Remember the time,
When I fell into your enchanting eyes?
Heck, I nearly died from over stimulation
A week later, I woke up in the hospital
And realized it was your Tsukiyumi


Confessing her love for Naruto and confessing her love to Sasuke were two very different things.

Her love for Sasuke was a psychological process of brainwashing herself constantly by force, converts that form of respect for him to a ravenous idea of fooling herself into loving him. When that inkling idea drowned her mind, it began creeping towards her heart until it was ominously intoxicated. So the day he abandoned her in Konoha, she fell helpless and could do nothing more but cry over it.

Her love for Naruto, on the other hand, began as a small feeling that buried itself into the core of her heart. With his constant shower of attention, that seed of attraction settled down some roots, effectively conquering her foundation of feelings before it inched to her mind at a gradual pace and branch out into the far corners of her mind. This was the key of a stronger affection.

Effectively settling down that raging storm of confusion in her mind, the obvious thought anchored her decision with confidence. She sighed, mentally strained from contemplating the whole hour. Sitting on the edge of their bed with her elbows on her knees and the note in her hands, she read it over once more.

Slowly, the days are coming to an end. One day, we shall finish what we all started. Regretting the things you'll do will not promise satisfaction. Respond with vigor when we meet again, we'll be going all out. You shouldn't look back when we come face to face, just step forward without reluctance.


With her brows unconsciously forming a knot, she realized the depth of this note. It differed from its first glance and she immediately sensed that this was more than a measly note. Having encountered riddles in the past few days, her skills remains untampered, thus she stayed sharp on these matters.

As long as he was still breathing, he would never have the heart to write her a letter, let alone a romantic one. And the way he used his words to string a sentence, though was very much like him, proved a mystery to the tone. What did he mean by the days coming to an end?

And what did they start that he needed to finish? What would she regret that won't leave her happy, why would she respond enthusiastically when they meet again? We'll be going all out is an awkward way to ask her on a date, you don't ask, "you wanna go all out with me?" it would be a weird term to say, "let's fuck after dinner" or even state the permission of a date that would be usually like, "wanna go out with me?" Besides, if he never agreed to any of her dates, why the sudden change now?

Now if she tried to decipher possible meanings, the first line would warn of a global destruction. What was it that they started with Sasuke? Forming bonds? Then the note must be for Naruto since the blonde still clings on dearly to that bond they have. Then if that was the case, the fourth sentence must be forewarning Naruto of a great battle between him and Sasuke. Which means that the second and last sentence was Sasuke telling Naruto to not hesitate when they meet again.


Silenced dwelled uncomfortably in the room, just the way death would lurk in a dark corner. Sakura's eyes widened in a gut-clenching form of fear from the momentary state of loss; a little over two years ago, those two young men were ignorant little boys on the hospital rooftop, willing to kill each other over something she never really understood. And here they were now, with Naruto attempting to bring the Uchiha back, while Sasuke still lingered in that ridiculous past.

Comparing the two now, Naruto was far more mature than what Sasuke can ever be.

Sakura felt embarrassed for the Uchiha. The last heir was truly too single-minded to let those little insignificant threads of actions disappear forever and move on to the more important matters of life...

And the door swung open to make way for a blonde to poke his head through the gap and examine her sitting on the edge of the bed, gazing blankly on the floor. She immediately refolded the small note, hiding it from his range of vision.

"Sakura..." began Naruto closing the door behind him. He stood there after that, rather unsure with what he planned to do next. His eyes found it difficult to wander over the quiet pinkette, sitting solitary with the company of misery. But what did he know? He didn't know what dreaded over Sakura's thought, unaware that her mind settled on more morbid grounds of reflection that had something to do with Sasuke.

"I'll take a shower..." mumbled Sakura as she rose to her feet, "then we'll go"

"Ano..." came his will of interruption, had his voice been more confident and reassuring, she wouldn't have stepped out of the conversation quite easily. He planted his hands on his hips and tilted his head back to release his stress in the form of a sigh; she closed the door to the bathroom and the sound of the shower running resonated through the door.

He ruffled his hair with a hand before trudging to their bed, plopping on that one area she once sat on and absorbed the momentary warmth of her presence that still lingered. With his elbows on his knees, hands clasped together and a head hung low, Naruto was once again, at loss.

He knew it was for the better no matter how much he wished it otherwise. He groaned and let himself fall back against the bed; the downy mattress undulated under him from the emitted force for a moment before falling still. Eyes glued to the ceiling, hesitation was the voice of his heart while his conscience chastised the idea away.

He sighed. He didn't want to part ways with Sakura to leave her ignorant with the status of hurt. He didn't want to embed the thought of abandonment in her mind, she had enough of those from Sasuke, and he was no Uchiha. Perhaps, he can talk to her about it, then maybe she would understand and be less hurt. It never hurt to gain reason over knowledge.

Rocking back to his feet, he crept closer to the bathroom door before he paused. Surely he could wait until she was done... but he also missed her so much. It wasn't about lust though... but his need to express his love for her was needed, statements alone, though admitted, was sometimes never enough to seal the sincerity of it all. There was always the saying that actions spoke more than words.

And yet, here he was, hesitating behind the door, listening intently to the cascading water and the dull sounds of where her body meets it. He sighed, closing in his logical thoughts. Turning the knob, he entered as stealthily, and never bothered closing the door.

Behind the translucent curtains, he watched her silhouette move with grace, even if it was the simple procedure of rigorous cleaning. Under the fluorescent light, her skin seemed to radiate her beauty and even then the curtains cannot conceal that very fact. Blood rushed through his veins, igniting a lost flame to course through his system with need and want.

It wasn't long before she halted and turned her head, gazing at him through the curtain from the looks of the sudden appearance of two glowing green eyes.

"Naruto?" she asked, her voice echoing distinctly in the room. Oh how he couldn't wait to hear her say his name through various tones. Silence tumbled in the room along with the icy draft that sent her visibly shuddering under the shower.

"Are we running late in your schedule?" the way she said it, so calm and... professional... truly confusing him at that moment. A frown escaped his stunned outlook...

"Fine," she said, turning to close the knob of the shower, "can you please hand me a towel?"

Naruto blinked... why won't she come out and get it. They have, after all, seen each other's skin before. It wouldn't really make a difference now, right?

Valiantly, he slid the curtains open, leaving Sakura stunned. Her hands flew erratically to cover herself and wear a curiously scared demeanor. Naruto didn't want her to stare at him like that. It wasn't the kind of look she'd give to a complete stranger or an endearing lover. And that was what sunk the blade of pain deeper into his heart.

He stepped out of his sandals and walked in the shower, looking down at Sakura who avoided his gaze. Her hands now pressed further against her moist skin, and her damp pink locks stuck to her shoulders and face. They stayed like that

"What are you doing, Naruto?" she asked timidly

Without answering, he lifted his right hand and turned the knob of the shower, letting warm water cascade down on them. He let his clothes get soaked, despite the fact that his trenchcoat remained resistant. And so he slid out of it and randomly tossed it over the curtains, his eyes still gazing down at her.

"Look at me," pleaded Naruto with a very low voice and she did without a second thought, blinking away the water that entered her eyes, leaving her no choice but to squint. Her cheeks had dusted a pink blush over her nose, her lips displayed promised softness, and his hands found its way to cup her face.

"I'm sorry," he breathed to her lips, "I never meant to hurt you"

Sakura remained quiet. Instead of worrying the fact that he was clothed in the shower with her with the water running down on them, she paid full attention to their proximity, to his voice, to his touch and to the cold air that summoned the perkiness to her breasts. Tears stung her eyes... or was it the water... it never really mattered to her right now.

"I know," she answered and before long his lips sealed the gap between them, his tongue slipping past her lips as hers slid over his; declaring the unspoken battle for the dominance, she mewled when one of his hands palmed her right breast, her hands slid on his arms and gripped him there. He didn't add in pressure or slide his palm against her nipple, he just placed it there, warming it up with pleasure and releasing that heated river from the pit of her stomach to deluge her frigidity.

Lemon Warning

He grunted in pleasure when he felt her nipples press through the fabric of his drenched shirt and on to his skin and deepened the kiss by diving deeper into her orifice. Her fingers slid through his golden locks and massaged his scalp, coaxing him to perform a more adventurous feat; a moan escaped his throat in the form of an ethereal growl. Hands slid down her back and thighs, inching closer to her inner extracting a mewl from her lips that vibrated in his mouth.

She gasp when he lifted her up; legs automatically locking around his waist as he pressed his clothed body against her smooth skin, pinning her softly against the cold, tiled wall. The way her fingertips gently stroked his scalp in small circles affected him greatly, triggering his excitement. Brashly scaling her mouth with intensified vigor, a sensual moan tore from her throat that pulled her back into an arch. He groaned at the feel of her breasts that prodded against his chest, it had indeed been a long while since he held her this close.

His lips trailed smoothly from her lips to her jaw, suckling her ear, deeply washed with the churning in her stomach, her mouth fell open to relieve a breathy gasp of his name. He grunted her name back when she rolled her hips against his, his knees nearly trembled from the sensation before he hungrily devoured her taut bead with an expert tongue with a hand kneading the other quite endearingly, earning another gasp of his name.

"I missed you," he breathed to her chest

"Me too" she groaned. His hands supported her, burying his face against her flesh, tongue swirling against the soft, pink skin of her fleshy braes. He whimpered when he felt her fingers slightly brush against his tip and shaft until his pants fell into a puddle around his ankles.

He rocked his hips against hers and a long breathy moan elicited from her throat, he clung on to her tightly as her hands slid against his slick back. She whimpered when he halted only to gasp when she felt a thick intrusion enter her mellifluous entrance, her head lolled to the side as Naruto watched her with an intense gaze.

When she saw him through a half-lidded gaze, she blushed furiously; pink lips slightly parted when he dove deeper and reached an area of pleasure around her. Another quick pause came at hand as they anxiously prepared themselves for comfort, her hands held his shoulders tightly, while his right arm hooked her left leg, with the other palming the wall next to her.

Soon he drew out of her and slowly buried himself into her; "hah..." breathed Sakura, shuddering from the pleasure spilling through every corner of her body, eyes rolling under her lids. Naruto pressed his body slighty closer to her as her hands slipped under the hem of his shirt, sliding her hands against his chiseled chest.

Planting chakra on his feet, he began shoving himself quickly against her, his hardened rod grinding against her walls at a rapid pace. Sakura's breath had gone ragged as she inched in closer to the benchmark of pleasure, her breasts wobbled no longer in sync with his rhythm, sublty brushing against his bare chest after sliding his shirt over his chest, relishing the slick sliding of abdomens against each other. Moans fluidly escaped her lips, tumbling in the syllables of his name—Ugh...

Her orgasm escalated into a greater magnitude from the way he dug deeper into her with a furious pace, fingers harshly dug against the flesh she held on to and her legs jerked in sudden elation before her toes curled. Her breath hitched, his rhythm gone far too quick for her to even let out a gasp.

Failing to keep her moans in bay, it resonated clearly against the walls along with the sound of the shower running and the sound of slapdash smacking against each other. Sakura whined, and gritted her teeth as her face contorted into sheer pleasure, fingers scratched deeply against his shoulders after sliding her hands up to expose his torso to her.

"Sakura..." growled Naruto before heaving himself harder into her, savoring her covulsing walls. His senses dulling to further emphasize the sensation plunging him closer to the magnified sensation working in his shaft, his ears tingled to the level of her voice singing out his name. He groaned as his whole body tensed, everything about her rattled him out of his self control as his hands flew to her hips and began bouncing her harshly against his pole.

"Look at me" he huskily grumbled, trying to refrain from shutting his eyes to watch a blush smother her face and reactions twist her beauty into blinding bliss. She pressed her back against the wall, hair stuck to it as her mouth dropped open to sigh out his name. He slightly whimpered when he felt it coming soon.

Sakura breathed out throatily; with her head tilted back she gazed at him through hooded eyes, "Harder" she mewled.

Naruto gratefully complied, pulled out half-way and began jerking his shaft against her tightening walls. Sakura bit her bottom lip, refraining from breathing any more, lest she'd lose herself. She gazed at Naruto, everything surrounding her peripheral vision darkened as she drowned into his blue eyes and focused on the intrusion injecting every wave of exhilaration, she undulated under him, quivering greater than the last when he pulled and pushed his rod at an impressive breakneck speed against her. Her head thrashed about, as the dull throbbing grew to a vivid prod grinding against her constricting walls, and then she moved to arch her back—

"Naruto!" she gasped sharply, clamping down against him, he grunted in surprise before he felt her moisten him further. Groaning harshly, Naruto clutched her hips and angled himself so that he coarsely jostled himself deeper to the hilt, losing himself to his animalistic desperation to release into her, shuddering brutally with each hump until—

"Sakura..." he grunted, releasing into her. Breathing heavily, Naruto gingerly rested his head between the valley of her breasts, feeling her heart race just as wildly as his. Slowly lowering her down to the floor, Naruto relieved a small smile at her, to which she responded to greatly.

Both began smothering each other in an exhilarating kiss that told them everything and nothing through such sweet, deep, heated kiss. She sat on his lap, burying herself against his shaft while holding his face with gentle hands. He, on the other hand, pulled her closer, with a hand on the small of her back while the other pulling her down to his needy kiss.

Finally tearing away with hesitance, they stared at each other once more, innocently memorising the other's features.

"I really don't want to send you back, Sakura-chan," he explained

"I know," she whispered back. She gasped when he rose to his feet while carrying her at the same time, she drew in once more to another kiss, feeling him explore her mouth with arduous passion until she felt the downy surface of their bed encase her back.

"Naruto," breathed Sakura when he humped into her, "there's something I have to show you..." she moaned

"Oh really?" he breathed excitedly in her ear, never breaking the pattern he set himself within her. His right hand palming her knee to the side as he buried deeper into her, she moaned into his neck, "what is it?" he grunted out each word per hump

"A note... stop…" she breathed, "you have to see it..."

"We can get to that later, Sakura-chan" he purred against her ear, tracing it gently with his tongue. She shivered under his touch, "Hah... it's from... someoneyou'vebeenlookingfor—"

He stopped... completely stopped and held still. Sakura began smothering his neck with soft, wet, kisses, stroking his back and hair before he pulled away from her. Such soft shifts of motion grew sensitive to Sakura's walls; deep mesmering blue eyes bore deeply into her with a distressed hint


Too lazy to dress themselves up, Sakura showed him the note and explained what she thought of it. Naruto agreed to her perception before he let her off to change. After withdrawing the clothes haphazardly placed all over the bathroom, she twisted his pants dry, slightly stretching the fabric by accident. Before moving to find his trenchcoat by the sink and patted the water droplets off.

The moment she reentered the room, Naruto was found sitting on the edge of the bed with a pen in hand and the note in the other. Curious, she hopped next to him, kneeling behind him later on. She rested her chin against the crook of his right neck with her arms wrapped around his chest. She loved it when he let her cuddle him like that.

Reading over his shoulder, he highlighted certain letters from the note and showed it to her.

"He's trying to tell us something, Sakura-chan" he said, holding the pen with the same hand that held the paper just so that his right was free to cup her cheek. Sakura nodded against his hand before she began kissing him softly on the neck, she felt him shudder.

"Look," said Naruto, and she did

Slowly, the days are coming to an end. One day, we shall finish what we all started. Regretting the things you'll do will not promise satisfaction. Respond with vigor when we meet again, we'll be going all out. You shouldn't look back when we come face to face, just step forward without reluctance.

"First line, he warns us of world destruction, this is a giveaway—he warns us of Akatsuki. Second, you may be right that he's trying to break our bonds, but if Akatsuki needs the Kyuubi from me, they need me alive. He won't be killing me, he'll be handing me over to them..."

"He's joined Akatsuki?" queried Sakura

"Possibly so, this leads us to the third line, he's telling us to defend ourselves no matter what, then—"

"How can you tell?"

Naruto shrugged, "usually, if teme wants me dead, he wants to be the cause of my death. Obviously, he doesn't want Akatsuki to kill me just yet, so he expects me to defend myself well against them—see? Respond with vigor when we meet again, we'll be going all out. Responding with vigor and going all out means Akatsuki has all the other eight, I'm the last one and they'll do anything to get me. And the fourth, is just repeating that I should take care and never hold back when fighting..."

When silence settled in, Sakura dragged him out from his stupor, "what is it?"

"Sasuke is worrying over me," deadpanned Naruto

"Haha, very funny. That's bull Naruto, you know how much he wants you dead..." her voice fell at the realization, "and besides, how can you tell?"

Naruto began circling out five letters from the note and pointed it with his pen, "aside from the fact that he keeps telling me to take care... what does this say?"

Slowly, the days are coming to an end. One day, we shall finish what we all started. Regretting the things you'll do will not promise satisfaction. Respond with vigor when we meet again, we'll be going all out. You shouldn't look back when we come face to face, just step forward without reluctance.

Sakura released a quivering breath, "it says, SORRY"


"Did you give them the letter?" asked Madara

Sasuke ignored him as he leaned against a wall on the dark corner of the room, arms folded over his chest across his chest as his gaze rested vacantly on the ground

"Sasuke?" called Madara



Casting a silenced glare to the masked Akatsuki he strode out of the room and shoved his hands into his pocket, withdrawing another note from one of them. He unfolded it and read it through


Meet me on Valley of the End.


The young Uchiha crumpled it with one hand before releasing a quick, yet mild Katon jutsu to burn it to ashes. He kept the handful in his pocket as he headed deeper into the dark corridor. He knew that the dobe deserved more than being lead into a death trap. It wasn't that he wanted him alive... its just that he didn't want Naruto to die unprepared...

After all, this wasn't just a fight between the two of them now.

To Be Continued...

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