"Sherwayne, I'm moving to New Jersey. My dad just became the pastor at some church at a town called Wyckoff," Joe, my bestfriend, said while we were on the swings.

"But Joe! I-I don't want you to go! You and your brothers are like my bestest friends ever and we play together everyday! My life would be quiet without you guys!" I said with tears already forming up in my eyes as I stopped the swing abruptly.

"You are my bestest friend too but my dad already accepted the job and we had no say in this moving thing. If possible, I would want to live with you while my family moves to NJ. But we will still stay in contact. I will try to visit as much as I can and we can talk to each other everyday over the phone, I will ask my mom for a cell as soon as we reach there!" Joe said, joining me by stopping his swing too to comfort me. It worked cause I started laughing at his alternative way of communicating.

"Me too! I will do the same thing! Come on, lets play at the playground with Nick and Kevin." I said with a big smile. Thinking we would be best friends forever and never forget about each other when they move.

Yeah right that happened.

But thanks to my parents, everything changed after over 10 years.

Hey, my name's Sherwayne, or you may also call me Sher or Wayne. I'm 18. I'm 5'6', have natural straight layered brown-black hair with side swept fringe to the left and olive tan skin. You guys might have heard of the oh-so famous band, Jonas Brothers. Well, they are my bestfriends. But I have never imagined myself talking to them ever again since they moved away from Dallas to Wyckoff about 8 years ago. In this story, I'm going to tell you guys how we reunited, starting with what made everything the way it is now, which is my 18th birthday about 3 months ago in December.

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