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The Fight for her Heart

Chapter 1


"nah nah nah nah nah! You can't catch me!" said a green eyed boy running away from a green eyed girl

"BUTCH!!" yelled the green eyed girl toward the green eyed boy… or Butch. Her expression was well, the expression of a pissed off girl.

"Yes Butterbutt?" Butch teased Buttercup by changing her name a bit to just piss her off more. Obviously he has never heard of the phrase hell hath no fury like a woman pissed off.

Their blue siblings just watched as Buttercup was sitting on top of Butch, strangling him, demanding him to say "uncle", while Butch just ignored her and stuck his tongue out at her.

However, the reds far from both of their siblings were circling each other, analyzing each other like they always would.

Suddenly both lunged at each other simultaneously only to have them collide then separate again.

"Why do you have to keep doing this, Brick?" the red-headed girl asked (or Blossom if you've already noticed duh…)

"Why do you have to be a goody-two-shoes, babe?" the boy retorted, the term of endearment set off Blossom's temper as he knew it would and when her temper is set off, she gets distracted which is what he was aiming for.

All Blossom had to answer that was a pink streak behind her, her fist raised, flying toward Brick. He smirked at this knowing that she would do this and blocked, dodged, and countered all of her moves.

"I know all your moves, babe. Why do you even bother? After all, I'm pretty much the better version of you." he told her as he forced her into a corner of a building.

"I'LL SAVE YOU BLOSSOM!!" an unknown voice shouted out of nowhere.

Oh, great, it's dorkster again. Brick thought.

Since Butch had hid away from Buttercup he thought that he would help his red-headed brother a little and saw Dexter running to Blossom's rescue… again. Butch had grown quite annoyed of the boy barging in on their fights so he did what he thought would be funny. He stuck out his foot as Dexter came running.

He tripped and, like in most mangas and animes and such, the thing that could never really happen in real life happened: Dexter fell on top of Blossom with their lips locked.

Brick's POV

Ok, so maybe seeing Dexter on top of Blossom kissing her may have ticked me off a little. A LITTLE. But, hey, you would too, if you saw a disgusting public display of affection even if it WAS accidental. See, but that only ticked me off a little. What ticked me off A LOT was that she responded to it. While he was on top of her, when she was fighting, IN FRONT OF MY FACE.

I turned to Butch. He was the only one besides Boomer who knew I got funny feelings when Blossom was around. "What the hell was that?"

Butch was still on the ground laughing and he asked me "What do you mean 'What the hell was that?' It's the funniest thing ever!" he laughed some more then, I guess realization hit him when he looked up again to see a vein popping at the top of my head. "Oh… that's right… you like Blossom."

"I DON'T LIKE BLOSSOM!" I said a little too loud.

It caused Bubbles to whisper something to Boomer who just said nothing, when he should've been fighting with her. Ugh, and then there was Buttercup who looked at me like I was crazy. And last, there was Butch, smirking at me with a smirk that says, "I know something you don't know." Which is highly unlikely, because I am the smartest of the Rowdyruff boys.

Dexter was smirking at me. I read his mind because well, because I could!

Heh, the dimwit, it's obvious that Blossom is in love with me. What a poor guy, he thinks he has a chance with her.

"SCREW YOU!" I yelled and tried to pounce on him only to be stopped by Blossom.

"What do you think you're doing!?" she half asked, half yelled at me.

"I… I… I'M OUT OF HERE!" I yelled in her face then flew off.

Butch and Boomer followed me as soon as I took off.

Dexter's POV

That Brick really is a dimwit, he thought that Butch's foot caused me to trip and kiss Blossom? No way, I took it as a chance and seeing Brick's ticked off face every once in a while is very amusing, rather than his laid-back, I don't give a sh what you think expression.

This doesn't mean that I have anything against him, it's just I'm in love with Blossom, and he gets in the way most of the time, so whatever. Maybe we would be good friends if he wasn't going after Blossom. MAYBE. The chances were very slim though.

"Ummm… Dexter? Dexter? DEXTER!"

"Whoa wha?" I said as I was snapped out of my thoughts by Blossom.

"Gosh, Dexter, thinking too much isn't very good if you can't hear me when I call you."

"S-sorry." I answered

"It's all right." Her face was still a little flushed. "Uh… about earlier, I um…" she stuttered, "I'm sorry.

"Don't be." I answered, I wanted to look cool in front of her.

"Um… well, see you tomorrow at school." she said and flew off.

The next day…
(Normal point of view by the way, or Omniscient :P)

"Let's see, oh!" the teacher said as she read her attendance sheet, "class, we have 3 new students, please welcome them."

Boomer came in with a dazed expression on his face, as if in deep thought.

One gasp was heard, the rest were ooh's from girls.

Butch came in smirking searching the room then smirked wider when he saw Buttercup. "What up, Butterbutt?"

Buttercup looked up and scowled, the others in the class gasped at how courageous the boy was to say something like that to the hot-head, Buttercup.

Brick came in with a scowl, searching too. He spotted Dexter, who smirked at him and passed a note to Blossom because he was on the other side of the room, the note made her blush for some reason.

Brick's scowl deepened and he almost pounced when the teacher rudely interrupted.

"Ok, these three are…" the teacher waited.

"Boomer." Boomer said looking bored.

"Butch." Butch said still smirking.

"Brick." Brick said, not breaking his gaze from Dexter and Blossom.

"Ok… now where to put you…" she thought for a second, "Boomer, you can sit behind… Princess."

Boomer walked over to his seat behind Princess who kept trying to flirt with him, but he just looked out the window that was next to Bubbles, so she thought that he was staring at him and looked at her feet.

"Butch, you can sit behind… Billy. Oh, my, that's where Mandy sits… where is that girl? Then you can sit next to… Buttercup, since you two are already friends." she told him. This made him smirk more.


"MISS UTONIUM! I mean… Ms. Utonium, please refrain from profanity." she said trying to get her tone back to normal.

Butch sat next to Buttercup, and the two had a glaring/smirking contest.

Now, all that's left is… where to put you, Mr. Brick."

Mr. Brick…? Brick thought to himself.

"All right, you can sit behind Blossom, so she can show you around." she said.

Brick inwardly smirked at this, then inwardly tried to kick Dexter's butt with his mind, which he probably could, when Dexter's hand shot up.

"Excuse me, Miss Meryl, but could Brick sit behind me instead, I'll show him around the school, so it won't bother Blossom." Blossom smiled at him and mouthed thank you in his direction. He mouthed you're welcome back.

Brick really wanted to kill Dexter, but then there would be a lot of questions that he didn't want to answer.

So, Brick took the seat next to Dexter reluctantly.

Brick looked up when Dexter passed him a note.

You're really mistaken if you think I'm going to give blossom up that easily.

Brick looked at the paper and wrote back.

Bring it on, Dexter. Anytime, anywhere, I'll beat your ass at anything.

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