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Chapter Six

My Own Prom

Bella's POV

I stared at wide eyed horror at the sight before me. I had seen numerous movies where bad things happen at Prom but this doesn't even come close. It was the prom itself that was horrible not the people.

Normally prom is suppose to be this huge glamorous event, held at some expensive ballroom. Our prom looks like mini-elementary school dance…back in the 50s. Balloons all over the floor, paper streamers on the gym ceiling…and the fact that it was held at the gym, I knew I would be more in hell than anything. Gym was a room within hell, I swear.

"Whoa," Edward said, blinking.

"Ditto that," I muttered.

"There they are," Edward said, pointing across the room towards where our friends were.

I didn't get to see what the others had been wearing because I had left earlier but now that I was glancing at them, they were possibly the best dressed in the room. I guess having some money does help. Alice was wearing a really cute blue dress that was short and sparkled at the dim gym lights. Rosalie was dressed in this plunging neckline red dress that clung to her that I had a funny feeling if Emmett was there looking like a huge bodyguard of a boyfriend, she would have been swarming with pest boys. And speaking of Emmett, him and Jasper looked…well…no other word to describe my best friends but hot. It made me want to vision Edward in a tux…

"Oh my God, hey!" Alice said the first to spot me and Edward as we cross the empty gym dance floor.

"What happen to your shoes?" Rosalie said, eyeing the flip flops Edward had given me.

"Hey…are those mine?!" Alice asked, looking at my feet.

"Bella had a…moment on our date," Edward stated while I blushed. "And yes those are your flip flops. I thought you wouldn't mind leaning them to your best friend since she did break one of her shoes."

"I. Won't. Ask," Rosalie muttered, her eyes squeezed shut while Jasper and Emmett laughed.

Alice sighed. "Knew we should have gone with flats."

Yes…you should have gone with flats, I thought.

"So…where did you take her?" Rosalie asked.

"Not here," I muttered, eyeing the pathetic decorations.

"I wished I had been on the prom committee," Alice said, eyeing the decorations too. "I can't believe this was what committee could come up with."

"Who is on the committee?" I asked.

"Trust me, you'll know who in the papers in the morning," Rosalie said, cracking her knuckles. Whoa, Rosalie was pretty upset.

"You know what," I said. "Why don't we just be like us and ditch this lame set up? You know…like have our own prom."

"Sounds like a good idea," Rosalie and Alice said together.

We ended up ditching the prom and head back to Alice's place. I ended up making some food, which Alice promptly told me was much better than what the Lodge had been catering them tonight.

"I swear it was poisoned," Rosalie muttered.

I rolled my eyes. Alice then slipped a CD into the huge speaker system in the living room and then grabbed hold of Jasper to spin him around.

Edward and I chuckled as the little Jasper finally took hold of lead and dipped Alice. Rosalie and Emmett were dancing in the corner.

"Whoa…Emmett can dance?" I was completely surprised.

Emmett heard me and winked over Rosalie's shoulder.

"I believe he had a few dance lessons," Edward said, sitting down beside me on the loveseat.

"Wow…wait until the team hears about this."

"One word Bella and I'll haunt you," Emmett said, but I knew he was half joking by the smirk that was on his lips. He really didn't care about his man rep at school because every guy was scared of him.

After about an hour of dancing, pigging out of food I made and chips and dip from the kitchen, I decided to slip outside for some air. It was pretty chilly now that it was going on midnight but it felt good…until I started shivering.

"So…how was your night?" Edward asked me as he walked out behind me.

I smiled. "It was a wonderful night," I said, sighing.

Alice had started a slow dance then and the music drifted out of the open door. I looked through the window to see each couple hold each other really close. Alice and Jasper were making googoo eyes at each other, really sweet and tender while I swore Emmett and Rosalie were about to swallow each other hole.

"They are great friends," I said, smiling.

"Yeah," Edward said, watching them. And then he turned to me and dramaticly swept me into the slow dance.

"Whoa, Edward, I can't!" I said, scared. My heart was beating fast as I realized that I was dancing.

"Relax Bella, it's all in the leading," he said, holding me closer to him.

I felt his warmth and I leaned into him without thinking. I inhaled his scent. He smelled wonderful, totally mouth watering.

"I really had a great time," Edward whispered. I shivered at his warm breath that tickled my chilled skin.

"Yeah, me too," I breathed.

Edward pulled away about an inch and looked into my eyes. Wow, he really did have beautiful green eyes. His hand reached up and brushed my cheek, his thumb brushing my lower lip.

"Bella…would you like to go out this Saturday?" he whispered.

I nodded my head numbly, his words sinking in.

And then with a small smile and leaned in forward to brush his lips once across mine. My heart froze in my chest at the warm touch and then picked up double times as I launched myself at him.

Edward chuckled and pulled away from me but not before kissing me one long tender kiss.

"Some prom, huh?" Edward whispered, smirking.

I rolled my eyes before smiling. "Yeah…it was totally unique."

"Your very own prom," Edward stated.

"Hmm…true," I said, nodding. "And I probably wouldn't have changed it for anything."

"Good to hear that."


We both rolled our eyes and went back to join the party.

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