I've been having these dreams lately, they're pretty vivid and interesting so I wanted to turn them into a story

AN-I've been having these dreams lately, they're pretty vivid and interesting so I wanted to turn them into a story. Here goes.

This is the story of a young mutant woman named Katja Owens who grew up living with her ex-military single father. Her father-Dan-was grudgingly accepting of his daughter's mutation, however he didn't want her to flaunt it. Mr. Owens had an old 'army buddy' who was a very close family friend. Victor Creed shared his mutation with Katja and therefore was often the only one who could understand her. Our story starts on Katja's prom night.

This will probably progress as a series of one shots; that's kind of how I dreamt the first few incidents.

"Katja." Her father called up the stairs, which she quickly descended. "There's a boy on the phone for you." He informed her disapprovingly, handing her the cordless. He looked at the curlers in her hair with distaste and confusion while Victor smirked at his reaction from the kitchen table.

"Thanks dad." She gave him a wry smile and took the phone with one hand while fixing her lip gloss with the other. "Jake?" She asked skipping back up the stairs to continue getting ready with her friend Alice.

"I really don't like this." Dan slumped into a chair next to the feral man taking a swig of his Bud Light.

"Ah, give the girl a break." Victor leaned back taking a drink from his own beer. "It's her senior prom. Isn't this what girls her age are supposed to do? At least she's not as bad as that other one." He gave his old friend a look, remembering when Katja's supermodel look-alike friend arrived that evening, purposefully tripping into him. She had not stopped her high-pitched incessant chatter since she got there. At least Katja was acting mellow. Singing soulful torch songs while she did her hair and laid out her dress.

Her excitement had been rising all night long and Victor didn't want to ruin her fun by getting mad at her annoying friend.

He focused on her upstairs, taking in her quickly changing scent with a frown and listening to her end of the conversation.

"No. Yeah that's fine, Jake. I understand."

She smelled pissed and confused but what concerned Victor was the underlying scent of hurt.

"Yeah, well I'm sure I'll see you there."

He didn't like the sound of that. This little Jake ass-hole was supposed to pick her up in an hour.

"Yeah, have fun and say hi to Marabelle for me."

"What was that?!" Asked the over excited Alice.

"Jake's going to Prom with his 'girlfriend'!"

A growl started to climb out of Victor's throat and it drew Dan's notice.

"What is it?" The younger man asked, suddenly cautious.

"That little prick!" He said to himself, then he added so Dan could hear; "It's Katja's 'escort'." Both men, and Katja herself, had decided it was better not to call her best friend 'her date'.

Katja came downstairs to tell her dad about the change in the plan. Dan was a very plan oriented kind of a guy and she knew he'd get all pissy because they had to be flexible.

Besides, Victor had probably already told him something was up. She couldn't tell though because Alice was ranting about Jake and there were too many bath products clouding the air to smell them.

"Katja, what's the plan?" Dan asked as she knew he would, the moment she was visible.

She sighed, then took a deep breath to steady her nerves and calm her impulses. She cracked her neck and flexed her hands before answering. Her eyes had started to grow much darker than their normal dark blue.

"Jake decided to tell me last minute, that he decided to take his girlfriend to Prom. Sooo, we're plannin' on the fly." She said through her stubbornly set jaw.

Victor sat quietly in the background as he usually did when Katja and he weren't alone. But she could smell that he wasn't very amused by the boy's choice.

It was a strange thing, being able to tell what people were feeling just based on their scent. She hoped that he would stay long enough for one of their hikes, where he would talk to her about their shared differences.

"How're you getting there then?" Dan asked in his typically 'not amused' voice.

She groaned unhappily, popping her fingers as she curled them into fists and flexed them out, letting her manicured claws slip further out of her nail beds, growing sharper with each millimeter.

"I don't know." She replied simply, her good mood was deteriorating rapidly. Her father was getting on her nerves with his gruffness, though she understood his discomfort over her senior year of high school.

"I'll take you." Victor said plainly. His voice was gravelly and his word was law. Especially when there was that threatening rumble in his chest like there was now.

The young women smiled sweetly at him, silently thanking him for the offer…or demand, whatever-she appreciated it.

Dan looked uncomfortable but agreed. "Alright. What are you doing after?" He asked his daughter, but it sounded more like a warning.

She rolled her eyes and answered his orders almost verbatim. "No parties. No boys. Go to dessert, come straight home. Call if there are any delays." Then she frowned, pensive. "But now I don't think we'll even get to go to dessert." She felt like pouting.

"I'll take you. When do you want picked up?" Victor was to the point, but he seemed to always be a lot nicer than her father at it.

The plan was set and the girls were ready. They came down the stairs chattering happily, smiles plastered on their faces. This would be one of their last hurrahs and even though their original plan fell through, they still were determined to have fun.

"At least you look way hotter than Marabelle ever will." Alice said. She was still in awe over Katja's dress which she hadn't shown anyone until that day.

"Yeah, well, it's not like Jake's really gonna stay with her that long anyway. She's not even the kind of girl he likes."

"Why's he dating her then?!" Alice asked in her typical high-pitched voice. It was getting harder and harder for Katja to hang out with her for extended periods of time. She knew she'd have a terrible headache by the end of the night but whatever, it was her last dance.

"Muhayedontknow." The shorter girl shrugged and gave her friend a demented look.

They had reached the bottom steps and were greeted by the two men and Alice's mom who'd come, as the professional photographer she was, to take pictures.

He father grunted. Alice's mother gasped. And Victor rose from his seat in the corner to get a closer look.

"Don't you think that dress is a little extravagant?" Dan asked with his typical disapproving look.

"Dad, this is the last time I'm gonna be able to dress like this until I get married. And who knows when that's gonna be." She said honestly in her royal purple, and grey corseted ball gown.

"I think he thinks it's too sexy." Laughed Alice's mom. It was pretty hot and accentuated all the right things.

"Yeah well, all the necessaries are covered so…" Katja gave the room a lop-sided smile.

She picked up another rumbling beginning in Victor's chest but this one was different than his annoyed one. She hadn't heard this from him before, but it wasn't necessarily bad sounding. In fact it made her own body vibrate in response. A strange smell had also started to fill the room, one she normally smelled at school around those lame little boys, only that was like a baby house cat compared to a wildcat in it's prime. And she blushed at her body's response to it.

The pictures were taken, and Alice and Katja were ready to leave. Victor and Katja both ignored the other much more than usual so the only sounds were Alice and her mother jabbering last minute goodbyes.

Victor grabbed his coat and Katja gave her dad a one armed hug before turning to follow the feral out the door.

"You girls ready?" He asked from the entryway.

"Yeah!" Shouted Alice, her platinum bob bouncing as she bounced over to him, squeezing her boobs together not so subtly. "I'm sooooo excited! I just wish I could go to Prom with someone like you Mr. Creed!"

Katja rolled her eyes at her friend's antics. Victor would never go for someone like Alice. She drove Katja crazy on a sensory level so she knew Victor'd want to kill himself within seconds.

"Katja," Victor turned to her, ignoring the whorish teen in favour of the one he actually liked. "your coat." He held out the article for her, and helped her into it.

He helped her into Dan's truck. He didn't risk bringing or buying his own vehicle when he came to visit them, he didn't want his work following him to their safe haven. Of course, this time he was visiting mainly to tell Dan to take it easy for a while. Word in the mercenary and headhunting world was some people were looking for the members of a job gone bad that Dan had some involvement in. He didn't want anything from that world to affect his friend and potential mate.

He also wouldn't deny to himself that he wanted to see her for her milestone. He'd heard for years that Senior Prom was a huge deal in every little American girl's life, and the slutty one had sure acted like it. But Katja was much more relaxed. Of course she was excited to hang out with her friends and dress up more than usual, but she didn't obsess about the little things like he'd heard her friend do in the bathroom.

"Kitty, look!!" Alice demanded with a gasp, using Katja's nickname and pointing out the window. "There's Jake and Marabelle! Her dress is hideous!!" She nearly squealed in delight.

Katja looked without interest-or at least she tried to-but was soon laughing in a sort of hollow way. "My God you're right." Marabelle looked like a hooker with her clingy cut-out dress. "And that's why Jake is dating her." She shook her head in disgust. "She's clearly 'available'." The two girls laughed in an unhappy mean sort of way.

"What're you talking about?" Victor asked from Katja's left.

"Oh, 'available' just means they put out." She answered him off handedly.

"Katja," Victor pulled to a stop in front of the building the prom was being housed in. "I know he's your friend, but I don't like him, and I don't want you hanging out with him too much tonight ok?" He asked her but she knew it wasn't a question.

Alice was already getting out of the backseat, calling her thanks to Victor before running to talk to some friends.

"Kitten," His voice had dropped and he used the special name he only used in private to show her he was serious. "Call me if anything happens. I'll have my phone on me all night, I want you to call me as soon as you want to leave, even if Alice isn't ready yet."

"Alright Victor," She smiled and nodded. "Thank you for doing this, I'm really grateful. And believe me this is so much better than if dad had driven us!" She laughed softly making him smile as she leaned forward to give him a hug.

"Have a great night Kitten." He growled softly in her ear, sending tingles down her spine.

"Thank you Victor. I can't wait to get out of this thing." She joked about her cumbersome dress, but blushed when she realized the hidden euphemism.

"I'll bet." Victor playfully leered as she got out of the truck. She just laughed and walked away with a wave. And a very confused mind.

The dance was fine but Katja was really looking forward to afterwards more. Yeah she danced and got official prom photos and hung out with all of her friends, but she wanted to be with Victor, and wished he wasn't over the age limit for guests. She would have paid good money to see him all dressed up…and to dance with him.

But finally the party was winding down and she found Alice again.

"Kitty!" She yelled over the obnoxious rap song she loved. "I'm going to go to an after-party with Jessie alright!"

"Sure thing!" Katja's heart leapt at the opportunity to spend more time alone with Victor. She always had a good time with him. "Just call you're mom, 'kay? I don't want her to wake me up at 3:30 looking for you!" They laughed at the memory of the last dance they'd gone to. Alice had a bit of a problem with changing her plans without telling her mom.

He was so grateful he didn't have to pick up the annoying teen frail as well. He enjoyed spending time one on one with his Kitten unlike he enjoyed being with anyone else.

He'd have to figure out his intentions soon, or they'd both be in trouble.

Katja was sweaty but ravishing when she climbed into the passenger's seat at 11:40. Here curfew was almost up but he didn't care. He'd keep her out of trouble, and make her smile at the same time.

"You look great Kitten." He rumbled at her, halfway between a purr and a growl. He'd really have to figure out his intentions soon and get a hold of himself before he lost control around her.

"Thanks. You don't look so bad yourself." She smiled lazily up at him, her dark blond hair, with its natural red undercurrents, was disheveled and her makeup was messed up, but when he looked at her and spoke to her like that she believed him without having to smell the truth of it in the cab.

"So, where to?" He asked her, it was starting to get really hot in this truck, and it made Victor feel like either running as far from this girl as possible or jumping on this woman as soon as they were somewhere private.

"Wherever's open." She shrugged a delicate shoulder, and leaned over to buckle her seatbelt. He had the perfect view of her cleavage, a tendril of hair snaking down into her dress, and his hands were starting to sweat. His eyes were already dark and his sinuses were full of her heady scent. She smelled like sweat and female, and she smelled like her body wanted the same thing his did.

"Shit!" She exclaimed as the buckle flew from her hands, the belt retracting into the door.

"Here, lemme get it." Victor's rumble increased as he leaned over her, her chest brushing his, to reach the grey safety strap. She caught an extremely good whiff of him and almost lost what little control she had. No! She told her inner feral; You will not make a fool of yourself! That scent means nothing. He can't help the way his body reacts!

He was trying hard not to touch anything and at the same time he couldn't help but let his hands stray…she just smelled too good. No! He roared in his mind. You can't fuck this up. She has the same healing factor as you! And her scent is not a gage you can use right now!

He straightened up and put the truck into gear, driving to a 24 hour diner and clearing his throat.

They had a lot of fun at the diner. Even though Victor had procured a secluded booth, random classmates would still approach periodically to exclaim about her dress or the dance. Victor was glad she had the chance to lead a normal life, but the kids were wearing on his nerves and he felt he couldn't really talk with his Kitten if they kept getting interrupted.

But between the interruptions they were able to just be comfortable in each other's presence, which didn't happen often. Victor had dropped in on the Owens' for random visits since Katja could remember. He would stay anywhere between a day and a few weeks and he would always try to take Katja out to help her with her mutation. It sometimes seemed that Victor wasn't even friends with Dan and that he just came for Katja.

Victor had only stayed a day the last time he came to visit. That had been in late February when her dad was trying to convince her to get a special mold from the dentist that would hide her fangs. And Victor had almost killed him over it.

Katja didn't want to hide her mutation like her dad wanted her to-and hell it wasn't as if no one knew. Everyone in town knew she was a feral mutant and not to judge her because of her impulses.-it wasn't as if she ran around jumping out of trees and hunting with her hands. Victor thought it was an outrage Dan would even consider it an option, and had left Katja with more reliable instructions on how to contact him than he ever had before leaving in a hurry.

Her senses hadn't been that sharp just three months ago, but she could still smell the rage that rolled off her friend.

"It's 12:30 Kitten." Victor told her as he signaled the tired waitress for the bill. He hoped she had had fun, and he thought he had. He had to leave tomorrow/today and he didn't want to leave her in a bad mood.

She just yawned and put her shoes back on with a smile. Victor was always so gentle with her, but he had such a dangerous air to him. She wondered, as she got back into the truck, if she would ever get to see that side of the man who took care of her.

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