Lego: Sister story to I Won't Forget. I was bored, again, so I decided to do Atemu's POV. Yugi will be slightly OOC on purpose. Enjoy!

Don't Forget Me

Frowning, Pharaoh Atemu watched his former hikari slam his fist into the wall. It's not right, he thought. I shouldn't have left him like that. He clenched his fist in frustration.

"You are unsatisfied?" a male voice said from next to him. Atemu glanced at Ra and looked back at the window showing Yugi's dark room.

"No," he replied. "I can't just let him go on like this."

"You have one chance," the head god said. "One chance." As Atemu watched Yugi fall asleep, a bright light flashed and he found himself in the boy's dream in a pillar of light. Wide and frightened eyes looked up at him, unable to see him.

"Who's there?" he called out. "Show yourself."

Attempting to be comforting, the Pharaoh replied, "Yugi, you are not alone. You have your friends to stand beside you."

"Atemu, I thought you were…." The unfinished statement was whispered.

Atemu let a few visions leak out of him, forming spirit versions of his former hikari's friends as he said, "You have your friends, who will always be there for you."

Téa took a step forward, grinning, and said, "Come join us Yugi!" She held her hand out to him encouragingly, making Yugi blink with visible shock.

"They will always be here for you, even if I can't be. Don't turn them away. Embrace those you love or you may lose them. They want to help you; they want to be there for you. They love you Yugi and so do I. Don't you ever forget that," Atemu said, feeling himself begin to fade. He saw his former hikari's tears before young Yugi disappeared from view and Atemu returned to the afterlife.

"Satisfied?" he heard Ra ask upon returning. The former Pharaoh nodded and smiled. His hikari would be just fine.


Atemu once again found himself looking through the window into his former hikari's life. He seemed happier than he had before his dream the night before, making the Pharaoh smile.

"Come on Yugi!" Téa called from outside. "We can't be late for school!"

"I'm coming!" he replied. Buckling up his collar, Yugi Moto smiled at himself in the mirror. He laid a hand across his heart and laughed slightly.

"Yugi!" Joey called from outside. "Hurry up!" The young spiky haired boy grabbed his backpack, slung it over his shoulder, and hurried down the stairs. He burst out of the game shop and grinned at his friends. This grin wasn't like the façade from earlier; it was a genuine grin, a worthy smile.

"I'll race you there!" Yugi called out as he ran past, laughing. Atemu smiled, matching his former hikari's, closing the window. Yugi would be just fine.