A collection of short stories about Heero and Duo getting together. I've posted them all as separate stories because they can all be read as short oneshots but there is connection between the stories so I've numbered them in chronological order.

Sixth in the Ficlet Arc.

Pairing: 1+2

Warnings: Homoerotic subtext ;)

Duo's POV.

6. Apples and oranges

Heero and I, are like apples and oranges. We are completely different and can't be compaired.

On the outside I am a different colour than I am on the inside. This has a reason. I am more mellow and I bruise easily. I'm general, common and easy going, bordering on plain and indistinct. Almost everyone likes me, but no one really loves me, there is nothing special about me. I'm an apple.

Heero has a tough skin, near impossible to get through, but on the inside he is soft. He can never blend into a crowd, you can see him from a mile away, he stands out. And his taste is only for the brave, when you take a bite out of him he can surprise you with a flavour so sour it makes your eyes water. He is an orange.

And there is one more thing we don't have in common:

He loves apples.

And I love oranges.



Part 7: After the 'I love you'