A collection of short stories about Heero and Duo getting together. I've posted them all as separate stories because they can all be read as short oneshots but there is connection between the stories so I've numbered them in chronological order.

Eighth the Ficlet Arc

Pairing: 1x2

Warnings: There are children in here ;)

Duo's POV.

8. Look! No hands!

'Look! No hands!' A boys voice screams in excitement as he rushes past us in a blur on his red bike.

'Be careful, Asher, or you'll fall!' A worried mother calls after him.

I look to my left, at Heero, who is walking next to me. I know he knows I'm looking, but he doesn't look back.

Perhaps I, too, could say in excitement: 'Look! No hands!' But there would be no one listening and I would be lying, something I promised I would never do again. Making Heero love me and loving Heero back, had been no walk in the park like we were doing now. It wasn't something to be done with 'no hands!'. It took us both our greatest effort, every hour of every day and every minute of that hour and every second of that minute. With a definite 'hands-on' method we approached this relationship. Which turned out to be as good as it was bad, looking back at all of our passionate lovemaking and at the same time all the bruises we had to tend to.

Every morning we would awake in each other's arms to face another day long struggle to make 'us' work. When he remains silent a day and worked behind his computer. When I lie about little and not-so-little things. When he brushes me off his an arrogant 'Hn'. When I make fun of him because it was easier than tell him how I feel. And when he leaves his dirty socks lying around and when I forget to take my hair out of the showerdrain.

We had to teach each other how to be open, how to be honest, how to be affectionate, how to touch, how to kiss, how to make love and how to live and love, because no one had ever bothered to before.

And every day our work pays off a little as we fight less and less.

Today, had almost been a perfect day, but I know we will fight when we get back to our apartment. Because I had promised to the dishes yesterday and I hadn't.

But that doesn't matter, because look…!

We're holding hands.



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