Oddities in Oak Trees


Autumn is the beginning of an end, but perhaps not all endings are the end.

A boy with a red nose and a frail build stood near the monkey bars by the oak tree at the middle of the playground. His white rubber shoes started to gather leaves around them as the leaves fell from the trees and onto him.

He looked at the kids running around and dancing to the music created by their imagination, a tender smile on his face. He remained very still, as if expecting someone. When a girl with eyes the color of emerald glass ran up to him, he still refused to move. He lingered in that same position, waiting; anticipating. The lady with emerald irises stops beside him, an apology on her lips as they proceeded to intertwine their fingers with each other's.

That was the first sign, Yelan Li had concluded.

As the boy with the red nose held her hand tightly in his, a disposition of a gentle love for the woman at his side evidently sensed, he shyly ruffled his hair as it occurred to him that what was happening was real. She leaned in for a kiss. As their lips met, the wind blessed them with a confetti of autumn's leaves. Ochre and vermilion danced around them as they smiled at each other.

And then there were no more signs needed, Yelan concluded as she drew up the car window and drove on.


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