can get us out of this well in no time. It's not too hard… all you have to do is yank it out as hard as you can."

At the sound of a droplet hitting water, Shido awoke at not feeling the girl by his side and saw her standing in front of the night breed, tugging at his Blood Sword that was keep the Night Breed at bay. He called out to the girl for her to stop but it was already too late. She managed to tug it out, allowing it to dissolve into its liquid form.

As the Night Breed began to laugh, Shido stood, preparing any attack it would make toward him or the child.

"I ought to be ashamed… being pinned by something that even a child could pull out!" The Night Breed spoke before standing.

At the sight of it transforming, the little girl back away before Shido pulled her to get behind him as the Night Breed made a threat to kill them. When the Night Breed set to attack, Shido was unable to dodge as it grabbed him by the throat and threw him to the ground without letting go.

He was so weak right now after going on without blood for almost three complete days now that he wasn't able to move quickly enough. As he struggled to get the Night Breed to release him from its stranglehold, strangling his neck, Shido didn't hear a word it said.

And as if fate decided to be merciful, the sun moved to shine down into the well, burning the Night Breed and releasing Shido from its hold long enough to get out of the sun's light, leaving the breed to burn in agony before he relinquished its monstrous form and into the form of the meat sack it acquired.

As quickly as the sun came, it disappeared as the sound of thunder was heard from above and rain started to pour.

Shido looked up to the opening, not worried about the breed now that it was weak from the burns it gained just moments before. With the sun being so high in the cloudless sky and right over the opening of the well, Shido knew that it had to be around noon. And with the rains' arrival, he knew Kagome would most likely try to look for him without the sun hindering her despite what immunity she had to it.

'Please Kagome… find me…' Shido thought before looking to the girl that was now in his protection. 'I don't know how much longer I'll be able to last…'


Above ground, Kagome was walking the streets she and Shido last took while in pursuit of the Night Breed, an umbrella over her head to keep her dry from the rain while Souta walked next to her with his own umbrella, both Higurashi siblings keeping an eye out in hopes of finding the light haired vampire.

As soon as the rain started to fall, Kagome thought it would be best to try and retrace her steps to where she had lost sight of Shido. Souta, wanting to be useful, decided to go with her to help her look for his idol.

"Is this where you and Shido-ní-san were separated?" Souta asked, taking notice of the cemetery that was just over the fence and a hedge. Across the street, he took notice of a line of trees.

Kagome released a sigh as they came to a stop before answering, "Yeah. I lost him after a truck drove by. He may have disappeared beyond the line of trees but since I'm still new to Yokohama, I still don't know some of the areas very well."

"But can't you sense him out? Since, whether dead or not, you can still sense auras… and you did say that even a vampire has its own aura."

"I know but I can't seem to sense him in this area. He may be farther than my range can reach or…" Kagome trailed off, wondering about something but again couldn't be too sure since she didn't know the area enough.

As soon as she set that aside, the thought of the girl that was taken came to her again.

'I'm certain that I had seen her before…' Looking to Souta, Kagome suggested, "Let's head back to the office."

"Huh? But aren't we gonna still look for Shido-ní?"

"We will but there's something that's been nagging at me about the girl that was taken. And to know why, I'll need to look at all the missing files that are in the database. Not to mention, if my hunch is true, I'll need my journals to confirm it." She replied, turning her heel to make her wake back.

Still a little lost, Souta followed before asking, "Journals? You mean the ones that you record of every being you've met and your travels?"

"Yeah, they also keep record of the people I've met whose species are new to me. For them, I only record certain traits of theirs so I could look them up when I make a trip home. But because how Inuyasha is never patient enough to even allow me some decent time to myself, I was never even able to look anything up about what I've written and only allowed to come home for school and exams."

"You think you wrote something about the girl? Do you think she's a demon?"

"I don't know. That's why I need to check it out."

Once the two of them made it back to Shido's office with Yayoi there waiting for them, Kagome had set her umbrella aside and went straight to her vampiric sire's desk and went to the laptop before getting to work on searching through all the available missing children's files.

Leaning over the younger girl's shoulder, Yayoi noticed the files she was looking through and asked, "You're looking through the files again? You said the girl couldn't be any older than eleven so why are you looking through files that are older than ten years?"

"Like I told Souta, I have a hunch. Not to mention, a part of me knows I've seen that girl before… but I don't think in this era. There's a great chance she's a lot older than she appears." Kagome answered as she started looking through files that were filed almost fifteen years ago.

Yayoi's brows furrowed slightly as Guni mimicked her expression before the pixie asked, "What do you mean?"

"I've come across quite a few beings whose bodies age a lot slower than humans, especially a rare number of humans that somehow stop growing altogether. So it wouldn't surprise me if that girl is a lot older than what her appearance portrays." Before they could make any replies, the laptop beeped. "Aha! Found her!"

At this, Souta came up to her and looked over her shoulder with Yayoi and Guni before Kagome the mouse a click, making the picture of the girl enlarge with her information appearing to the side.

"Are you sure it's her?" Souta asked.

"No doubt in my mind. This is definitely her." Kagome replied before her eyes zeroed in on the girl's name and recognition filled her mind. 'Shurei…?'

"But this file is…" Yayoi trailed off before Kagome stood from her seat and went to the shelf Shido gave her to set her books in and took out one of her journals. As she came to her second journal after finding nothing in her first, Kagome found a passage that became very familiar to her as memories of when she wrote this certain passage came to her.

Snapping the journal closed, she turned to her brother and friends, "Let's go. We need to find Shido fast."


Back in the well, Shido was doing what he could to not only keep the girl in his care dry but also doing what he could to bring her fever down while also trying hard to ignore the night breed that kept egging him to drink the child's blood to not only quench his thirst but also save the girl from dying from pneumonia.

This moment brought back memories of when he brought back the child of a loved one he held dear only to lose her because she didn't want to be separated from her mother. He had never forgiven himself, believing he had killed that precious child twice; first from allowing his hunger control him and changing her in hopes of saving her, and second… by not stopping her from throwing her self into the sunlight where she instantly turned to ash.

Since then, he kept his vow of never turning a child… or anyone for that matter. It was one of the many reasons why he was hesitant of changing Kagome when she was dying. And even today, he feared that she would hate him for granting her eternity. There wasn't a day or night that went by when he didn't think about that.

Pushing those thoughts aside, he realized that the rain had stopped and was now evening with dark cloud hanging overhead.

Ignoring the Night Breed's words about drinking the girl's blood, Shido wrapped her in his jacket before hefting her onto his back, muttering to himself as he stood, "I will not make the same mistake ever again… never again!" With that, he bit his finger and summoned another Blood Sword before poising it to over the Night Breed as if to kill it.

As much as he wanted to finish the Night Breed quickly, Shido knew that the child had to come first, so rather than bringing his blood blade down on the creature, he turned to the wall behind him and started digging into the stone.

Even when the Night breed demanded if he lost his mind, Shido's only reply to it was, "You're forgetting a third alternative, which will not only spare me and this girl but also help us get out of this well!"

And with another stab into the now broken and chipped stone, Shido witnessed water gushing from the wall before bringing his blade high again and giving one last strong to allow more water come pouring out at a fast rate, rapidly filling the well with water and allowing him to swim to the ladder that was hanging overhead.

After grabbing hold of the ladder, Shido began to climb without looking back for the Night Breed, too focused on trying to get the girl and his self out of the well. Once he was out, he rested the girl against the well before doing the same for himself, exhausted from the entire ordeal. But before he could even relax, the Night Breed shot out from the well and shot at him to attack.

It was at the sound of a gun being shot and a bullet pierced through the Breed's flesh before in disintegrated into nothing. Before him, running to him were Yayoi, Kagome, and Souta with Guni gliding along side them calling out his name.

Not stopping until she was right next to him, Kagome knelt before him as he rested his back again the well once again, asking worriedly, "Shido, are you hurt?"

Seeing the worry in her eyes, Shido instantly felt guilty for making her worry so much. As she was telling him how worried sick she was, the lavender-haired vampire leaned against her. As he listened to the slow beat of her heart and felt her arms wrap around him, Shido almost instantly went lax when he took in her scent as he assured her, "I'm alight, Kagome… I'm sorry I made you worry."

At hearing his apology, it was all Kagome could do to keep her self from crying in relief before she tightened her hold around him with her nose almost buried in his soft tresses, muttering softly to him, "Baka…" Her only reply was a soft chuckle from the man she held in her arms before he rested a gentle hand on her arm.

The picture the two vampires made was enough to have Souta smiling softly at seeing the hints of budding feelings forming between the two while Guni flapped her wings beside him.

Tiredly lifting himself from Kagome's embrace, Shido requested, "Yayoi, take the girl to the hospital."

The moment was cut short when they heard Yayoi cock her gun, aiming at the unconscious girl that sat next to Shido. The vampire was at a loss of why she was aiming her weapon at a child.

Seeing this, Kagome held her hand out, "Yayoi, Wait!"

"Both of you, get away from her!" The NOS woman ordered. "That girl was reported missing no less than thirty years ago! She hasn't changed a bit from her old photo on file."

"Of course she hasn't changed, Yayoi, it's because she's not human! But I'm still asking you not to shoot her!" Kagome raised her voice slightly. Even when seeing the woman's slightly curious gaze, Kagome moved to sit next to the unconscious girl before saying calmly, "Please wake up, Shurei-san. We know who and what you are. You can stop this game now."

"Kagome…?" Souta voiced, pretty confused of what was going on.

"What's going on, Kagome? How do you know her?" Shido asked, just as lost as the younger Higurashi sibling.

"I know who this girl is because I met five hundred years ago." Kagome confessed, keeping her eyes on the face of the 'child' in front of her, "But even then, when I first met her, she was already a little over twenty years old."

"You mean she's…?" Shido trailed off, almost hesitant to finish his sentence.

After this was said, the girl, 'Shurei' woke up before looking to them with glowing golden eyes and a malicious looking smile that revealed a pair of sharp fangs. As she started to stand, Kagome continued to look at her calmly as the others looked on apprehensively.

With a soft laugh that strangely reflected how old she was, 'Shurei' spoke, "Reported missing? You never know what might give you away these days." Her glowing eyes then slid over to Kagome, "Though I must say, I'm very surprised to see such a familiar face after five hundred years of living in this body. Tell me, Priestess, how long ago did you become one of us?"

Giving a upturn of her lips, Kagome stood as she answered, "As strange as it may sound, I've only been turned several months ago." Seeing the curiosity in her cold eyes, Kagome explained, "Long story short, Shurei-san, I was born in this era before I was pulled into the Sengoku era when I met you. When we first met, I had no idea vampires really existed, let alone what one's aura felt like. And since our meeting was so brief when you helped me claim back that Jewel shard, I never got to memorize you aura and was only given your name."

"I see… that explain quite a few things I had wondered about after meeting you, especially when concerning your clothes during that time." Shurei voiced softly, finding it a little ironic.

Remembering the missing child report, Kagome asked, "May I ask how a Missing Persons' file was made for you?"

An amused light entered Shurei's eyes before she answered, "Believe me, my dear, living as long as I have and not able to change my childish appearance can be very boring and also a little lonely. That sweet couple who reported me missing were just one of the many temporary families that adopted me over the years and I spend a short few years with. If I stay with them any longer and they notice that I haven't changed a day compared to when they first adopted me."

Shurei's eyes then turned to Shido who still looked confused at her and Kagome's interaction but still kept his guard up before the smaller vampire spoke, "For what it's worth, I thank you for the fabulous show. I hope we meet again, my dear young vampire, especially considering that you are the sire to this child here."

Though Shido was going to say something, Shurei began to float away with an innocent laugh that sounded very dark. Before she disappeared from their sight, she said this one last thing in parting, "Please take care of your fledgling, my young vampire. Fore many desire what she currently possesses."

Her last words not only echoed within their minds and through the night, but also had Souta ask what was on everyone's mind, "What did she mean by that? Is she talking about the jewel?"

"I don't think so. I made certain that the jewel would never be used again. All that's left of it is the dull shell of what it use to be with no powers to grant." Kagome replied.

Shido's eyes furrowed as he stared into the darkness where Shurei vanished before looking up to the sky to the clouds part and reveal a full moon. As he continued to stare, he thought, 'could this have to do… with Kagome being so much more different from other vampires… one that can walk in the daylight?"

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