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Chapter 8

Nick's POV
At the hospital

The atmosphere in the hospital hallway was tense. These white walls and matching white tiles mortifies me. It reminds me of the time I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and when my life came crashing down. But that was all in the past. Now, I'm faced with yet again another terrifying news, but in this case not about myself.

Looking around the hallway, my eyes fell on the door right infront of me with the words 'Intensive Care Unit (ICU) room', where laid the unconscious body of Sherwayne Johnson. Yes, the Sherwayne Johnson Kevin and I constantly tease Joe about. But now, the situation is surely not a laughing matter.

There is a row of 5 plastic chairs right beside the door. On those chairs sat 5 panicked, stressed and saddened people waiting for their turn to see Sherwayne in the room. Mrs Johnson, or she'd like to be called as Aunt Olivia, was sitting on the chair to the most left nearest to the door with tears flowing like a tap. Mr Johnson, or also known as Uncle Harry, was sitting and hugging his wife tightly, placing his head above his sobbing wife's. Unlike his wife, Uncle Harry was not crying but the sadness was evident in his eyes.

Kenneth and Justin were in the seats beside their parents. The light brown haired with the crew cut Kenneth was leaning forward with his head in his hands propped on his knees. The shaggy sandy haired Justin, on the other hand, leaned backwards and had his head leaning against the wall with his eyes closed. Their faces were gloomy too.

On the last seat sat a pretty brunette girl of height not more than 5'4. Her long straight hair went past her shoulders and her bangs were covering her green eyes. From the accident, I found out her name was Natasha Donovan. She was the passenger who came out unscathed from the accident that had at the same time brought Sherwayne to a coma. Natasha had been staring at the white wall opposite her for the past hour or so after the doctor had confirmed that she only suffered minor scratches due to the broken windshield that fell on her. Her eyes were glazed and she had a blank look on her face.

Besides those five sitting, two other closest friends of Sherwayne were there too. A guy with dirty blonde hair, who stood around 6 feet was leaning against the wall beside Natasha. He had his right hand on her left shoulder, as if reassuring her everything is going to be alright. He had a shaggy hair with fringe that goes up to his eyebrows, kind of like our friend CJ Baran before he cut and spiked his hair. Come to think of it, he does look very similar to CJ. Just like Natasha, his blue eyes were glazed and staring straight ahead.

A petite girl with strawberry blonde hair stood beside the guy with her arms across her chest, as if she was hugging herself. She had her head down most of the time, her hazel eyes staring at her shoes. Constantly, she would shift her weight from her left leg to her right leg while waiting for her turn to head inside to see her unconscious bestfriend.

My parents and Kevin, who was holding Frankie, on the other hand, were leaning on the wall beside me, facing the 7 figures who might just be the closest people in Sherwayne's life. We were all taking turns to head inside the ICU individually to see Sherwayne. The doctor had only allowed one visitor at a time to minimize any disturbances while Sherwayne is unconscious. Right now, Joe was inside, probably crying his eyes out while telling her his life story for the past few years after we moved. Okay maybe not, I'm just exaggerating. I think...

Breaking the tensed atmosphere, Natasha stood up and headed down the hallways and turned the corner heading to the direction of the vending machines and washroom. All eyes turned to watch her walk away with her hands in her jean pockets. No one made a move after that.

Feeling the tiredness coming over me and it tempting my eyes to shut, I decided to excuse myself after a few minutes to head towards the vending machines to grab a cup of coffee to stay awake. Walking towards the same direction that Natasha had walked a few minutes ago, I was shocked at the sight I saw when I turned the corner.

Beside the vending machine that sold cheap coffee sat a sobbing brown-haired figure hugging her legs to her chest with her head down to her knees. As I got closer, her sobbings were getting louder. I didn't know what to do but I knew that my mom had taught me well enough to not just walk away from a girl crying to herself that needs some company.

I walked slowly to the her other side where there was no vending machine and plopped down softly with a sigh. Feeling my presence, I saw Natasha stiffened and her sobbings became softer. A couple of seconds later, her head lifted up and looked my way. Her green eyes were red and her tears were still flowing down her cheek, ruining her mascara. I turned my head and looked straight ahead to the white wall infront of me. She wiped her eyes with her short sleeve shirt before sitting cross-legged, mirroring my sitting position. I heard her sigh and I looked her way again with a small encouraging smile on my face.

"If anyone told me I'd be sitting beside Nick Jonas after seeing their concert, I would probably thought they were insane." Natasha spoke softly, breaking the silence.

I chuckled. So she is a fan of our music, that brought a smile to my face as I looked down to my folded legs. "I'm sorry."

"Why?" She asked and looked at me.

"For ruining your night. For this whole situation."

"It wasn't your fault, no one anticipated this whole thing to happen. I just feel really guilty to know my bestfriend is lying unconscious because of me and my clever idea to ask her to help drive my cousin and I to and fro the concert. If only I had not-"

"Hey don't say that, like you said, no one expected this to happen." I cut her off, trying to stop her from blaming herself.

"But seriously, what if she doesn't wake up? It kills me inside to see her in this state." Natasha looked down to her folded legs and started rubbing her arms which had goosebumps forming on it.

Seeing this, I stood up, and took off my black hoodie to unveil my plain white tshirt inside. I placed my jacket softly on her legs before proceeding to get a cup of hot chocolate for her and a cup of coffee for myself.

Startled by my actions, Natasha looked up with a confused look while I place a dollar into the machine.

"What?" I questioned her confused look directed to me.

"Your jacket..." Natasha trailed off, gesturing to my jacket that was now in her arms.

"Wear it, you're getting cold, and I'm feeling warm enough already anyway." I replied nonchalantly.

"But you only have a thin shirt on now."

"It's really fine, and here, take this hot chocolate, it will help." I placed the cup of hot chocolate infront of her before taking my seat back beside her with my cup of coffee.

"Thank you." Her voice was just above a whisper, and I nodded and smiled in return. Slowly, Natasha placed her arms through the jacket and brought the cup of hot chocolate to her mouth.

We stayed that way for a few more minutes in the comfortable yet slightly tensed silence, both staring off into the (boring) white wall yet again while sipping our hot beverage. the silence was broken though when we heard a door open and some murmuring down the hallway from the direction of Sherwayne's room. Natasha had no intention to move from her position so I just continued sipping my coffee. Soon, I heard soft footsteps heading our direction and a solemn looking Joe emerged round the corner. He too got himself a cup of hot cappuccino before taking a seat beside me.

"She looks so serene. Her eyes were closed shut and her breathing was slow." Joe stated to no one. I looked over and noticed the eyebags that her attempted to cover with his thick black framed glasses. His messy dark hair was hidden inside the black beanie on his head.

"Did she make any movements yet?" Natasha softly spoke, almost squeaked as her eyes became watery again.

"Not yet, but I hope soon." Joe replied as he joined our staring-the-white-wall gesture that everyone seemed to be doing tonight.

After a few minutes of silence, Joe turned his head to face us. "I'm not sure if I introduced myself yet during this whole, erm, situation. The name's Joe Jonas." Joe offered with a small smile tugged on his mouth. Joe was trying to distract himself from being too depressed and I could see that.

"Natasha Donovan. I know who you are, actually." Natasha replied, looking at Joe with a slightly amused look on her face.

"Right, Jonas Brothers." Joe chuckled softly as he turned away with the small smile still on his face after realizing someone had known who he was beforehand.

"I told Nick this already but I was actually at your show a few hours ago with my cousin." Natasha said, her voice still soft.

"Sher's your cousin?" Joe turned to look at Natasha with a confused look.

"Oh no, she's my best friend," Natasha quickly replied with a smile tugging her mouth before continuing, "I was with my 9-year old cousin Amy. Natasha only drove us to and fro and she hung around the town while waiting for us during the concert."

"Oh cool! We hope you had a great time at the show." Joe replied sincerely, seeing how I had kept my mouth shut during the whole conversation. I am not that much of a talker, as you can see, especially when Joe was around. He usually talks the most.

"I did. That was my 4th show actually, and certainly the best I have been to." Natasha looked away from Joe and shifted her gaze towards me. Catching her soft green eyes, I felt a little blush creeping up my neck as I looked away.

"Why thank you! That's good to hear." Joe replied, sounding chirpier than he had been an hour ago.

We sat in silence yet again before Natasha asked the question that seemed to have been in her mind for the past few minutes.

"Do you guys mind if I ask something?" Natasha started as she looked at both of us.

"Sure, shoot." Joe replied without a tinge of sadness in his voice.

"Erm, do you guys, somehow, know Sherwayne before this accident? From the way your family has been acting, you calling Sherwayne 'Sher' and how her parents had greeted your parents, it got me wondering..." Natasha trailed off.

"Oh, Sher didn't tell you anything?" Joe asked, with shock written all over his face.

"Is there supposed to be something to tell?" Natasha inquired back, with the same confused expression that she had previously given me awhile ago when I gave her my jacket.

Natasha's reply left Joe speechless. He was most probably stunned that Sherwayne might not have told their families' little history that had probably been his most memorable part of his childhood. Seeing how Joe might not be able to reply Natasha anytime soon, I decided to answer for him.

"Actually we do know her beforehand." Seeing Natasha's eyes widen slightly, I decided to continue. "We were next door neighbours when my family lived in Texas. I was too young to remember much but from my brothers' stories, our families were pretty close. Joe here was Sherwayne's childhood bestfriend."

Natasha turned away, probably trying to process the information that she had missed out on. We all stayed in silence before we heard more footsteps coming our way from the direction of Sherwayne's room. 2 figures emerged, it was the tall blonde guy and the other petite blonde girl.

"Hey Nat, some of us are heading to Mcdonald's nearby. You should come, you haven't ate since before the concert earlier on and its 3am now." The blonde guy said when he stopped infront of Natasha.

"I probably won't be able to eat anything though. Can they come?" Natasha asked as she gestured towards Joe and I.

"Sure, their brother is coming along too. By the way, my name's Martin. Martin Donovan." The blonde guy, Martin, offered his hand to shake mine as he introduced himself.

"Oh, Donovan? I thought you were Natasha's boy-"

"Oh no! He's my older brother! We have different hair colour but same parents!" Natasha cut me off hastily, maybe I wasn't the first to think that they were a couple. "But Christina right here on the other hand, is Martin's-"

"Ew no! Shut up Nat! Hi guys, I'm Christina. Don't listen to anything little Tasha here says." Christina said, trying to hide the amusement in her voice but a grin still managed to creep up on her face.

"Hey I might be younger but I'm not little!"

All of us burst out laughing for the first time that night. The mood seemed to have liven up a little, but I knew worry and sadness were still tugging the hearts of everyone right now as all the children of the families, including Sherwayne's brothers, headed to Mcdonald's to eat while we wait for Sherwayne to wake up.