Ok, I noticed that a lot of people liked this story, even if I'm running out of fluff ideas

Ok, I noticed that a lot of people liked this story, even if I'm running out of fluff ideas. XD Anyways, enjoy


Red Alert shook his head in response to Inferno's question. Inferno mumbled, "Sorry. Ratchet said I helped you glitch somehow—"

Red Alert laughed at that, as he said, "And I suppose that you reached into my CPU and switched on the glitch?" He was feeling extremely lightheaded right now, and that made him say and do things he usually never would of.

Inferno seemed to recognize it also, for one hand gripped his shoulder as Inferno asked, albeit a little worriedly, "Are you sure you're alright Red? You're acting odd."

Red Alert laughed again, slightly more crazed. "Why shouldn't I be? Half of my firewalls are down…"

Inferno reached out, grasping Red Alert's shoulder. "I'm sure that you can build them up easily."

Red Alert laughed, not noticing Ratchet, who hovered nearby for a few seconds before disappearing. "I'm sure they will."

They chattered on for a few moments, Inferno growing more and more worried about the slightly scrambled CPU of Red Alert. For as time went by, and Red Alert laughed sporadically, at nothing at all, it was becoming more and more clear that he was reaching his limit. "Alright Red, I better leave you to recharge before Ratchet comes back and pounds me into the ground."

Red Alert nodded, his optics already dimming. Inferno slipped out of the room, passing by Ratchet with a relieved sigh.


Ratchet stared at the computer as he contemplated the security director. The only thing he could hope for was that his glitch would be calmed down enough that tomorrow he could attend the huge conference Prim was hosting. Red Alert, as Head of Security, would have to be there.

Prime entered at just that moment. "Have you completed the diagnostics on Red Alert?"

"Yes. Apparently the twins accidentally gave him a cube of high energon. Neither of the groups had bothered to check to see if it was high grade, which goes to show you just how much trust he had in us—"

"Wait. How is that supposed to show trust?"

"The very fact that Red Alert trusted that there wasn't poison or anything in a cube given to him, even by the twins, shows that he was ready to trust them. We really screwed up. He should be straitened out by the morning however."

Prime nodded. "Good. We're going to need him."


From the second the commanding officers entered, the entire Arc could sense that the conference they had just held had not gone well. Red Alert was slumped, dragging his feet, Ironhides' cannon's buzzed loudly, Ratchets' hands clenched and unclenched, Prime strode almost angrily, and Prowl's back was as stiff as a board.

Whispers spread, as they stared at the heads of the army in slight confusion. Red Alert turned to go to the security room, when he paused, and continued on with the rest of the officers.


When Inferno walked into the security room, he was met with an odd sight. Red Alert sat, his back to the camera's, head buried in his hands. Inferno moved closer, his concern making his accent thicker then usual. "Red, what's wrong?"

Red Alert flinched, as if physically struck with a blow. Inferno paused, and knelt down so that he was optic level with Red Alert. "Something happened. Something that none of the officers were willing to talk about."

"Of course." Red Alert mumbled, not looking up.

"What happened Red? I swear that I'll never tell anyone, but it's obviously affected you so much…" Inferno trailed off, helpless.

Red Alert was silent, and finally said harshly; "Many of the other officers believe that Prowl and I should not be allowed in the autobot army because of our glitches. Me especially, since I cannot always control it. Prowl at least can."

Inferno was stunned. This was the last thing he would of expected. Red Alert continued, bitterly, "And they challenged Primes own intelligence at letting us be in here. It all went downhill from there. I'm exhausted."

Inferno's optics reflected sympathy. "I have no doubt. Imagine, questioning Prime's decisions. What happened to them?"

"Prime told them if they were unable to reconcile themselves to having two glitches in charge of them, he'd make himself into a third, for the Autobot's were here to protect all life."

Inferno shook his head, and Red Alert leaned back into his chair. Inferno eased into the chair beside him, keeping an eye on the monitors, as he waited for Red Alert to take over the job that he usually did. He felt a slight weight on his arm, and turned to look.

Red Alert had slowly slipped into a recharge, lulled by the unusual feeling of security. Then, much like how Inferno had done so, and slowly tilted until he was leaning against Inferno. For a few moments, Inferno was wondering what to do, when he slowly drew closer, arm wrapping around Red Alert.

Red Alert sighed contentedly in his sleep, unconsciously snuggling up to warmth that he rarely felt in his waking hours. Inferno smiled slightly, and he moved carefully until Red Alert was nearly curled up in his lap. He watched the camera's, knowing full well that the door was locked. Red Alert, also seemed to know this, for he murmured in his recharge, "It's nice to be alone."

With you. Seemed to drift on the air, unsaid.


It isn't really all that fluffy, but that's because I was also trying to type my other story I'll be posting up soon.