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Chapter VII: De Fumo in Flammam

Rick Stetler

"I'm wondering something Agent Veldts, why is it that the NSA is interested in the activity of a street gang?" I asked the government agent who smiled at me.

"We believe Al-Qaeda has infiltrated them and the government is interested in testing out a new technique to deal with terrorists which if it works could end the war on terror, but that is all I am saying," he said Gerrard looked at him curiously.

"Why would the Tanglewood, get involved in international terrorism?" he asked as Agent Veldts laughed as if the answer was obvious.

"Why do they always get involved, the same reason why Mike McCarthy was made Head Coach of the Green Bay Packers because the Steelers want to dominate the NFL and….," he said realizing he went off subject and corrected himself, "…for the money," he said laughing.

"Where do you we come in," Gerrard asked curiously as Armas smiled.

"I want you to keep your men under control, if they act out, you have my permission to do what you feel is necessary," Veldts said smiling as we nodded, "You are return to your posts and act as if this meeting never took place," he said as a small bug entered the room. "These are government spying device these will allow me to see how things are doing," he said as he motioned us to leave and we left to follow his orders.

Tanglewood Gang Member 1

"What's the word from Miami?" I asked our snitch in the Mala Noche curious as to what our enemies in Florida.

"Word is the Mala Noches are taking orders from a new crime boss, some rookie calling himself the Ghost King," my spy said as I took in this information.

"What are they planning," I asked him, this shift in power can only mean they're prepping for war and we must be ready.

"They've been stealing from government warehouses," he explained as I thought for a second and smiled.

"I want you to get all the dirt you can on this ghost king and tell me everything he does," I say as he as he signs off, this ghost king think he can take over New York, then he is wrong.

Eric Delko

"Another robbery?" I asked as I arrived at the warehouse again and looked around. Something didn't add up here, there was no forced entry and no sign that these GIW were working with the Mala Noche. It was like these thugs could walk through wall and not trip up a sensor.

"Hey Eric, I found something," Ryan said as I walked to where he was standing. "Look famillar?" he asked pointing to the wall which was covered in green slime.

"It is the same stuff Natalia found on that GIW agent," I said raising eyebrow as I heard the doors open.

"Delko, what the heck are you doing here, I thought I told Horatio not to get involved," Stetler's voice boomed angrily as he walked in. "I have been told by the NSA that we are to stand down," he said as I looked at him.

"Horatio said this had nothing to do with murder case, this is just a robbery," Ryan said as Rick glared at him and walked away.

"Get that down to Alexx in the lab, see if it matched the slime Natalia found," I told him as I went to see what was stolen this time and if there was any linked to the first one.


I was watching TV when the phone rang again. I got up and l looked at the ID, it was Det. Bonasera.

"Hello," I said as I picked up the phone.

"Dani, this is Det. Bonasera, I wanted to see if you were okay?" she asked as I realized she must have seen me in ghost form.

"Uh…yeah, I'm fine, why what's up?" I asked nervously, hoping that she didn't see me as Dani Phantom. If she did, I was done for.

"My partner thought he saw you on the street earlier and wanted make sure you didn't sneak out or something," she said as I smile nervously.

"I didn't sneak out," I tell her trying to be calm as I look at the TV and see a man with brown hair in a business suit talking, "Can I call you back," I asked as I hung up and turned up the volume.

"…This is now a government case and we step down to allow the government to take over," the man said. While I was listening to him as I saw something on his shoulder. It looked like a bug of some kind.

"Where have I seen it before?" I asked myself staring at the screen trying searching my mind as to where I had seen that insect before.

Mala Noche Member 1

"A crown? A ring? And a Pumpkin, you had us do your shopping for us, who do we think we are, you butlers," I asked the Ghost King angrily as he placed the crown and ring on his head and hand smiling.

"You are my slaves and these are no mere objects, they are keys to secure my…," he said as stopped and turned around glaring at something behind. "We have a spy, amongst us," he said blasting some old crates until we saw one of our guppies, a wimp of a fighter named Alano behind them.

"A snitch, let's show him what we do with snitches," I said aiming my gun at him but Ghost King held out his hand.

"Allow me the honor," he said grabbing Alano by the neck. Energy surrounded the man until he was transformed into a green skeleton, "Who is your lord, whom do you serve?" he asked him glaring at him.

The skeleton said nothing but bowed before the ghost king who smiled at him, "Excellent," he said turning his attention to the pumpkin with the sword stuck in it.

The king pulled the sword out and soon what looked like a man dressed in black armor with green eyes and flaming purple hair appeared. "Lord Pariah, what is thy bidding," the man said bowing like he knew this 'Pariah.'

"Yes, the first strike has been fired," he told his servant, "Take some of these mortals using the portals in the Ghost Zone to this 'Tanglewood Gang' and destroy them," he ordered as the servant turned to us.

"Round up your men, we strike soon," he said as Pariah nodded and we went to prepare for the war that was ensuing.


"This has gone too far, Clockwork, this must be stopped before more lives are lost," one of the Observants said angrily looking at the events that are transpiring.

"Don't worry everything will be taken care of," I told them angrily as I turned into an old man and shook my head.

"How? By destroying the world?" another Observant chided, "This has gone too far, either you stop it or we will find someone who will," he said glaring at me as I smiled.

"Why don't you do it yourselves, that is what the proverb is the best solution," I told them as they left in silence. That would keep them out of my hair for awhile and I could focus on the next task.

I looked back into dark room, I knew that prison and restraints would not last, they were never meant to last forever, nothing, only time lasts forever and even that has an end.

"I hope for your sake Danny you will need to muster every ounce of courage in your being to face what lies ahead," I said as I walked away to complete my plan.

Mac Taylor

"Another murder?" I ask the officers as I arrive on the scene.

"Attempted murder, the victim is alive, but in serious condition," the officer in charge said as I watched the ambulance carry the victim off to the hospital.

"Were you able to ask him anything about his attackers?" I asked him curiously.

"He was delirious when we arrived all he said was that he saw green skeletons and a knight in black armor," he said as I wrote all of what he told me.

"Skeletons and a knight?" I asked him curiously as my phone went off, "what the?" I exclaimed as I saw this message:

Mac Taylor,

The answers to your puzzle will be found in Amity Park, Illinois.


"It appears that I'm going a trip," I said looking at the message and wondering who CW is and why he was helping us out.