Friends 4 Ever


"Logan, you can come out now, my dad is gone" Mary Anne knocked on the bathroom's door but Logan didn't answer

"Logan?" She opened the door and found him sitting on the floor holding the pregnancy test

"Mary Anne, how did this happen? We were so careful!"

A tear rolled down her cheek. Logan got up from his spot on the floor and wrapped his arms around her

"I don't know, Logan it was one night! A couple of hours ruined my life"
He held her while she cried

"Oh baby I'm so sorry, we'll find a way to make things ok, I promise"

"Logan I'm not having an abortion, I might be young but that doesn't give me the right to end a human life" She said between sobs

"I know, I know. We'll fix things ok?" He asked in a soft voice, she nodded and sniffed

"Ok, now have you told anyone yet?"

She shook her head "I thought of telling Kristy but I couldn't, my God Logan what is everyone going to think?"

"Our friends will be here for us Mary Anne, you know they'll never turn their backs on you. Kristy might hate me though"

Mary Anne chuckled but quickly sobered "How am I going to tell my dad?"

"We'll tell them together. Your dad loves you Mary Anne, and he won't love you any less for this mistake, he might get angry but he'll still love you"

She kissed him and thanked him

"I should go, I'll call you tomorrow. Do you want me to be there when you tell Kristy?"

She shook her head "I'll tell the BSC tomorrow at our meeting"

"Ok, just don't panic and try to get some sleep" They walked to her window and he climbed out

"See you tomorrow"

"Yeah, bye"


"This meeting of the baby-sitter's club will now come to order! Any new business?" Kristy tapped her pencil against Claudia's director's chair

Mary Anne took a deep breath and looked around the room. Claudia was sitting on her bed brushing Stacey's long hair. Stacey, who was sitting between Claudia's spread legs was painting Dawn's toe nails. She in turn was tweezing Mallory's eyebrows.
Jessi was doing stretches by the bed, she had ballet class immediately after the meeting. Abby was lying down by Kristy's feet, tossing her football ball in the air and catching it.

Mary Anne, who was sitting besides Claudia on the bed with her legs curled up and her head down, made a small noise that sounded like "I do"

"What!?" Kristy's loud voice broke the silence in the room

"I have some news" Mary Anne repeated, a little bit more loudly

"Well, what are they?" Kristy leaned forward on the chair

"I... I..." Suddenly Mary Anne sat up and ran to the bathroom

"Mary Anne are you ok?" Dawn called, they could hear her throwing up. Kristy stood up and walked to the door just as Mary Anne was coming back in. She was in tears

"Mary Anne, what's wrong?"

She answered in a quivery voice "Guys, remember Alan Gray's party last month?" The girls nodded
"Yeah, the one where his stupid cousin spiked the punch and half of the guests ended up sick. What about it?" Kristy took her cap off. Abby stopped throwing the ball

"Well, did I ever tell you that Logan's family was planning on moving back to Kentucky?"

"Oh no! Logan's leaving?" Stacey sat up straight

"Well, not any more but we were going through a really bad time! We thought we were never going to see each other again and well... I guess when you add a little bit of alcohol to our problems we become really really stupid" Mary Anne dropped her head again, her short hair covered her eyes.
Kristy wrapped an arm around her shoulder and egged her to go on

"Remember how you couldn't find us when it was almost time to go home?" Mary Anne asked trying to suppress her sobs

"Yeah" Claudia frowned

"Well that was because I was upstairs, in Alan's sister's room. Logan and I..." she couldn't continue. Her whole body shook with sobs

"Oh my God Mary Anne" Dawn whispered

"What happened?" Jessi asked

"I'm pregnant!" Mary Anne sobbed out

The room became as quiet as a graveyard, for a moment the only noise came from Claudia dropping the brush, Abby dropping her ball and a small shriek from Mallory when Dawn pulled too hard on her eyebrow. Then all hell broke loose

"WHAT!?" Loud Kristy was the first to break the silence as usual

"Oh my Lord! Mary Anne, didn't you at least use protection?" Claudia stared at her in awe

"Are you sure?" Stacey asked

"How far along are you?" Abby was sitting up and rubbing one of her ankles

"Why didn't you tell me sooner?" Down looked a little bit hurt

"Does Logan know?" Jessi asked

"YOU had SEX?!" Mallory's question quieted everyone down again

Mary Anne's lower lip quivered "You think I'm a whore" She said in a very small voice

"Oh no Mary Anne! We would never think that of you! I mean sure, we're a little surprised... ok very surprised but we know it was a mistake!" Kristy wrapped her arms around her best friend "And we'll be here for you every step of the way ok?"

Mary Anne nodded, her tears soaked the back of Kristy's shirt

"We'll be here for you, thick and thin right?" Claudia got up from the bed and hugged her too

"Friends for ever, we'll support any decision you make Mary Anne" Dawn hugged her too

"Oh you guys! Group hug!" Abby got up and joined the love feast.

Mary Anne knew she would have a hell of a time explaining things to her father and she knew that she had a lot of decisions to make but at that second, surrounded by her friends, she felt something she hadn't felt in a while, hope.


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