Danny Phantom: Bellum Letale

By: Shining Zephyr and Hordak's Pupil

Disclaimer: We don't own Danny Phantom, CSI: Miami, or CSI: NY.

Author's Notes: Me and Shiny-Sama have joined forces to bring you this collab fic, hope you enjoy it.

Chapter I: Ars Est Celare Artem (Written by Hordak's Pupil)

Mala Noche Member 1

"Are you sure about this?" my cohort asked me, "I mean this is the government we're talking about," he told me as we climbed up some old crates and pried open the window.

"Don't be such a bebé, Luis if our informants are correct, this could be the weapon we need to rule streets of Miami and help us in the coming war," I tell him as we sneak in and survey the security. "This is a piece of cake," I said laughing as I saw a couple men dressed in white suits standing beside a crate.

"What are you orders boss?" Diego, my best sniper said looking at the men.

"Take them out," I told him as he got his rifle and silencer and aimed at men and shot them in the back in head.

"OPERATIVE W, WE HAVE A BREACH OF SECURITY, ALERT ALL OTHER OPERATIVES!" one of them yelled before Diego shot him.

"TOME A CABO, AHORA!" I shouted as the other members began shooting at them and taking out the alarm. "Tomas get the box," I yell as he drags the crate out through the door to the car where our truck was waiting. "Vamos an ir!" I order as we left and took off with our prize.


"Technus shall return!" the specter yelled as I sucked him into the Fenton Thermos and landing beside Tucker and Sam.

"How many have I captured Technus this week?" I asked Sam shaking the Thermos and smiling.

"I think about seven counting this time," she says as I turn to the TV in the window of a nearby store.

"…Authorities are still baffled as to why the infamous gang would raid and steal from the government repository. The NSA will not comment on what they stole…," the announcer said as I swallowed hard, something told me this was going to end badly.

"Danny what's wrong," Tucker asked confused, "Dude it's a gang in Miami stealing from the government, it's a job for the cops not Danny Phantom," he tells me as I turn away from the screen.

"I know, but I have a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that tells me otherwise," I tell him as I hide behind a tree and transform back to Danny Fenton and we walk home trying to ignore this feeling I have.

Mac Taylor

"What do we got?" I ask the officers on the scene as me and Stella get of the car and look at the victim.

"Tony Martin, age 20, previously arrested for burglary and kidnapping. He's a member of the Tanglewood gang, other than that nothing," he tells as I kneel down and examine the corpse, "Stella, look at this," I tell her seeing the entrance wound on his neck.

"It looks like a silencer was used," she said, "Whoever did this was a professional," she said examining the body.

"Nothing was stolen from him, wallet, money, credit cards, license," I say noting nothing was missing, "get him to the autopsy room, we need to find out more," I say as a cop comes up to us.

"We have a witness," he says as I takes me to his car where the police are talking to a young girl with black hair tied in a ponytail and blue eyes. She was dressed in a blue sweatshirt with a red shorts, shoes, and tossle cap.

"My name is Mac Taylor and this is my partner Stella Bonasera, this officer said you have information relating to what happened here?" I ask her the little girl nods shyly.

Mala Noche Member 1

"Careful now Juan," I said as he placed the box on the floor and examined, whatever is in it must be powerful.

"What's H.E.A.D.S.U.P.?" Luis asked looking at the letters stenciled on the box in white paint.

"Who cares just open it!" I tell them as they pry it open, "get that stuff out of there," I order as they fling the sawdust out of it.

"What is it?" Juan ask as they reveal an elaborate black and green coffin, "it looks like something I tried to steal from a museum once," he said, "Hey look at this writing on it," he said as I growled.

"I don't care about some stiff in a box, my sources told me this was something powerful," I yelled kicking the crate as I saw a silver key with a green a skull on the top, "Then again, a coffin is the perfect place for hiding stuff," I said examining the key, soon the entire east coast will belong to the Male Noche.


"…And that's all I saw, sir," I told the detective as I took a sip of my soda.

I was on my way back to Amity Park to visit Danny, when I stopped in New York for a bite to eat. I was resting on a bench when I heard a shot.

I flew to where I thought it was coming from, that's when I saw it, a man laying on the ground dead. Now I deal with ghosts a lot, but never I have seen a dead body, I thought I was going to be sick. Soon I heard the police come and hid until I thought it was safe to come out.

"Okay, Ms. …," Det. Taylor said confused as to what to call me.

"Just Dani, please," I tell him as he smiles curiously.

"Thank you, Dani," he says as he leads me out the room, "Do you have a place to stay?" he asks me as Det. Bonasera comes in

"She can stay with me, that way we'll know she's safe," she says as Det. Taylor looks at her.

"Just remember what I said about getting emotionally attached to cases," he warns her as she nods.

"I know, come on, Dani I'll take you home," she says as I follow out to the parking lot.

While we are walking, I hear something, I look up and thought I saw something flitting in the air but shake it off.

"Are you okay?" Det. Bonasera asks me noticing the expression on my face.

"Yeah," I said nervously as we arrive at her car and drive home.

Horatio Caine

"They look like government workers but unlike anything I've ever seen," Ryan told me looking at corpses, "Hey H, look at this," he said removing the gloves and showing me the palms of one of the victims.

"His fingerprints were erased probably by acid of some kind," I say noticing the scars on the fingertips and looking up, "Just what was stolen?" I ask Eric who searching through an invoice of items in here.

"All it says was Item Number 658685G?" he says showing me the invoice, "whatever it must be important," he tells me as I put my sunglasses on.

"…And dangerous, Ryan put an APB out on any Mala Noche members seen in the area," I tell him Ryan as he nods. "Eric, get these bodies to Alexx in the lab, we need to find out what happened here and stop it from happening again," I said as I head back to my car and head back to the station.