Bad Me

by icypinkpop

Pairing: None

Disclaimer: Me no own! Me no own DBZ!

Warnings: Intentionally childish grammar.

Summary: A Majin Buu introspective. The innocent Buu explores his feelings about the darker presence inside him.

Author's notes: I had a hard time writing this because it's intentionally short and simple. This was kind of an exercise to teach myself how to be coherent without using all those big words I'm so fond of. Please lemme know what you think. Oh, and Bee is Buu's puppy, just in case you didn't know.


Me Buu. Majin Buu. Buu have puppy. Buu make people candy. But Buu scared. Buu very scared.

There other Buu. Other Buu in head. Other Buu make Buu hurt. Other Buu make Buu kill.

Buu no want hurt. Buu want play. Play with Bee. But other Buu make Buu kill. Make Buu make people dead.

Buu no like make people dead. Buu no like make people hurt. Buu no like make people bleed.

But other Buu make Buu. Buu no have choice.

Me see other Buu. Other Buu tall. Other Buu have bad eyes.

Bad eyes. Bad Buu have bad eyes.

Me see more people. Bad Buu laugh. No! Me no want hurt more people! Me no like other Buu!

Other Buu hurt Buu. Buu scream. Steam come out Buu's head.

Bad Buu laugh with Buu's mouth. Not Buu's voice. That not Buu's voice.

Buu scared! Buu no want hurt! Buu no want hear screams! Buu want Bee! Buu want play with Beeā€¦

Buu see red.

Buu see just red.