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Chapter Thirty Two Whispers In The Wind

The Dark Lord stood at the front his forces, facing down the castle Hogwarts and the unsuspecting children and teachers inside. His forces were strong and out numbered the Light by dozens. Tonight, he would make Dumbledore pay for what he did to Val. His little one was back at home, resting in his bed. He had been annoyed when he couldn't come to see the Headmaster's death but had relented none the less. Draco had stayed behind to care for him. Soon they would hopefully have the cure that Val needed and they would be back to their old selves again, tricking everyone into thinking that they were each other and confusing the hell out of everyone. They swarmed the castle at once and he was met with sounds of screams of terror and the thrill of battle. He had felt so helpless when Val was dying. He could only stand by and watch as the illness ravaged his lover's body and brought him to his knees. He needed this. He needed to be doing something worthwhile. Revenging Valraven was just what the doctor ordered. Voldemort made his way up to the second floor, slicing down teachers and stunning screaming children along the way. Dumbledore must have been waiting for him. And at last…

"Hello, Tom."

The old man stood with a smile, a brittle glacial gleam in his eyes, at the end of the corridor. He hissed in fury at the sight of him. This man had nearly killed Val!! He would die! He stepped forward, his wand at the ready. It was already glowing a sickly green at the tip, sensing it's master's intentions.

"You will die tonight, old man. I will not allow you to live any longer." He said, his fury a terrible thing to behold.

It raged around him, his magic feeding off of it. The power shredded drapes and shattered the windows and knocked paintings from the walls, some splintering on contact. Dumbledore laughed and shook his head before holding up a tiny, crystalline vial for him to see.

"Do you know what this is, Tom?" He asked lightly, a broad grin on his face.

The Dark Lord's eyes narrowed.

"It's the antidote that could have saved your wretched little whore. Now, I suppose there is no need for it, but I thought I would show you the depth of your failure."

Voldemort, threw a curse in rage. He could feel Val on the other end of his link and made sure to send the teen calming waves so he would not get too stressed over his beloved's rage and sicken further. Dumbledore blocked the curse quickly. He was fast for an old man.

"Your precious school is overthrown, old man! Surrender! You've lost!"

Dumbledore's laughter was cold and mirthless.

"Kill the brats! Take the school! I have won regardless. I will escape and live to regal the world with how cruelly you slaughtered children and how I was barely able to escape. I will have them eating from the palm of my hand and I will destroy you. They will all look to me for guidance then and I will be the one to rebuild this world in my ideals and image!"

The Dark Lord snarled at him and shot off a fast procession of spells and curses. Dumbledore began sending off his own array and the duel began. Every once in a while, Dumbledore would pause to taunt him. He thought Val was dead! And there, nestled safely in an unbreakable vial in the man's robes was the cure to Val's sickness. If he could just get it from him! Dumbledore did not notice the shadow form behind him when he stopped to taunt Tom again. Not until it was too late. Severus wrapped one hand around the unsuspecting man's neck and one at the top of his head. With a jerk and a great liquid SNAP, he bent Dumbledore's head backwards until it was touching his spine. His body fell to the ground and he was dead. Severus kicked the corpse furiously.

"That's for my son!" He hissed, his mouth bloody and his fangs extended.

He had obviously just fed on some teacher. Tom rushed over and pull the tiny thing that was Valraven's salvation from the dead man's robes. He cradled it softly in his hands as if it would break with the slightest pressure. This would save his husband. The potion glimmered liquid iridescence in the light, a soft metallic blue color. Severus's hands were shaking as he looked down on it.

"Is that…" He breathed, hardly daring to believe their luck.

"It is. It's the antidote."

Dumbledore had been just arrogant and pompous enough to make an antidote to shove in their faces once he believed Val to be dead. Severus gave the corpse another kick just for good measure. Tom handed him the tiny thing.

"Take it now and administer it to Val. I'll wrap things up here and be back within the hour."

Severus nodded and headed for the nearest floo. Tom departed down the stairs, dragging the Headmaster's corpse behind him. Time to terrify some students.

Severus, blood covered and shaking, tipped the potion down his groggy and half conscious child's throat. Draco watched on in hope. He barely dared to believe it. Val was going to be okay. He was going to get better. He was already starting to regain color in his cheeks as he fell back to sleep. Draco was curled around his brother, laying side by side in the bed with him. They had their arms wrapped around each other and even in sleep, Val was seeking comfort from his twin.

"He's dead then?" Dray asked with wide eyes.

Severus stroked his once blonde son's hair tenderly, leaning down to kiss both of his children.

"He's dead."

Tom woke the next morning with a sigh on the couch he had taken up since Val's illness. He grimaced at the bloodstained robes on the floor. His elves would be pissed. He had come in so tired that he had shucked off his robe an fallen to the couch in exhaustion. Now though, he observed the room. A pair of smiling emerald eyes were watching him.


He looked better than he had seen him in months. His eyes were still sunken as Val had lost much weight in his sickness, but he was already starting to look much better. He was even sitting up on his own!

"Good morning, Tom." He said with a bright smile and the Dark Lord's heart melted all over again.

It was a good morning. It was finally, FINALLY, a good morning.


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