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They're in college now. And Buttercup has Mitch for a boyfriend.

This is an edited version by the way and my first fanfic. I'll try to make it one of my bests.

Anyway, on with the story!

-Buttercup's POV-

Sigh. Morning again.

I'm just waking up, by the way. Ugh. My head hurts. I then smirk at the recollection of last night's party. I am never drinking that much EVER again. I was practically falling all over the place. Me and my drunk ass.

And- WHAT THE HELL?! What's BUTCH doing here?! Wait. I'm not in my dorm am I? I shoot up and notice that I am butt naked on a bed alongside Butch who seems to be enjoying his sleep.

Oh. My. God.

SHIT!! This is NOT right! I mean.. I have a FREAKIN' BOYFRIEND for Christ's sakes!! Mitch's gonna FREAK if he finds out about this.

Ok. Calm down Buttercup. Mitch is NOT gonna find out. He's not gonna know cause no one's gonna tell him. He didn't even know I went to that stupid party so there should be no suspicions. All he knows is that I was out on a girl's night with my sisters and friends. Last night was just some stupid accident. One big mistake.

Well, what he doesn't know won't hurt him. I mean.. Mitch is a great guy but I feel like.. like.. well that's just it. I don't feel anything! Mitch is an absolutely great friend, one of the best friends I have ever had. I was really happy when he asked me to be his girlfriend and I knew we'd be together eventually. But I never thought it would end so quickly. Everything I felt before, the excitement, the sparks, the urge to see him and talk to him every single second is gone. Poof! Just like that.

Suddenly, something on the side table caught my eye. It was a pack of condoms. Well, at least we used protection. Then I look back at the sleeping form beside me. Wow. I never thought Butch would be THAT good in bed. I smiled to myself. I could vaguely remember last night but I could never forget anything as pleasing as what happened. Sigh. I wish I could go back to last night. Minus the drinks anyways. Too bad that was the first and last time I'd be in bed with him. Although if I wasn't with Mitch and if he wasn't an egotistic asshole, I'd probably go out with him.

I jumped out of bed, picked up my clothes and walked straight towards the bathroom. When I got out, I was fully dressed and carrying a bucket of cold water. I had to ask for a favor from him before I left. But to do that, I had to wake him up. And what better to do than pour on his pretty little head a bucket of icy, cold water. So I walked towards Butch and did just that. He then shot up and breathed heavily as I emptied the bucket. Of course I'd help him clean up the bed since now it's all wet but we'll worry about that later. This is his dorm, by the way.

"Good Morning, Sleeping Beauty." I greeted him.

"Thanks for the wake up bath! I guess you're not into waking people up by just calling their names out, huh?" He said sarcastically.

"So I see you liked the bath." I said.

"I did. Although the bathroom would've been a better place to take it." He said sarcastically as he got off the bed, picked up his clothes and headed for the bathroom. He was naked by the way but didn't seem to care. He went in the bathroom and slammed the door. I'm guessing he's mad. Sigh. Better go apologize.

"Look. I'm really sorry about the cold water." I cried out from the other side of the bathroom door. "I promise it'll NEVER happen again."

No reply. I knocked on the door.

"I know it was a really stupid thing to do. Not to mention it was a huge waste of perfectly good water. I was just-" Suddenly he grabbed my arm and pulled me in. Now we were both in the bathroom. Then he grabbed a bucket and before you knew it, I was soaking wet.

"Revenge is SWEET!" He cried as I was still in shock of what had just happened. He held the bucket once filled with water triumphantly with his right hand. Quickly, my eyes scanned the bathroom for something I could use against him. I looked to my left and right and noticed a shower phone. Then, as if by instict, I grabbed it, twisted the knob and water came pouring out. I aimed the shower phone at him and he was soaking wet AGAIN in seconds.

"I can relate!" I exclaim. After 5 minutes we were both wet from head to feet and so was the bathroom. I was still holding the shower phone after some failed attempts to pry it from my hands by Butch. Man, is he gonna get in trouble with Brick when he sees this. Wherever Brick was.

"Okay okay! I give up!" Butch announced. "Just put the shower phone down." He said surrenduring.

"Fine." I cautiously put the shower phone back. I'm expecting him to suddenly jump at me as soon as I let go. And just as I suspected, after I put the shower phone back, he grabs me and tickles me till my eyes starts to get teary and my stomach hurt. I swear, I'm gonna kill him when this is over!

"Stop!" I struggle to say in between giggles. "I give up! You win!" He doesn't even win anything. So after that he finally stops. He smiles at me happy with his victory. And for a moment, I look into those beautiful emerals orbs of his as he flashes me one of his sincere smiles. How is it that I've never noticed his eyes before? My mind keeps telling me 'Stop staring at him! Look away!!' but my body doesn't seem to comply. Snap the hell out of it Buttercup!!

"Umm.." I mumble as I he stands up and rubs the back of his head leaving me still lying on the bathroom floor. Eew. I sit up and was about to stand up when..

"Here. Let me help you." He says as he offers his hand.

"You're a gentleman now?" I asked him with my right eyebrow raised as I grab his hand.

"Only because you're hot." He says with a seductive smile as he hoists me up.

"Well, that's reasonable." I say sarcastically as I stand up. "Umm.. Thanks." I tell him.

"Anytime." He replies.

Then he walks out the bathroom with me following closely behind. I sat down on the floor and leaned on the wall behind me. I couldn't sit anywhere else, I was still dripping wet. I signaled for Butch to come sit next to me. He plops down beside me. Both of our legs were stretched out on the floor as we sat there. Then Butch brought up his left knee and placed his left arm on it.

"You wanna talk to me about something?" He asked. He obviously saw this coming.

"Yeah. See.. about last night.." I didn't even know what to say! "I.. well.. Mitch is.. Mitch is.. He's.." I realized I was stammering.

"He's not gonna know. I promise." He assured me. Oh God! He doesn't know how happy I am right now!! I am forever thankful!

"Thank you SO MUCH!" I exclaimed. "I have no idea how to repay you!" I cried happily. He smirked.

"Last night was enough payment, thank you very much." He said sarcastically. I wanted to strangle him right then and there. But I remembered the huge and important favor I asked from him. So instead of beating up his Rowdyruff ass, I hugged him. Even though I'm really not into hugging, I guess I could make this an exception.

"Thanks again." I whispered as he returned the hug. After that I pulled away and looked at my watch.

"Oh great. 8:45. Blossom's probably looking for me." And she's sure as hell gonna interrogate me about where I've been the second I step in the room.

"I'm really sorry but I gotta go. Blossom's gonna murder me if I don't get back early." I told him.

"Not suprising. Brick's the exact same way." He replied. He walked me to the door and opened it for me.

"Stop doing that." I said weirded out by the way he keeps acting.

"Doing what?" He asks me.

"Being a gentleman! It's creeping me out." He tells me. He lets out a chuckle.

"Okay. Fine." He said as I step out of their dorm.

"Well.. Bye!" I exclaim. I was about to turn and walk away when I remembered something. "By the way, about the bed. It being wet and all.. I am REALLY sorry. I will help you with that, I swear!"

"Umm.. O-kay." He answered as he smiled at me and I smile back. "Oh! Wait right there. I'm just gonna go get something." He cried as he sped off to his closet. He rummaged through most of his clothes and pulled out a black zip-up hoodie with a white DRI (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles) logo on the side. He handed me the hoodie.

"Here. You're gonna need this. It'll get pretty cold." He told me.

"You've done this before?" I asked. Knowing Butch, he's probably done this a thousand times.

"Once or twice." He answered as I put on the jacket.

"Thanks for the jacket." I told him. "Well.. Later." I said before I turned and left.

"Wait! You're gonna give that back right?" He asked mockingly.

"No. I'll think I'll keep it as a souvenir of last nigt." I answered sarcastically.

"Later." I said as I turned and walked to my dorm.

"Later, babe." He repeated. I gave him a deadly glare as he smiled seductively at me. I turned away as he shut the door.

Phew. What a day. And it's only just begun..

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