Well, here it is, my notes page! I never got any reviews from people who wanted to ask questions or anything, so I guess then everything on this page will be from my head!

First of all, I would like to say that I am quite proud of myself in this accomplishment! When I first started writing this story, I had my doubts that I could pull it off. I had always wanted to make a horror story about a bat, so I decided to use that idea for Fan-fiction! I got the idea of a bat from when I was in elementary school years ago. Me and my friend had decided to scare my little brother and all of his friends, so we made up a story about the school years agom saying that back during the time of pilgrims and indians, the school used to be a small town that was surrounded by a forest that the bat lived in. I actually scared the crud out of these kids, so I figured that I would remember this story and use it in the future! And what do you know, it worked! My brother loved the idea and laughed when I told him what monster it would be.

And then there were the names! I can put a plot to a story together no problem, but what I find to be the hardest is the OCs! This is why I usually place myself in my stories, not because I love myself so much, but because I don't know anyone more than me. So making a OC of me is simple. For this story, I didn't use anyone that was a real person with the exception of Bittersweet Romanticide's, so I had to think of something completely original for all of them! Let's esplain this in more detail shall we?

Procker- I knew right off the bat, ( he, pun ), that he would be the bad guy, I always make the plot before the characters, so I knew what Procker was going to do. He was actually one of the last characters I made though. I try to make a variety of characters, so no one has the same name or even the same letters in their names, ( mixed up of coarse ). I just thought of Procker, which was weird since it's not even a real name, I just wanted to use the letter ''P''. The description of him was thought of by both me and my little brother, whom helped me alot with OCs.

Natty- Bittersweet Romanticide's OC. I had asked her if she wanted to be in this story as my show of thanks for allowing me to be in her story, ''Don't Believe What You See''. And to be honest with you, I was very glad that I did. Her OC was the most fun to make! I was worried that the OC wouldn't be like her in her stories, but I thought that I pulled off some of it, of course that's just me. Luckily, BSR gave me a description of the character, from looks to personality, so it wasn't hard to make her. I decided to throw in my own little things here and there, which would be her outfit, ( hair and eyes were all her ), and of course Houndour-Houndoom. If you look on her profile, it will show a picture of Houndour, and she says that this and Houndoom are her favorite, so I decided to ''secretly'' add them in as a little special gift. And actually, Houndour-Houndoom really helped my story go along!

Calvin- He was a difficult one personality wise, but as for names, I was simply looking around my room and I found a collection of ''Calvin and Hobbs'', a comic strip that my family, ( particularly the boys ), love. I knew that Hobbs wouldn't work, so then came Calvin! Now I was originally going to make him a total jerk that people would want to see die, ( not literally ), but I decided to give him a little more bravery. Of coarse, he still had a nasty death! And once again, the looks were made by my little brother.

Josh- He was actually my 3rd OC that I made, ( the first being Natty and second being Nave ). I knew I had to have a big guy for certain situations when Brock wasn't around, so I decided to make him! I was also going to have him originally be a jerk and be friends with Calvin, ( not as much as a jerk, but one none the less ), but since I switched Calvin, I decided to switch him. Now ihs personality, name, and looks were all me, but of coourse, my little brother didn't like the outfit I gave him, he told me to just have a black shirt! So me, being the nice sibling, switched it for him! Now his name just came naturally, some do for some reason, probably because it's such a common name, but if you think about it, his is the only really common one!

Chase- This guy's looks was made by me, but name wise was my little brother's idea, ( I think he said he got the name from Zoey 101, the curly hair guy aparently, I don't watch the show ). My brother loves the name, he bases some of his characters off of himself and makes their name Chase, why I don't know. I knew that this guy was going to be the flirtatious weirdo, I could sense it with just the name! And of course, Natty HAD to be the one he flirted with. I thought about having them get together...for about a second before deciding that beating him up would be funnier.

Eduardo- I was planning on having a Hispanic based character, but I wasn't sure on which story to have him in. My brother thought of the name, ( typical ), off of his best friend from where we used to live. And I suppose look wise he isn't that off. I wanted him to also be the scared one since I was splitting him up with Max, being the youngest, ( I had thought out who would be going with whom when they all got seperated ). I was in a hurry with these characters, so the outfit was all typical, Natty's and Procker's were really the only ones that I took time to think for outfit wise, ( them being the bigger OCs ).

Terrence- He was the last guy I thought of, and look wise he is based off of my brother, ( which of course means that I made him by scratch, I don't think my brother knows that Terrence is based off of him! ). Look wise I wanted him to look like Chase, not because the're related or friends, but simply because it would help me keep track. And as for the name, I once again looked around my room and found a small booklet with Terrence McGee on the cover, ( he is the cornerback I beieve for the Buffalo Bills, I personally am a Giants fan, but my aunt loves them and decided to take me and my dad to the Bills/Jets game this last year. I got the booklet there ). I liked the name, so I kept it!

Nave- He was one of the first people I thought of, ironically he dies first, what a world. He was another character I thought of completely, without my little brother's help, ( which is weird considering he helped me with most of them! ). Name wise, well, Nave is really just Evan spelled backwards, didn't know that did you? I realized that awhile ago and wanted to use the name, since Evan spelled backwards is really an actual name! Most of the time someone's name backwards is just a bunch of mixed up letters. And look wise, I based it off of me, and a few other things. No, I am not blonde nor do I wear glasses, I basded his clothes off of me, that is something I wear. I wanted to have a blonde in my story since my only other blonde character, ( other than a actual Pokemon character ), was Spark from ''Power From Within''. The glasses I gave him to look smart. I wanted him to be like Max but with the typical teenager attitude.

And so there you have it, those are my OCs and how I thought of them! Now then, I am running short on ideas for this chapter, ( I only made it to have a even set of chapters, DARN MY OCD! ), but I will tell you this...yesturday I told you all at the end of my chapter that I couldn't do a preview for my next story because it wasn't the last official chapter and because I couldn't think of an idea for one. Well afterwards, I was walking out of my house and all of a sudden, an idea just hit me! It was completely by random and yet it was powerful! I loved the idea and I think I can make a great story out of it!

I plan on making my next story more like a chick flick, so pretty much romance and comedy with possibly a little drama thrown in. I'm taking a break from Action/Adventure, which I am so used to, ( I either do Romance/Comedies or Romance/Action/Adventures ), to make this one. I'm calling it, ''The Lake House'', ( no relation to the movie ). What will happen it, some way or another, Ash will rent out a lakehouse/camping house for him and all of his friends, ( Sinnoh season, so Dawn will be in it, and I will also be adding May, Max, and Drew since I seem to do a pretty good job at DAML along with AAML, Tracy and Gary may also make an appearance since I rarely use them ). So obviously there will be romance, comedy I'm still working on, and in fact, EVERYTHING I'm still working on, the title and basic plot is all I got! But I plan on making more soon, don't you worry. If any of you have any ideas for it, I'm open for discussion! But since I have alot going on in the summer, ( Work, Driver's Ed, Summer itself ), it will most likely be a slow process, but I will try to do my best!

Now then, the basis for my OCs and my preview were really all I planned on putting on here, I thought that you guys would ask me questions, so the rest of this will all be ad-libbed! I would like to give some special thanks out to you people! ( in no particular order )

-Bittersweet Romanticide-for more than you could possibly imagine, Natty was one of the most beloved characters in my stories ever and I'm glad I had the chance to make her!

-prettygirl17-for reviewing what you could and telling me what you thought! Always look forward to yours!

-Twinkie TUTUS- for the spelling and grammatical pointouts, I appreciate them! SORY THAET EYE CANTE SPLL!

-Starrycup665-for the same, plus the helpful pushes along the way!

-Kefka IV-for the pointouts, needed them!

-AAML Lover-for reading my sotry on your busy schedule, THANK YOU!

-delcatty546- for the constant hope of DAML, the Contestshipping fans thank you!

-general shadow wolfsbane-for the persuasion to keep this going!

And for all of the moral support, thank you Beautifly-Soul; Delta Knight; FutureAJ; BubblesBoo; and a special shout-out to all of my first time readers! If I forgot anyone I am sorry!

Wow, this is taking longer to write than I thought! I've been on for over an hour! WOW, HOW TIME FLIES HUH!? But anyway, like I said before, leave reviews/favorite/alert, DO SOMETHING! I always look forward to getting mail, and I love reading people's reviews and responding to them, so feel free to do so, I will most likely respond one way or another! If you have any ideas on ''The Lake House'', or simply want a shout-out, then give me a call!...ergh, message! Also, I ask you guys to keep an eye on this chapter, for god only knows if I may decided to add in something, I'm not saying watch it for weeks on end, but for at least today and possibly tomorrow, if you guys want me to add more, feel free to ask, I'm willing to listen, don't be shy! Until then, this is EVAN AAML, with the ending of his 15th story, ( YEY! I HIT THE 15TH STORY MARK! TIME TO CELEBRATE! ( does a little dance ), WWWHHHOOO! ) See you all soon!

sincerely, evan, a fan of aaml