A collection of short stories about Heero and Duo getting together. I've posted them all as separate stories because they can all be read as short oneshots but there is connection between the stories so I've numbered them in chronological order.

Second in the Ficlet Arc.

Pairing: dreaming of 1+2

Warnings: none.

Duo's POV. 2.

2. When it's too cold to snow

You are cold. Colder even than snow, colder even than ice. Everything freezes under your touch and under your stare. With you around, it's alway winter. When you are near, I can see my own breath in the air in front of my face. Around you my face goes blue and my nose and fingers numb. I wear layer apon layer when in your presence, but still the chill gets underneath. Your gaze is cold enough to stop fire from burning, to stop the sun from shining. Around you the air is cold and crisp, hard to breathe. Trees shiver and spontaneously shed their leaves as you walk by. You chase away the clouds and clear the sky, you let warmth escape the earth and vanish into outer space. When you touch me, when your cold fingers make contact with my skin, shivers run up and down my spine and when you look at me, my world stands still, time and space are frozen. With you on earth the planet is barren and abandoned. Some brave people dare to enter the cold realm you have created, but you scare them all away.

Everything is quiet, everything is frozen.

But that's alright, because I love earth most when it's too cold to snow.



Part 3: Crying happy faces