Letting Go

Rating: K+

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I said I wasn't going to post anything until I got out of school, and for my chapter stories, that still goes. But this is different. I just wrote it, not really thinking about it. It's probably not even that good. But here it goes anyway.


He let her go.

Their fight was over before he had really processed that it had began. Select words and phrases played on repeat in his head; "April", and "I love you", and "that's too bad". An ultimatum. But now it hit him: She was really gone.

"I slept with Christopher."

The words hit him like bullets, each making its own hole. In his heart, in his brain, in his lungs. He couldn't describe how much he loved her, but there are some things no man can take. So he walked away.

And she let him go.

She had married him. She had married Christopher. How could she? Why did she? Had she ever really cared about them at all? So many questions begged to be asked, but all he could do was stare at the glinting object on her left hand. It was really, truly over.

Seeing her with his niece was both a blessing and a curse. It killed him to be so close to her, but it gave him a chance to pretend, just for a second, that the past few months had been a dream, and this was his reality. Lorelai with a baby... It could have been them. It should have been them.

If only he hadn't let her go.

The character reference was just a few words, but those words had meant the world. Not only had they been a reason, possibly the sole reason, that he remained in his kid's life, but because it proved that he still meant something to her. And that was almost enough.

She stared at him, and he stared back, unsure of what else to do. She was so close, but so far away at the same time. And with a small, unsure wave, she was gone again.

Finally. She'd ended her marriage. The small hope he had had in the back of his mind had come through, and it paved the way for a new one. Maybe she wasn't completely lost just yet.

"Things change," he told her. Silently he added that some things stay the same as well. She still looked the same, still smelled the same, and nothing could change how he felt when he was around her. Just as nothing could change that he once again let her go.

Deep inside a pointless hay bale maze, progress was made. Part of him supposed that he should feel some sense of closure. But a bigger part wasn't ready to let go just yet.

She came back. Yes, it was awkward, and sure, it was coffee to go, but she came back. It was a start. At least, he hoped it was.

I will always love you. It fit, it really did. The bittersweet memories, the struggle to let go. But was just a song.

It was just a song.

He really did just like to see her happy. But if he was happy wither her, it was all the better. This time, he was holding on tight, and he was never ever letting her go.


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