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Kurosaki Karin and Hitsugaya Toushiro met up that afternoon for a soccer game. Karin looked at the small body of Toushiro walking slowly, holding the usual cell phone. Karin giggled. Some people just never change.

They saw each other yesterday, and it just fell into place that they play soccer, which coincidentally, is an addiction to Toushiro. Who knew?

Karin was walking home, when she saw a familiar white-haired dude. Karin looked at him, and screamed his name.

"Toushiro!" she cried. Toushiro jumped and almost dropped his phone. He looked at her, and glared, trying to regain his taicho composure. Karin raised an eyebrow at him.

"What do you want, Kurosaki?" he growled lowly. Karin sighed.

"Will you please stop calling me Kurosaki? I mean, you will confuse me with Ichi-nii!" she said. Toushiro eyed her.

"Fine." then he turned on his heel and marched off. Karin sweat dropped.


"What now?" he muttered. Karin rolled her eyes.

"Let's play soccer tomorrow." she said. Toushiro stopped walking, and looked at her. Then blushed.

Wait… Blushed? Blanched I mean.

"Alright, if I have time." he said. Karin grinned at him, Toushiro watched her leaving back.

"Get a hold of yourself, Hitsugaya." he scolded himself.


Toushiro walked over to Karin, his heart racing. He suddenly felt conscious as he felt her stare descend upon him. Then he stopped himself short.

What's wrong with you!?

He shook his head and snapped his phone shut. Karin waved at him. Toushiro gulped.

"Hey, come on. I reserved the field." she said. Toushiro nodded and pocketed his phone.

The game begins. And it's not the only thing that would begin.


"Before I leave, can I ask you a favor?" asked Toushiro. Karin looked at him, and kicked the ball.

"What is it, Toushiro?" asked Karin. They were playing soccer, and the Toushiro was winning with his amazing kicks. Sweat was dripping happily from their foreheads.

"Do you want to eat dinner tomorrow night? Im leaving Friday." said Toushiro. Karin stopped moving and looked thoughtful.

"It's a Wednesday tomorrow right?" said Karin. Toushiro felt the pain of his heart stabbing his chest, he was nervous. A taicho should never be nervous.

'What the hell is wrong with me?' he thought, mentally slapping himself for asking a normal human girl out.

"You don't have to Karin, I don't mind." said Toushiro a little too quickly.

"Ill go out with you, but where are we going?" asked Karin curiously. Kicking the ball higher.

"It's a secret." said Toushiro, while winning himself another game.

'I have no idea, damn, what did I get myself into?' he thought.

The game ended well, and Toushiro sweaty and confused, practically felt on high when Karin kissed him on his cheek and said cheerily,

"I'll see you tomorrow then! My place."

Karin ran back home, her heart thumping.

Did she do what she think she did?

Toushiro, who was walking back to Orihime's place, stumbled.

She kissed me!

Thanks for stating the obvious, Whitey-chan.

"This world is taking a toll on me." he considered.

What was this he was feeling? He didn't know. And he wanted to get rid of it, before it takes over him.

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