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Part One Time May Change Me

Draco smiled as Harry walked into the Room of Requirement wearing a look that could curdle the milk in a baby's bottle. He plopped down on the bed in front of his Slytherin best friend and sighed loudly.

"Granger aggravated with your super high scores again?" The blond asked with amusement.

Harry rolled his eyes, leaning up on his elbows to stare at him.

"Yes. She is still trying to figure out my brain. Same as usual. She just doesn't understand how she can study so much more than me and I still have better scores." Harry groused with a pout.

Not long into the boys' second year they had formed a tenuous friendship that had grown quickly. They had kept up the façade of being enemies for a while but soon tired of it. What was the point? Ron had not been pleased but Hermione had accepted it as if Harry had been saying the weather was nice out. His red headed classmate, for they could not call themselves friends any longer with Ron's open animosity towards anything Slytherin and Harry's unwillingness to give up his new friends, exploded with the temper that he was so famous for. Draco had introduced him on friendlier terms to his Slytherin comrades and he often spent long nights on the weekends in their common rooms and dorms. Hermione actually encouraged this inner-House companionship. Draco snorted.

"Of course, Harry! You're a bloody genius. It's next to impossible for anyone to keep up with you."

"I'm not a genius, Dray…" He said, embarrassed.

"You're three years ahead in all of your classes! Granger has to hate it."

Dray laughed, thwacking him on the head with a pillow.

"She does." He sighed.

He fingered his book lightly. He couldn't help it. The answers to everything just…came to him. Like he already knew them. He had already completed all of his NEWTS and now, the Headmaster didn't know what to do with him. In the end, he had gotten Snape to take him on as an apprentice. The man had grudgingly agreed until he saw Harry's amazing skill in potions. The blonde frowned.

"What's the matter Harry? You're frowning."

"So are you."

"I'm frowning because you're frowning."

This time, it was Harry who attacked Draco with the pillow.

"Just thinking."


Harry walked into Snape's office Saturday morning, grabbing a smock by the door on the way in.

"You're late, Potter."

He bowed to the dark man, respectively.

"I apologize profusely, Master. I was held up, unfortunately."

Snape raised an eyebrow, barely hiding his curiosity. Harry had never once been late.

"Some annoying, red-haired imbecile decided that I was spending too much of my time with the 'Dark, snaky slime bucket who spends his free time licking a monster's boots'."

Snape's eyes darkened.

"I see." He said in a short, clipped tone.

A moment of tense silence passed. Harry smirked in a truly Slytherin manner.

"I was late because that annoying, red haired imbecile is now hanging upside down from the Great Hall ceiling with a little bo-peep dress on and dancing lambs frolicking about his head."

The man looked at him for a moment before bursting into laughter. Harry stared at him. Snape laughing? Surely the world was ending. He stopped abruptly but the mirth gleamed in his eyes.

"Were you defending me, Potter?"

Harry shrugged meekly, tying his smock.

"I couldn't let him talk about my Master that way, now could I?"

Snape smiled slightly, more of an upturning of the corner of his mouth than anything.

"You know that there will be consequences." He warned, watching Harry prepare his space for brewing.

The teen prepared just like Lord Voldemort did. The similarities between the two of them were eerie. Severus couldn't help but wonder if it had something to do with the unconscious bond the two of them had. As a pair, the Dark Lord and his adversary were quite the mystery.

"I am aware of that. The old bat will just scold me though. He won't want his precious pawn damaged in any way." Harry sneered.

The bitterness in his voice was nothing new to Severus. He had had several conversations with Harry about this very topic. He knew how much Harry loathed and despised the Headmaster and his machinations.

"Be careful. He suspects you of supporting the Dark Lord, you know."

"I support no one."

A long silence passed in which they assembled all of the proper ingredients to finish the Veritaserum. Harry knew that his Master was only concerned for him but he had to deal with Dumbledore on his own. If Severus helped him, his position as Voldemort's spy would be compromised. He didn't want that.

"Why?" Severus asked suddenly, in reference to his previous statement.

The question grounded him and he paused in his actions to think about it. Why didn't he switch sides? If Dumbledore was his enemy, why wasn't Voldemort his ally? The enemy of his enemy was his friend.

"Truthfully, I haven't the foggiest. I suppose that it would be beneficial for me to join Voldemort." Harry admitted his face thoughtful.

They uncovered the simmering potion and he began to stir it counterclockwise sixty times.

"I was thinking, Potter. Since you are Neutral, I would like to take you to visit my Lord and test this link between the two of you. To see just how far it goes. You will wear glamour of course so you aren't recognized but I think it would be beneficial to both of you to have more knowledge of this thing between you."

Harry grinned mischievously.

"I agree but who says that it has to be glamour? I have been saying I wanted a change and what better way to blow off Dumbledore?"

Severus laughed but a disturbed look was on his face.

"Sometimes," He began with a hard look at his pupil but the playful undertone remained, "I wonder how much of you is you and how much is Voldemort."

Harry smiled at this and an inhuman intelligence peered from his eyes. It was an unsettling smile and for the first time, Severus wondered if his assumptions about Harry really were right. He had never before felt so troubled before in his student's presence.

"Let's hope to it then." The teen said eagerly.

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They stepped into the Meeting Hall, Harry's hood up to completely conceal himself from Death Eaters. Voldemort and Lucius Malfoy were talking in animated voices over what looked like a table covered in maps and reports of some sort. The Dark Lord pushed his black hair back from his face and Harry couldn't help but stare. Vanity is damned, but Voldemort was gorgeous! He looked just like an older Tom Riddle, yet his red eyes remained intact. How else would he cow his followers into submission if he looked like the front of a porn mag? His thoughts didn't last long, however, because those crimson eyes widened and his head jerked up when they entered. Voldemort could feel Harry like a warm wind in his mind. The eldest Malfoy strode over to the Potions Master and kissed him so fiercely that Harry suspected he might be breathing him in. He had known, of course, that they were Draco's parents but to see it surprised him. It shouldn't have. His friend spoke of them so often and so fondly.

Voldemort, he could feel like a lover's caress against his brain, leaving a fuzzy tingling sensation wherever it strayed. The older, handsome Tom Riddle stood completely still.


The name had a slight warning to it that snapped Harry's Master to attention. Severus straightened himself.

"My Lord. Meet my apprentice."

Harry lowered his hood and Voldemort could not tear his eyes away. Gone was the scrawny brat from his previous encounters. Gone were the ugly coke bottle glasses and untamable head of hair. Gone was any resemblance to the father that he himself had murdered thirteen years ago. The teen in front of him had shining black hair that fell to his mid-back in a tight French braid. His almond shaped eyes stood out even more dramatically because of eyeliner around them. His face was more distinguished than it had last been when they met a year ago. It had lost much of its babyishness. Potter was one of those boys that were doomed to be pretty rather than handsome.

Harry bowed to him and that almost snake-like braid slithered over his shoulders.

"Lord Voldemort pleased to finally be introduced."

He turned to Lucius and bowed again.

"Mr. Malfoy, it is a pleasure."

Severus cleared his throat, capturing the captivated Dark Lord's attention once more. Lucius gave him a short look.

"Potter was granted apprenticeship to me after he finished all of his NEWTS. Three years early. It has also come to my attention that the bond between the two of you has grown at a quick pace. It's almost as if you both share brain."

Voldemort raised both eyebrows in surprise and astonishment. It was crazy. It had to be. Their bond couldn't have grown that quickly. It did seem plausible but…Maybe he just didn't want to think about the possibility that Potter, as pretty as he was, could waltz into his mind at leisure.

"Please, Severus, include us all in why you think this is because of the bond." He asked sharply, suddenly irritated at himself for his eyes wanting to stray back to the boy at his friend's side.

Lucius noticed. Merlin, what was wrong with him?! He was supposed kill Potter! Not lust after him! No matter how lovely…NO!! He inwardly banged his head on a wall. Bugger. He was pushing sixty and Potter was only thirteen! He was such a fucking pervert. Voldemort steeled himself, going to his coldest.

"He prepares his potions area just like you do; mannerisms are ones you both share. The way he speaks and thinks is much like yours. I believe you both are sharing information unconsciously which is how Mr. Potter passed his NEWTS." Severus rubbed the bridge of his nose. It was his nervous habit for when he was tired of something, "I would like to run some tests with your permission, my Lord, to see just how far 

the connection between you runs. I'm sure you both will admit you both are in a precarious position. I believe it is vital to know just how much you can both glean from one another."

Harry and Voldemort shared a look. It was a weighing of their situation. A heavy glance. A silent truce.

"What do you think of this, Mr. Potter?"

Harry smiled at him.

"My Master is much more knowledgeable of such things than I am. If he believes it is a real possibility, then I trust his judgment. He has never failed me before and I trust him with my life."

He replied calmly.

The older man was surprised to say the least.

"And what of your Master being Slytherin and your loyalty to Dumbledore? You are very calm about being here with me."

Voldemort said suspiciously.

Harry pushed his braid back behind him and sighed, disdain showing on his face.

"I have nothing against Slytherins. I was supposed to be one. As for the Headmaster, I despise everything about that old meddlesome man. There is no loyalty for him. I remain neutral, although I am thinking Dumbledore will feel my hate, and I will see him burn."

His declaration shocked everyone but, Severus. He had heard this before. There was so much hate in his apprentice. But, Harry had never told him why, even though he had asked. Harry's smile returned.

"Your new body is excellent. How is it holding up?" Voldemort found himself answering. And then talking and chatting with him.

"Very well, Severus did a great deal to assist me in getting it back."

They didn't even notice Severus observing them, their magical signatures and the bond. While the potions master watched, Tom experimented himself. He asked Harry about things he, himself knew about. It was as if he read it straight off the walls of his skull. Eerie, soon Severus was done and signaled for them to stop.

"It would seem that the both of you have a very strong connection to each other. Your minds are deeply entwined almost to the point of sharing most of your thoughts unconsciously."

He explained.

Harry and Tom looked at each other.

"Weird." Tom stated simply.

"Cool," the teen added with a laugh.