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'Glory Be!'


A Gentleman Of Leisure.

She realised right away, of course, that she wasn't really dead. After all, you cannot actually kill a god, now can you? After endless years of being trapped on Earth in a solid, human body, forced to do things she had absolutely no interest in, and go to places she simply didn't want to be, searching, always searching, she was free!

"Best of all, I am finally rid of that infuriating time-share!"

Nearby she could see another figure - a young blonde woman with a blank confused expression, who seemed to have no idea what had just happened.

"So, Slayer, it seems you are quite like me after all," she said. "Well, why don't you go in that direction?" She pointed up towards the light, and gave the girl a gentle shove. "Go on, kid. You'll be OK."

"I'm off home down there," she added, indicating the darkness far below, "and boy, am I gonna have fun!"