I'm BAAACCCCCCCCKKKK muwahahahahahaha. Welcome to the sequel you have all been waiting for.

DON. Aka Don't Own Naruto

The Point of No Return


At a small airport in a small town called Konoha a plane touched down and pulled up to the gate. A tall, slender woman wearing black toeless high heels, a red sundress that reached her knees and a small black jacket stepped off the plane. She took one look around and took off her sunglasses. "Man it has been far too long." she said with a smile.

In an apartment a few miles away a dark haired man slept uneasily in his bed. He shot upright and looked over at the clock that read 12:00pm in bright red letters. You couldn't tell the time from the light inside due to the black curtains that cut off all light. The man stood up and opened the curtains. The light exploded in and the man squinted until his eyes adjusted. "Nice day." He commented. Then he turned at walked into the bathroom.

Well there it is. Yes it is extremely short but it is just and intro. Chapter 1 will be longer. LOVE U ALL!!