Before, when sleep didn't come, because thoughts of you consumed my mind, I would quietly get out of bed. No one but you ever knew. I would creep over to your four-poster and silently pull the curtains back. As I watched your sleeping figure, I would think to myself, I'm glad that you're here James Potter. What would I do without you? And I would sit there watching you sleep, and wonder, what could I have possibly done to deserve a friend like you? Some nights, when I was feeling particularly lonely, I would climb in next to you and snuggle up as close as I could without waking you. And when you awoke to find me in your bed, you never questioned me. I could only love you.

Now, when sleep doesn't come, because thoughts of you consume my mind, I don't get up, because I know that you won't be there. I know, even before I turn to look at the empty space beside me, that I will no longer be able to watch your sleeping figure and I think to myself, I wish you were here James Potter. I'm lost without you. And I sit there, looking out my window into the open sky, and I wonder if I could have possibly stopped it from ending this way. Some nights, when I'm feeling particularly lonely, I call the only person who can help me feel less alone. And when I awake to find no one but myself in my bed, there is no one to question me, and once again I am reminded that you are gone. The loneliness returns, but even though you left me, I still love you.