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Chapter 9(Brick's POV)

"Let's put this in terms even you can understand. See, I injected a sort of drug into your thigh that will probably spread throughout your body causing permanent paralyzation." Dexter grinned sickeningly. Is he for real?! "BUT. I have the antidote right here. And I want one little, tiny favor if you want your whole system to function normally for the rest of your life." Probably 'Break up with Blossom' or something.

"I want you to break Blossom's heart."

Chapter 10 (Butch's POV)

"I gotta get to BC." Blossom nodded. "Good luck with Brick!" I cried before flying out the door. Ugh. The things I'd do..

(Buttercup's POV)

"..I started sending you blackmails under the name T.C. Smith. Tom. Cleine. Smith." My eyes widened in realization.

Tom Cleine Smith

"Mitchel Mitchelson."

Suddenly, he slapped me.


Everything went dark.

-Obstacles Overcome-

Blossom's POV

"I want you to break Blossom's heart."

A needle glimmered in the moonlight.

"..I happen to know she has very intense feelings towards you."

A sadistic grin spread across his face.

"And if ever she has another boyfriend, I'll threaten them to do the same. Whatever it takes to get my revenge."

A horrid scream echoed through the halls.

"..Whatever it takes to get my revenge."


I shot up in a cold sweat, gasping heavily for air.


"This.. This is.. my fault.." I mumbled resentfully, catching my breath. My mind was a hazy disarray of emotions and tears threatened to flow down my probably pale face. A curtain covered the gaping hole in the wall, granting me privacy. But really, there was nothing more I'd want than someone to talk to. I buried my face in my cupped hands, trying to suppress the flow of emotions from rolling down my cheeks.

But it wasn't solely due to the fact that Brick was now undergoing critical treatment that I was breaking down. Buttercup's welfare was a big part of it too. Speaking of super-powered teenagers, I wonder where Bubbles and Boomer are.

Suddenly, I heard shuffling near the threshold then realized that someone else was there.

"Blossom?" There she is. I quickly wiped any trace of tears from my face and took a brief glance at the soft, blue eyes peeking through the makeshift entrance.

"Hey, Bubbles." Finally, someone I can talk to. I feigned a smile, looking down on my fiddling fingers then up at her delicate face. She smiled softly, obviously hoping to comfort me in my state of distress.

"Well, Brick's alright, just so you know." She sat on the bedside, putting on an assuring smile. Relief surged through me and seeing her widened smile, I had little doubt that I was wearing a stupid grin on my face.

"Really?" I beamed, my tone full of hope.

"Yeah. He's already asleep in his room." Thank God!

"Oh, good." I let out an exasperated sigh. Now after Butch saves Buttercup from her psycho ex-boyfriend, I have nothing to worry about. Steading my breathing, I closed my eyes, laid back on the bed then put on a content smile. For one brief moment, I thought everything was going to run smoothly from then on. I imagined Brick's speedy recovery, Butch's successful rescue attempt and Mitch's arrest.

But, being harsh, life wouldn't want that, no. It'd rather push you off a cliff then wish it had a camcorder to videotape your deathly fall. But then again, it's those kinds of falls that get you an inch closer to learning how to fly.

Suddenly, I heard the smooth slide of the curtain rings against the metal rod, signaling someone's arrival. Opening an eye, I could see a grinning Boomer pulling the curtain closed.


"Hey, Cheri." Bubbles rushed to Boomer, giving him a warm embrace and a quick peck which he both willingly returned. I cordially sat up and smiled at the blonds.

"How you doin', Blossom?" A loving arm still hung around Bubbles' waist. They're like the perfect couple.

"I'm doing great. Bubbles helped a lot." I purposely added in the compliment. Bubbles lightly blushed as Boomer chuckled then benevolently looked down at her.

"All I did was tell her Brick was okay. That's it." She humbly quipped, raising her open palms in defense.

"Oh, and speaking of the devil, he kinda sent me here to ask if you guys have seen Butch anywhere."


"Why is that?" I acted confused.

"Uh, well, I guess it's cause he can't really move much so-"

"No, no, no! I mean, why is he looking for Butch?"

"Oh. Beats me." He shrugged. "Probably owes Brick money or something. I never really bother to know those stuff." Boomer was nonchalant.

He knows about Mitch.

"I have to see Brick." My tone was dripping of urgency. And as opposed to what I was expecting, Boomer and Bubbles smiled at each other then at me.

"We thought as much." Bubbles squeaked with thrill as Boomer went outside to presumably fetch something.

"Voila!" And something it was.

-End of Chapter-