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You wanted a second chapter, you got a second chapter.

I will most likely re-write it, so put it on your alerts.

Oh my god, I just found screencaps for Episode 1 season 6!! One of them Has Ziva, In a very low backed purple dress, at a club, singing!

...and Gibbs' new team...grrr...


Ziva stepped forward and kissed McGee, Tony looked down at the floor with a frown on his face and let out a breath.

Ziva stepped away from McGee. "I am so sorry Tim"

Tony's head snapped up and looked at her wide-eyed. McGee nodded and then smiled slightly.

"It's alright. I knew you would choose him" He said. Ziva smiled sadly at him. She turned to Tony who looked very confused.

"You chose me?" He said. Ziva nodded. Tony's confused face turned into a grin and he picked her up and spun her around. He let her back down and kissed her "I love you" He said resting his forehead against hers.

"I love you too"

From his desk McGee looked up at them and smiled. He knew she would choose Tony, he was fine with it. He loved her, but he had realized he wasn't in love with her. He was more interested in a certain Goth downstairs, and Ziva helped him realize that.

"Do you think we can sneak out without Gibbs realizing?" Tony whispered to Ziva. Suddenly his forehead connected with hers and a slap was heard.

"Hey Boss" Tony said rubbing both the back and front of his head. Ziva stepped away smirking.

"What have I said about doing things like this at work?" Gibbs said coming to stand in front of them.

"Gee Boss, you look tired, been up late with the Director?" And as soon as those words let his mouth, he ran.

Gibbs took a sip from his coffee and shook his head. That's what he gets for making those rules.

You know me, all filled with Tiva, Jibbs and McAbby...