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James was in my room.

I couldn't breathe. How could he do that? Though the question was, how did he do that? James had never been able to touch me in my nightmares, and now he was in my room, watching me while I slept. So close.

Close enough to reach for me…to kill me…

I took in sharp, painful gasps of air as I thought of the one thing that made no sense. While James watched me sleep in my room, I was having possibly mental nightmares of him at the same time. Could he be in two places at once?

I jumped out of my skin as I heard a noisy pounding from the stairs in the house. Charlie came bursting in, clutching his gun, face pink. My eyes widened, registering what had occurred, as I tried to stop my shaking hands. "What happened?" he demanded, eyes raking my room. Damn. I hadn't had this problem back at home; an earthquake could split the house in half and my family would sleep right through it.

"I'm sorry, Dad. I didn't mean to wake you," I murmured unsteadily, my voice quavering. He didn't seem to hear me.

"Bella! Bella, are you okay?" I sighed, feeling the color coming back to my face slowly.

"I'm fine. Nothing's wrong. Please go back to sleep." He stared at me, not entirely comprehending that I was okay… on the outside.

"What were you screaming about?" he questioned, disoriented.

"I didn't hear a scream. Go back to sleep." Charlie stared at his bare feet, mumbling to himself stubbornly. I swung my legs around my bed and walked up to him carefully. I wasn't completely sure if my legs would support my body. He looked up at me like he was seeing my face for the first time.

"Hey," I whispered gently, taking his arm. I led my dad down the stairs slowly and back to his room, where he dropped the gun and automatically fell back onto his bed, snoring soundlessly.

I walked back up to my room, stumbling around twice in the dark. I sank down into my mattress and gulped loudly, knowing I wouldn't be able to sleep even if I wanted to.

Because all I could think about was that James had been in my room, leaning over my bed, his pale hand half stretched out to me.


"How did you sleep, Bells?" Charlie asked me the next morning, completely oblivious.

Oh, I slept wonderfully, but I could use a new pillow; this one is a little old. By the way, I woke up to the most pleasant wakeup call from my personal devil from hell and the sweet sound of birds singing. Thanks for asking.

"Fine." I replied curtly, staring up at my dad with blood shot eyes. He pressed his lips as he shrugged his police jacket on and picked up his gun that he had found lying on his bedroom floor this morning with no recall on how it got there.

"Good, good," he muttered, shoving his feet in his boots, yawning. "The people at school being nice?" I hoped this routine of us chatting small talk wouldn't grow to be a pattern.

I swallowed when I thought of the one family that I should have feared. "Yeah, everyone is very… hospitable." Would he buy my weak attempt to sound casual?

"That's nice." Apparently so. "Well, I'll see you tonight then," he finally said, pausing to look at me. I gave a half smile, and he was out the door.

I was left alone to sit at the kitchen table and think about the upcoming day. My mind automatically flew to Edward Cullen. The day at the park, he was so… absorbing and enticing. In a good and exotic way.

Not the way James' stare lured his prey in- I had seen him murder numerous people in nightmares and it was absolutely appalling.

Nothing like the way Edward had seemed. Edward had seemed completely different and interesting. That is until, I made the connection and saw how dangerous he must be. Walking past him in biology, for almost two seconds he had seemed so open and kind, but then I watched his face transform before my very eyes. Irises black, similar to a bottomless gorge like James' before he would slay innocent people in their sleep, body rigid and powerful like he was ready to pounce and kill me with an elegant twist of his fingers at my neck.

I still couldn't help but think back to those few seconds where he looked sincere and in the park. I was an idiot for wanting to see him again today, even if I was terrified to do so. I was sure of two things.

One, he was dangerous, but there was definitely something else different about him that allured me completely.

Two, he hated me, and that was clear enough to go without an explanation.


I wanted to run. Not just from that small, burning room, but from her. The thirst was an appalling craving claw, slashing at my steel throat, now stronger than ever, like the sudden strength willing me to resist and ignore the desire had been switched off when she screamed bloody murder. As I disappeared through her window, leaving her terrified and thoroughly shaken, I couldn't keep the waves of despair from crashing into me as I fled through the forest.

She had screamed when she saw me. I had scared her, rocked her to the core. And she absolutely hated me.


I came home twenty minutes before school started the next day, but I damn certain that I didn't want to face another day in the same building as that frustrating girl. I disregarded the looks from my family as I trudged up the stairs, in no rush to go to my room and think over my priorities. Alice fabricating on the step in front of me, and I sighed.

"I don't know," I answered her unspoken question. She frowned at me, eyes bothered. I tried to move around her, but she refused to let me pass.

"I think… maybe you should go." I barked out a somewhat hysterical laugh, making her eyes narrow dangerously.

"Okay, Alice, I'll go and endanger the innocent girl's life just because I find her interesting." I stepped to the left to get past, but she moved with me, opening her mouth to speak with words that blended with each other in her haste to talk to me.

"There's more to it, and you know that just as well as I do, probably more. Just listen to me for once," she demanded, seeing me roll my eyes stubbornly.

"What, Alice? What do you think I should do? Just do what I want, disrespecting the fact that she wants nothing to do with our family as she should. She doesn't need our interference in her life." Alice stared at her shoes intensely, thinking through each sentence before she spoke it.

"I want you to stay close to her… What I've seen, it's extremely unclear. But there is something exceptionally uncommon about her that nobody knows, even me." I opened my moth to interpose, but she cut in forcefully.

"Yes, Edward, she's human and it's insanely unsafe for you to be around her, but I've seen that she needs you in her life… and you need her." Alice stared me down eloquently before stepping gracefully aside without another word, leaving me to march to my room and make the choice she already knew would be made.


I watched Bella leave the cafeteria later than she should without eating nearly as much as I would have liked her to. Not that I cared.

Under my breath, I growled crossly, aggravated with myself for thinking this, and I could feel Alice's gaze smoldering me. I met her eyes venomously, angry at her for pushing me to make such dramatic and dangerous actions.

Yes, I would stay close to Isabella, but I wouldn't utter a single word to her. No matter how much it pained me. The infuriating thing was that Alice didn't think I could do it. She wanted me to slip up and talk to her, to get to know her. To endanger her existence.

The stupid pixie was hiding something with unbearable isolation, refusing to let anything fall through the cracks. Whatever she saw was something that Alice thought would be best for Bella, would fix whatever she saw wrong. It was something that she wanted desperately. I hated to think that whatever Alice wanted, she got. I knew that she already had a plan that would undoubtedly work to her advantage. But I wouldn't let that happen.

I ignored curious looks from my family as the next thing Alice thought had me shoving off from the table and striding out the door before Jasper could demand to know what my problem was.

You don't want to be late for class, Edward. Never keep a lady waiting.


I had decided to avoid Edward Cullen at all costs, no matter how different he may be, or how beautiful, or mysterious or enthralling he was. Clearly he wanted nothing to do with me, and it was pathetic to look forward to seeing such a scary, beautiful, exceptional boy every day.

I was putting biology off all morning, staying in the cafeteria as long as possible and taking my slow time down the long hallway, dreading the next hour of trying not to look at him to see if he looked as mad as he did like yesterday, or just to check and see what color his eyes were today; at lunch I could have sworn they were a different color.

Of course, with my luck, only a minute after I had sat down at the cold lab table, Edward made his appearance, looking surprisingly calm and uncomfortable at the same time. It was insufferably difficult to shun his presence when he sat down next to me, sitting as far away from me as possible.

And I wanted so badly to look at him.

Three weeks. I had ignored Edward for three weeks. School had dulled to a boring gray in the back of my head as it became a less important topic in my life as, for the first time, the nightmares slowly started to calm until they were nothing but an unpleasant aftertaste every morning when I woke up, feeling like I had actually been able to sleep during the night.

But then, of course, that left time to dream about other things. Or people. When James wasn't haunting me, I dreamt of Edward Cullen, and in every dream, he was the same. Each time his eyes were black and cruel, and he was always glaring at me menacingly, never breathing.

That day I woke up with wide eyes; I had dreamt of Edward, but this Edward was so different than ever before. He was relaxed, open, and kind. His eyes were like his other family members, a lighter color that I couldn't place from across the school cafeteria. Through the whole dream, it was insanely bothersome, not knowing what this other, warmer Edward's eyes looked like.

That day I tried to reveal this at lunch when I thought he wasn't looking, but it was impossible. But something else about the Cullen family had me glancing back at their table in surprised double takes. Alice Cullen was acting very strange.

She was staring at me with an intensity I wouldn't have expected from such a tiny girl, her eyes dark with confusion and an unexplainable demanding look. Like she was waiting for me to do something. The very way she was sitting was puzzling enough; she was stiff and looked so excruciatingly impatient that I couldn't bear to look at her anymore. I stood up and left, and I could feel her eyes burning holes in the back of my head.

When Edward sat down next to me two minutes later, I automatically stiffened, forcing myself to concentrate on whatever I was doodling on my notebook. But I couldn't help but think back to the dream I had last night of the gentle Edward with the indecipherable eyes, and I allowed myself one brief, fleeting look that broke me in two seconds flat.

His eyes were an exquisite, honey colored topaz.


One glance into this amazing girl's eyes, and I lost all of my will I could afford to lose. In that one elusive stare into two deep, chocolate brown pools of wonder, I was giving in to something that I didn't even understand. But frankly, I just didn't care.

"Hello, my name is Edward Cullen."

Somewhere, in another building, I could swear that I heard Alice laughing.

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