Well hello there. The long awaited continuation of When Fiction Becomes Reality has officially begun. You'll be happy to know that BITTENEV has posted the next chapter under her profile!

I know a ton of you asked me to post a link..... I'm too lazy, BUT just go to my profile and click the link to my favorite authors, and there she will be, so you can find the story that way. Make sure you subscribe to her, because I will NOT be posting any new chapters to my site. BUT I would love it of course if you dropped me a line every now and again.

As with all of my authors, keep in mind that as amazing as they all are, their writing styles are different. Have an open mind and be kind. I know some of you were hoping I would just let the stories remain unfinished, but I went with the majority and felt that it was fair to let someone else take over my stories as long as I had an incredible amount of faith that they would do a great job with it. But I'd also like to mention that BITTENEV does indeed do a great job with this transition fa sho!

NO, I will NOT send out PMs or write summaries on fanfiction for my stories telling you "what really happened." Now that my stories have been adopted, many of them have decided to follow my outlines, so to write a synopsis for the rest of the story wouldn't be fair to them. I will not send PMs either for special requests, not because I don't like you, but because that would be entirely too time consuming, which is the reason I'm not writing fanfiction anymore in the first place. IF I feel up to it, I might write an alternative synopsis or ending when each story is entirely finished.

Ah crap. I forgot what else I was going to say.

Welp. I guess this is really goodbye. Thanks for loving my stories! Feel free to PM me about anything else. I love to hear from you guys! And if you ever frequent the twilighted forum, I've been known to drop in on occasion :)