Hi guys. This story popped in my head today. Its not finished, but I'm going to update real soon. I'm sure this kinda story has been done before, but I wanted to do my own version of what happened during House's infraction. There are sooo many left out scenes that we don't know about, like, where was Wilson? Ect… I felt the need to write a story based on this idea, and I am putting most of it in Wilson's view. It will be dramatic but I hope you guys enjoy. Please review, that always helps keep me motivated! Thanks. :) New Chapter to be up soon. Can't wait for the new episode Monday!

Wilson received the phone call while he was on his honeymoon with his third wife. It had been a nice morning, he and Julie woke up, had breakfast at this nice bed and breakfast hotel, and then they went to the beach. Wilson hadn't been to the beach in a long time, they were in Florida vacationing. So far it had been a great honeymoon, and the best part was, no interruptions, until now. Wilson figured this had to be the happiest time of his life.

When the phone rang, Wilson's heart jumped. Was it his cell phone? Who could it be? He had all sorts of ideas going on in his head. Julie looked at him and could tell that he wanted to answer it, "Just let it ring darling," she said giving him a kiss.

"Julie, I'm a doctor," he said, "It could be the hospital calling," Wilson kissed her back smiling a bit.

"I know, James, they need to give you a break," she said. "You never ask for time off, and the one time you do, they call you?" she asked.

"I'm an oncologist," he said to her, "One of my patients could be dying," he said holding her hand, "You knew what you were getting into when you married me," he reminded her.

Julie sighed, "Your right," she said. "Just let it ring," she pleaded to him.

Wilson sighed and finally agreed. He let the voice mail get it. Later that night, Wilson was by himself for a bit while Julie was showering. He decided he couldn't wait until he got home to see what that call was, so he went to listen to his voice mail.

There were a few wrong numbers, and then a familiar voice on the other end. "James," Cuddy's voice stabbed Wilson in the ear. It sounded like she was crying. "James, it's Lisa," she said, "There's something wrong with House," she explained, "It's his leg, we need you here, I know your on your honeymoon, but its an emergency," her voice sounded extremely shaky.

Wilson stared at his phone with concern in his eyes, he shakily dialed the number to Cuddy's office, "Lisa, what is it?" he asked when she answered the phone.

"House was, experiencing difficulties…" she said her voice shaky, "He was in lots of pain, so we admitted him," she said. "We're not sure what it is yet, we're running tests," Cuddy told him.

Wilson nodded even though he knew Cuddy couldn't see him. "I see," he said. "Lisa, I'll be on the next flight," he said to her.

"James, your on your honeymoon…" Lisa said. Lisa didn't want to tell Wilson House had been asking for him.

Wilson sighed, "I know Lisa," he said, "It's not going that great anyway," he muttered honestly. He and Julie were already starting to have some problems and he hoped they would work out soon. "I'll be on the next flight, see you soon," he said as he headed towards his room to pack.

"Okay," Lisa said and he could tell she was skeptical.

Wilson hung up the phone and then went into the bedroom and started to pack. Julie came out of the shower and looked at him, "James, what are you doing?" she asked.

Wilson's heart jumped. He wasn't sure what he should do at this point, he knew he was doing the right thing, but then, when he saw Julie dressed in a towel with her hair down, he knew why he married her, but then again, if she loved him, she would understand that his best friend could be dying. "It's Greg," he said to her using House's first name hoping maybe she would be able to tell it was serious. "Something's happen, he's in a lot of pain and the hospital can't figure it out," he said.

"James," Julie's voice cracked and she shook her head, "Your on your honeymoon," she said. "The hospital has good doctors there, and I'm sure Greg will be able to help them figure this out," she said knowing she sounded selfish. "We've been looking forward to this for months." she pleaded.

Wilson sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, he hoped she would be more understanding then this. "Julie," he said, "He's my best friend, and he's in the hospital, possibly dying," Wilson knew he was exaggerating. "I have to go," he said looking into her eyes. "We can go on trips anytime," he added, "I mean, I still have the vacation time," he said.

"That's not the point!" she snapped at him. "This is my wedding, my honeymoon! It was bad enough House had to ruin our relationship at times, and now he's spoiling this!? I'm tired of it," she snapped. "This is just another way for him to get you to come back and forget about me," she said angrily knowing that she went to far.

Wilson closed his eyes a moment then he looked at her, "Sweetie I…." he went to put his hand on her shoulder and she backed away.

"Don't sweetie me," she snapped. "Just…just go," she said angrily to him. "I'll see you when I get home from our honeymoon."

Wilson sighed again and shook his head, "Alright," he said softly. He wished he knew what to do anymore. It just seemed that his life was always going through twists and turns. This was a big one for him. "I'll see you at home," he said quietly and he finished packing. He kissed her cheek but she backed away.

Wilson looked down and he headed out of the hotel room with his suitcase in his hand. He knew then that this relationship probably wouldn't last long. He knew what he was in for when he married her though. For some reason, he just was never able to stand up to her, until now. Maybe House was right, maybe he needed to grow some more balls and be a man, but still, Wilson didn't like to run the show entirely. He always liked his girlfriend or wife to have some say in things. This was different though, House was his best friend, and Wilson wanted to be there for him, if she couldn't deal with it, then, he knew maybe she wasn't for him.

Wilson was depressed on the whole flight home. He just didn't understand why she couldn't be supportive on this. He would understand if House had barged in on their honeymoon and asked Wilson to play golf or something like that, but still, this was different. He was in pain, maybe dying. Wilson had to be there for him. She just didn't understand.

Wilson started to remember some of the things he and House went through before all this happened. He knew House had issues, ever since they were in college, and he knew House thought that everything was all right. He also knew that House's father had played a big part in changing his sons life. Wilson remembered seeing House in college a long time ago, looking pretty bad…

It was a Saturday night after a party. Wilson was drunk, as usual. He was never a heavy drinker, so when he did drink it showed. House always used to give him a hard time. That particular night was bad. Wilson had never really wanted to go to med school, it was almost as though he was forced by his father, so he took every chance he got to party while he was in school. House saw to it that he had fun.

Wilson remembered loosing House somewhere in the middle of his seventh beer at that particular party. Wilson was drunk, big time. He was nearly tripping over his own feet, "Where the hell is House?" He was asking everyone.

Timothy, one of their friends walked up to James, "I think he went home," Timothy said, "He got a phone call from his father," he remembered seeing House's face pale as he received the phone call, "I think it was serious or something, because he just up and left."

Wilson had nodded. That was typical of House and he knew it. At first, Wilson wasn't worried. James ended up going home that night and he still wasn't worried when he noticed House wasn't there waiting and pretending to look at the clock as he did at times.

House always pretended to be strict when his friend came home late at night. Wilson wasn't that much of a partier so House gave him a hard time. They had already grown used to each other and Wilson saw that he was one of the only ones that was able to put up with House, except for Lisa perhaps.

That evening it was around 3am when Wilson realized House still wasn't home. Wilson was getting sick in the bathroom and he knew he deserved it. He was also growing concerned. He knew that House's father was strict.

Finally, at around 4 am the door opened. House came staggering in looking completely awful. Wilson raised his eyebrows and walked over to him, "What happened to you?" he asked House.

"What happened to you?" Greg asked raising his eyebrows at his drunken friend.

"Well, you just left the party, I thought maybe it was an emergency," he said, "Everything all right?" he asked.

House nodded, Wilson looked his friend over more carefully, "My God Greg, what the hell happened?" He asked looking at his friends face. It was completely black and blue, he noticed House was limping a bit too and he was having trouble moving in general. "Greg…" Wilson said, "Let me help." He pleaded.

"I'm FINE," House snapped at him, "It's nothing, I was mugged on the way over here," he said. "That's all. Creep took my wallott," he said.

Wilson didn't believe a word of that story. First off, he knew House left his wallott home that night. Purpously. In case the cops stopped them at the party.

"Tim said your father called," he said to his friend, "Did your father do this?" Wilson asked.

"I don't want to talk about it," House mumbled. "Nothing happened, I'm fine," he said again.

Wilson sighed knowing something happened, "Greg, if this keeps happening, I will tell someone," Wilson snapped a little. It wasn't the first time Greg had come home like this. It was bothering Wilson more then he known. "Come on, let's get you cleaned up," he said not caring if House protested.

House reluctantly followed his friend into the bathroom and Wilson cleaned him up. Wilson had cringed at the sight of his friend. There were marks on his back that only a belt could make, and James knew something was going on. "I need to talk to someone about this," he said to House quietly, "Greg, this is ridicules," he said.

"It's fine!" House snapped at Wilson, "Look, you talk, and nobody would believe oyu anyway," he snapped angrily. "So there's no point, ok? Nothing is going on, alright?" He said practically yelling now.

Wilson sighed and shook his head, "I just want to help," he said putting a hand on his friends shoulder.

"You can help by minding your own business," House had snapped once again.

Wilson sighed and nodded. He bit his lip and continued to fix his friend up. He couldn't believe House was THAT afraid of his father. Wilson knew something was going on and he had intended on doing something about it.

"Ladies and Gentlemen we will now be descending into New Jersey, please put your tray tables, and seats in their upright positions…" the flight attendant said over the loud speaker breaking Wilson away from any thoughts.

Wilson sighed and did as he was instructed. He knew this was going to be bad, almost as bad as that night after the party. He was starting to get scared and if he didn't get to the hospital soon, he would flip. James didn't know what he'd do without his best friend.