Title : Broken Hearts Club

Genre : Romance/Friendship

Characters : Zuko-centric, All members of the Gaang (including Suki)

Pairings : Zuko/Everyone (Friendship), Katara/Aang, Sokka/Suki, hints of Sokka/Yue, hints of Katara/Jet, one-sided Toph/Sokka, mentioned Zuko/Mai.

Summary : He burned one's feet and another's village. He stole one's necklace and got hit by another's boomerang. And don't forget, he chased one all over the world. Now, he's their personal relationship consultant.

Patient : Katara of The Southern Water Tribe, Daughter of Hakoda

Case : 'The One' Complex

"Thank you."

He turned around, and there she is, leaning on his room's entrance- (he is reminded of their encounter, her threats)- but he threw all of his doubts aside, and instead bowed in a traditional Fire Nation bow to the girl in front of him.

"I…" She returned his bow, before continuing, "Thank you for saving my dad. And Suki."

"Sokka was there too."

"I know. I just want to say thanks."

"You're welcome."

He put away his prison clothes- he already changed to his tunic- and he turned to his mattress, ready to sleep-

"Are you okay?"

He raised his eyebrows.

"What, you're worried? What happened to your 'I-will-end-your-destiny' threats?"

She huffed.

"Well, I just want to know! You returned my dad and Suki to us, and you fled during our reunion. That's really rude. My father wants to thank you."

"He can do it tomorrow morning."

"Well I saw you looking at us hugging with a strange smile in your face. I hope you're not planning something. Even if you do, you know the consequences."

She said the last part with that tone again, the tone of warning and distrust, but he found himself tired of her attitude, and turned back to his bed.

"Well?" Her annoying voice asked him again.

He sighed.

"Look. I'm just glad that you guys finally have the people you care about safe from that wretched prison. Unlike some of us, who in turn left someone they care about back there."

He ignored his own bitter tone. Mai…

"I never thought you care about your sister so much."

"Who said anything about my sister?"

She mocked him, and he's aggravated. Can't she just leave him alone?

"But… who is it? Sokka never mentioned anyone else he found-"

"It's Mai, okay?"

"Flying daggers? What's your problem with her?"

"She was my girlfriend."


"We broke up. Look, I'm tired-"

"So she's not 'The One'."

"Well, I don't know- wait, what are you trying to say here?"

"No, nothing-"

"What's this fuss about 'The One' and stuff?"

"Well… you know, fortunetellers usually tell you that you're destined to end with 'The One' for you… I just want to know how to find hi- them, I mean, and you looked like you have some experience."

"Oh Agni."


"Don't tell me you believed in fortunetellers too!"


"Aang believed them. He said you're supposed to marry a powerful bender-"

"Wait, he knew? And he told you!"

She flushed, and to his surprise, she began pacing, mumbling furiously inside his room.

"Why don't you asked Sokka? He already has two girlfriends."

"He doesn't really want to be reminded of his first one."

"The one that turned into the moon?"

"You knew that too?"


"Oh La, what are you? A relationship consultant or something?"


"Why did you have a relationship with Dagger Girl?"

"Why are you even-"

"Just answer!"

"She's… nice?"

"Did you kiss her back then?"

"That's personal…"

She glared.

"A couple of times? Okay, maybe more than a couple-"

"How did you know she's 'The One'?"

"I never said that- and how can I possibly know? I'm not a seer or something like that- I don't even know if we will last forever? And in case you haven't noticed, I've already said we've broken up."

"I just want to know."

"Well I don't know."

She let out a defeated sigh.

"Does any of your questions had anything to do with-"


He was silent.

"I don't know… I don't know if he's 'The One' for me."

"Who else are there?"

"There was Jet."

"I thought he wasn't a bender-"

"He's dead."

"I'm sorry-"

"There is Haru."

"Please. You can't tell me you actually like that ridiculous excuse of a moustache."

"Good point."

"And don't say anything about The Duke and Teo."

"They're not my type."

"Well, you're the one who found Aang, and you have more hope in him than any other human being in The Four Nations. I don't see why you should be looking for anyone else-"

"There's you."

"You hate me."

"It might change."

"You've got to be kidding- I've broken your trust- I chased you all over the world- I tied you to a tree! And you're considering me over The Avatar?"

"I don't know."

"Was it that bad with Aang-"

"No! He's a really nice kid, a powerful bender- Why would you assume that he's-"

"You're considering me."

"I don't know if I can ever saw him anything more than a friend, or a brother."

"Well, maybe you should try."

"I'm scared that I might ruin our friendship."

"Love is always scary at first."

"Gee, thanks- Tui and La, did we actually have a decent conversation?"

"I'll be glad if the world actually ends tomorrow- save us the trouble to defeat the Fire Lord-"

She snorted a laugh. He let a slow smile across his face.

"You should go back to your father. He missed you."

"Yeah, I should- thanks."

"You thanked me already."

"Oh forget it- You know, I actually consider you to be a romantic potential."

"You're kidding."

"No, not really- you're a powerful bender-"

"I'm way below Aang in that category-"

"Powerful enough to be The Avatar's teacher-"

"There's no one else-"

"And you're not that bad to look at."

He unconsciously touched his scar.

She saw him.

"Scars aren't all that bad."

"Aang loves you."

She turned downcast.

"I like him too."

"Please give him a chance."

"I will."

She closed the door, leaving him to rest.

Diagnosis : Tell the patient that it is a really, really bad idea to broke an Avatar's heart right before he faces his greatest enemy- no matter what excuse she has. (Especially if that excuse is actually considering the Avatar's former enemy and chaser as 'The One' instead of The Avatar himself).

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